The Complete Works of Derek Dingle
The Complete Works of Derek Dingle
written by Richard Kaufman
Work of Derek Dingle
219 pages (Hardcover), published by Kaufman and Greenberg
Illustrated with drawings by Richard Kaufman
Language: English
(200 entries)
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Richard Kaufman Foreword 1
Derek Dingle Cards Across: Licked At Last! packets in envelopes 3
Derek Dingle & Yasuo Kiga a la Kiga three cards change to make four of a kind, two handlings 5
Derek Dingle The DD Double Lift stud type see also "Double Lift" (Derek Dingle, 1975 (ca.)) 6
Derek Dingle Lapping bottom cards of a packet 6
Derek Dingle Deck Ditch cards secretly dropped on top of deck 6
Derek Dingle Quick D-Way 8
Theodore Annemann & Henry Christ Alignment Move 8
Carmen D'Amico D'Amico Change 9
Derek Dingle Silver Quick shell 11
Unknown Purse Palm rubbing on spectator's palm subtlety 11
Derek Dingle Standup Coins Through Table 13
Derek Dingle Hofzinser BoTop Change BoTop with wrist turn cover 15
Derek Dingle The Universal Card gaffed (divided flap) and impromptu handling 17
Edward Marlo Multiple Spread Cull 17
Unknown Palm Steal 19
Derek Dingle Packet Cut Force 20
Derek Dingle Apparition Too blank card progressively transforms into picture card 23
Derek Dingle Straddle Grip KM Move conetxt 23
Derek Dingle The Sorcerer Strikes mime thing 25
Derek Dingle CutOff 27
Ken Krenzel Mechanical Reverse 27
Derek Dingle Braue Reverse to Center 29
Derek Dingle Elevator One 30
Jim Steranko The Steranko Move bringing a double from dealing position at the fingertips 30
MacMillan MacMillan Slip Cut top card is sidejoged 31
Eddie Fechter Pop-Over Move 31
Larry Jennings Pinky Pulldown with flesh 32
Derek Dingle The DD Paper Fold 33
Derek Dingle Nest of Boxes I 34
Derek Dingle Nest of Boxes II 35
Derek Dingle The Wild Move 37
Derek Dingle Elmsley Count Variation No. 1 37
Derek Dingle Delightfully Deceptive backs change color 38
Derek Dingle Variation of Vernon's Strip Out Addition 38
Michael Skinner Block Pushoff Technique 39
Derek Dingle DD on LJ's Wild Card impromptu 40
Art Altman The Altman Trap 40
Larry Jennings Multiple Lift Sequence 40
Derek Dingle Impromptu Wild Card 42
Charlie Miller Block Outjog Technique buckling at the last card 43
Derek Dingle The Gypsy Curse using larger cards varied by "Handling of Peter Kane's Gypsy Curse" (Dean Nicholas, 1993) 46
Derek Dingle Elmsley Count Variation No. 2 46
Derek Dingle Outflushed gaffed and impromptu handling see also "Outflushed" (Derek Dingle, 1975 (ca.)) 48
Edward Marlo ATFUS 48
Dai Vernon Transfer Move (First Handling) 50
Derek Dingle Supersonic Spades to Pockets using duplicates 51
Derek Dingle Breast Pocket Load or ditch 52
Derek Dingle We'll Twist - If You Insist color changing back kicker varied by "New Faces of 1234" (Wesley James, 2004) 54
Ross Bertram Birdcage Vanish 54
Brother John Hamman Slip Count Variation 55
Derek Dingle On The Pass - Riffle No. 1 56
Derek Dingle On The Pass - Riffle No. 2 "The Stroboscopic Riffle Pass" 58
Derek Dingle The Silent Pass 59
Derek Dingle The Silent Half Jiggle Pass 61
Derek Dingle The Classic Pass False Cut 62
Derek Dingle Copper Silver Brass routine with the gaff set 62
Derek Dingle The Silent Steal 63
Derek Dingle Riddle's Aces ace cutting, to kings transformation, aces in pocket see also "Puzzling Aces" (Bruce Cervon, 1976),
also published as "Riddle's Aces" (Derek Dingle, 1982),
"Riddle's Aces" (Derek Dingle, 1982)
Dai Vernon Utility Move push-in after Interlock position 65
Derek Dingle Ace Stounding see also "Ace-Stounding" (Kevin Davie, 1978) 67
Derek Dingle ATFUS Variation No. 1 67
Derek Dingle Slip Cut Handlings (Standard) 67
Derek Dingle Throw Cut 69
Tenkai Ishida Optical Revolve 69
Derek Dingle Bluff Shift see also "Shiftless Shift" (Jim Lee & Derek Dingle, 1979) 70
Derek Dingle Open Says Me II featuring Open Says Me Revelation see also "Open Sesame" (Derek Dingle, 1971) 71
Derek Dingle One-Hand Pass Revelation see also "The Vernon One-Handed Shift" (Dai Vernon & Henry Christ, 1987) 72
Derek Dingle Open Says Me Revelation see also "Open Sesame Move" (Derek Dingle, 1971) 73
Derek Dingle Fechter/Cummings/Dingle Aces sliding production 74
Eddie Fechter Slide Production - The Basic Production 74
Derek Dingle New Double Color-Changing Aces see also "The DD Color-Changing Aces" (Derek Dingle, 1971) 76
Derek Dingle Revolve Addition 76
Derek Dingle & Alex Elmsley Elmsley Count Technique 78
Derek Dingle Illusion Aces Aces reverse between two Tens and change to Kings, two handlings inspired by "Illusion Aces" (Karl Fulves, 1972),
see also "O. Henry Selections" (James Swain, 1985),
"Turn Me Down Why Don't You" (Wesley James, 2004)
Derek Dingle Partial Ascanio Spread 81
Derek Dingle The Over and Under Switch four applications varied by "The Schlutz Switch" (Ryan Schlutz, 2011) 83
Derek Dingle Over and Under Switch - Second Application spectator touches aces in face down spread 84
Derek Dingle NoLap Switch - First Application spectator touches aces in face down spread 85
Derek Dingle The NoLap Switch three applications, see Wesley James reference for credit claim see also "NoLap Switch" (Wesley James, 2004) 85
Derek Dingle Pegas Aces 86
Derek Dingle ATFUS Variation No. 2 87
Derek Dingle Variation of Lorayne's Flying Ace Move 88
Derek Dingle PegasAce Coin Production close up pad load 89
Derek Dingle Super Interchange varied by "A Bondian Collusion" (Lee Freed, 1996) 90
Derek Dingle Slow Motion MacDonald's Aces two double facers see also "Slow Motion MacDonald" (Derek Dingle, 1975 (ca.)) 94
Dai Vernon Transfer Move (Second Handling) 95
Edward Marlo Olram Subtlety 96
Derek Dingle Optical Ace Assembly 97
Derek Dingle Variation of Daley Switch (PushDrop) 98
Brother John Hamman & Edward Marlo Multiple Top Change top card peeled on deck 98
Derek Dingle Slot Machine simplified handling 100
Derek Dingle Control to a Named Number featuring Side Steal Placement 103
Derek Dingle Side Steal Placement to known position 103
Derek Dingle Sandwich Stuff featuring Side Steal Placement 104
Derek Dingle Any Card Speller featuring Side Steal Placement 104
Derek Dingle Colour Changing Any Card Speller peeked card is spelled to - different back 104
Derek Dingle The Peek Twist Diagonal Palm Shift 105
Derek Dingle Too Many Cards with ambitious card phases see also "Family Circus" (Larry Jennings & Derek Dingle & James Swain, 1992) 106
Derek Dingle Through and Through Two see also "Through & Through" (Derek Dingle, 1971),
"Through and Through" (Derek Dingle, 1975 (ca.))
Derek Dingle Inflation penny becomes bigger, finally jumbo coin 110
Derek Dingle Sucker Change 111
Derek Dingle The Collectors: Royal and Otherwise two handlings 112
Derek Dingle ATFUS Variation No. 3 113
Derek Dingle Elevator Two slightly different effect 114
Derek Dingle Super Card Rise using rubber ball see also "Squeeze Rise" (David (Foote) Drake, 1974),
varied by "Super Rise Revisited" (John Carney, 1976),
"Super Rise Revisited" (John Carney, 1987)
Frederick Braue Braue Reverse to Top 115
Frank Thompson & Derek Dingle Multiple Shift to top, straddle/jiggle type action 116
Jerry Andrus & Derek Dingle Super Floating Card rubber ball and card with hole see also "Contacting The Spirits" (Karl Fulves, 1979) 120
Derek Dingle Quantum Coins Through Table 122
Derek Dingle The Flick Move coins through table 123
Derek Dingle International Coins Through Table with glass see also "The International Coin Trick" (Derek Dingle, 1971) 124
Derek Dingle Poor Charlie gaffed, rainbow backs 126
Derek Dingle Elmsley Count Variation No. 3 128
Derek Dingle Grabbed Again 131
Derek Dingle Fifty-Three Cent Assembly 132
Derek Dingle Side-Cut Faro Stack stacking method varied by "Secretly Disordering the Deck" (Wesley James, 2004) 134
Derek Dingle Side-Cut Faro see also "Control with Dribble and Side Shuffle" (Roberto Giobbi, 2016) 134
Derek Dingle Bill in Cigarette thumb tip 135
Derek Dingle Bill Switch 136
Derek Dingle Three Shuffle Zarrow Sequence 137
Herb Zarrow The Zarrow Shuffle 137
Derek Dingle QuadraConvincing Triumph 139
Derek Dingle Variation on Martinez' Packet Display 139
Derek Dingle Little Miracle selection changes back color, two handlings 140
Derek Dingle One-Hand Slydini-Marlo Switch Variation using lap 140
Derek Dingle Tabled Slip Cut 140
Derek Dingle Mental Triumph card is selected in mathematical way 143
Derek Dingle Corner Crimp while spreading 143
Derek Dingle Four Poker Triumph combined with Triumph see also "Gambling Demo" (Jerry Sadowitz & Derek Dingle, 1997 / 98) 144
Derek Dingle Zarrow Culling 144
Derek Dingle Progressive Triumph four selections, funny presentation 145
Derek Dingle Riffle Shuffle Transfer to Bottom 145
Dai Vernon Shuffle Transfer to Top 145
Derek Dingle Royal Triumph "Progressive Triumph" with color changing back kicker varied by "Dingle's "Royal Triumph" - Trost Version" (Nick Trost, 1997) 147
Derek Dingle Rollover Aces varied by "The Bowl-Over Aces" (Steve Freeman & Roger Klause, 1978),
"Rollover Aces" (Steve Beam, 1987)
Derek Dingle Slip Force Handling 149
Derek Dingle The Sympathetic Cards double facers 150
Derek Dingle One-Hand Fan Force Technique and Outs spectator thinks of a card from fan 153
Edward Marlo & Matt Schulien Cardcase Load 154
Derek Dingle Slow Motion Coin Vanish see also "Slow Motion Coin Vanish II" (Steve Freeman & Derek Dingle, 1974) 155
Derek Dingle Everywhere and Nowhere in the Air 157
Derek Dingle Regal Royal Flush "duplicates" are produced and changed to Royal Flush see also "Inscrutable" (John Carney, 1991) 158
Edward Marlo Reverse Drop Sleight 158
Charles T. Jordan Jordan Count 159
Derek Dingle New Theory on Vernon's New Theory Second Deal - The One-Hand Deal 160
Derek Dingle The One-Armed Gambler one-handed 161
Derek Dingle One-Hand Control 161
Derek Dingle New Theory on Vernon's New Theory Second Deal - The Two-Hand Deal also as a Stud Deal 162
Derek Dingle SlapDown Change using Dingle's "New Theory on..." Second Deal 163
Derek Dingle Top Change Take featuring the "New Theory on Vernon's..." 163
Derek Dingle Post It! signature on Post It! Note travels from card to card see also "Pre-Posted" (Philip T. Goldstein, 1983) 164
Tony Kardyro & Edward Marlo The KM Move 164
Derek Dingle The Bounce Change for a non-sleeve handling see reference see also "New Wave Bounce Change" (Mike Gallo, 1984) 166
Derek Dingle Oil and Vinegar transformation kicker 167
Derek Dingle Faro Shuffle Technique 168
Derek Dingle Miracle Mental Spell to two freely thought of cards, count-spell principle see also "another encore" (Alex Elmsley & Frederick Mosteller, 1976) 169
Derek Dingle Card In Balloon 170
Derek Dingle & Larry Jennings Technical Refinement of LJ's Angle Palm Steal inspired by "L.J. Angle Steal" (Larry Jennings, 1977) 172
Derek Dingle Close-Up Card in Balloon 174
Derek Dingle Card Under Glass 175
Derek Dingle Crystalized Coins Up Sleeve 176
Derek Dingle Breast Pocket 176
Derek Dingle The Swing-Down Substitution as one of several coins is transfered 176
Al Baker Baker Steal 177
Derek Dingle The Complete Torn and Restored Card final "proof corner" is restored at the end 178
Derek Dingle A Case of Kings Kings one by one penetrate the case, deck vanishes 181
Paul Rosini Card Under Case Load 181
Derek Dingle Standard Lapping Technique 181
Derek Dingle Card Through Hanky Handling 182
Ron Wilson & Derek Dingle & Edward Marlo Vanishing Deck Sequence 183
Derek Dingle Combustible Cash with matches 184
Derek Dingle Restoration Assembly combo 187
Derek Dingle Four-Way Backfire Coin Assembly international coins see also "Four-Way Reverse Backfire" (Paul Cummins, 1996) 190
Derek Dingle & Al Schneider The PickUp Move 190
Derek Dingle Variation on Bertram's Steal 191
Ross Bertram Sucker Vanish 192
Derek Dingle PickUp Move Hand to Hand Transfer 193
Derek Dingle Technical Variation of Bertram's Coin Assembly 194
Ross Bertram Card Snap Over 194
Derek Dingle Deluxe Anytime Color Triumphant color chaning deck kicker 196
Derek Dingle Standup Sleightless Deck Switch see also "Selected Sources for Deck Switches" (Roberto Giobbi, 2013) 196
Derek Dingle Tabled Double Cut 196
Daryl Martinez & Derek Dingle Six Packet Display 197
Derek Dingle Two Fisted Deck Switch 198
Derek Dingle Color Triumphant II color changing deck climax see also "Color Triumphant" (Derek Dingle, 1971) 199
Derek Dingle Technicolor All Backs color changing deck climax 200
Derek Dingle Triple Color-Changing All Backs Aces 202
Derek Dingle All Backs with Selections 205
Edward Marlo Book Break keeping break while turning deck over 206
Edward Marlo A Marlo Bit apparently cutting at different spots in the deck, but always the same 206
Derek Dingle Master Poker Demonstration combination, color changing deck climax 207
Nate Leipzig Swivel Cut 207
Derek Dingle Double Color-Changing Deck 209
Derek Dingle Four Coins and Counting slightly different effect 211
Derek Dingle Lapping from Deck 211
Derek Dingle Elastic Illusion sleeving see also "Elastic Illusion" (Derek Dingle, 1978),
varied by "The Andrus Bands" (Jerry Andrus, 1990),
"Robber Bands" (Scott Robinson, 1991)
Derek Dingle The Derek Dingle Fabulous Jumping Card Trick varied by "The Amazing Ten Card Trick" (Jim Krenz, 1995) 216
Francis Carlyle & Derek Dingle Carlyle False Count Variation 216
Derek Dingle Pointing Replacement 218