Six Impromptu Card Tricks
Six Impromptu Card Tricks
written by Karl Fulves
Work of Karl Fulves
48 pages (Stapled), Selfpublished
Language: English
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Karl Fulves Imprompqu's "As the title indicates, at least 6 of the tricks in this manuscript are impromptu. Almost all of the material is from the late 50's/early 60's." 1
Karl Fulves Digital Diamonds A, 2 and J mixed according to rules over phone inspired by "Mathematical 3-Card Monte" (Bob Hummer),
see also "Digital Dollars" (Hummer's Collected Secrets, p. 59)
Reinhard Müller Telefon Trick coin, key and pen on table and distributed into pockets by spectator, performer names location inspired by "Hot Damn" (Ned Rutledge),
"Digital Dollars" (Hummer's Collected Secrets, p. 59)
Karl Fulves Ices and Kings 4 Aces, 4 Kings, 2 cards exchanged, stay separated, and so on, credit claim see also "Status Quo" (Ben Christopher*, 1969),
varied by "Interrupted Ices" (Sam Schwartz, 1989)
Karl Fulves Iced Notes comments on previous trick and presentational ideas 10
Karl Fulves One-Deck Card Trick 2 halfs, performer moves card to spectator's half and vice versa, after looking through spectator's packet performer names selection, parallel principle 12
Satya Ranjan Roy Another Method non-mod card counting with negative numbers with suit see also "27. Another Method" (Stanyon's Magic, Vol. 13 No. 4, Jan. 1913, p. 30) 12
Karl Fulves Lateral Leap chosen black card ends up in red packet at same position see also "The Unknown Leaper" (Charles T. Jordan, 1921) 15
Unknown Gesture Turnover 15
Roy Walton & Karl Fulves 31 Plus ace through 6 used, spectator choses 3 and performer takes other 3, they call their numbers and whoever adds to 31 wins varied by "Face" (Stephen Tucker, 1984) 17
Roy Walton Alternate Take Force from small packet magician and performer take turn in taking a single card, the values are forced 18
Karl Fulves Spectator Aces spectator deals cards on aces, then deals out whole packet, aces are gathered in one packet and placed in spectator's pocket where they change into indifferent cards, aces reproduced from performer's pocket, spectator does almost everything 20
Karl Fulves Dollar Dodge diamond cut diamonds with ace through 5, a bill is used in the handling 23
Karl Fulves 5-as-5 Count with bill openly between cards 23
Karl Fulves Dextral Dollar diamond cut diamonds with ace through 5, a bill is used in the handling, variation of previous trick 25
Karl Fulves Consumed 4 kings placed on a dollar, all on top of deck, a king vanishes, when deck is cut, underneath dollar the king reappears 25
Karl Fulves Notes For A Dollar doing false counts with bill between cards and other uses for bills see also "The OJ Count" (Karl Fulves, 1980) 27
Karl Fulves Card Production from Bills 2 cards are produced from 4 bills 28
Karl Fulves Magna Match performer places prediction card down, then spectator chooses card, repeated a few times, book as impromptu easel 29
Karl Fulves Magna II using book as impromptu easel inspired by "Infallible Prediction" (Paul Curry, 1938) 32
Karl Fulves Opus Pocus short routine with card transformations 35
Karl Fulves Zenergy get-ready for Jaks routine 38
Karl Fulves Drag Transfer from one deck to another see also "Simplified Curry" (Dai Vernon, 1965) 39
Dr. Stanley Jaks Jaks Do as I Do brief 40
Karl Fulves & J. W. Sarles The Higher Elevation 2 methods see also "Immersed" (Karl Fulves, 1991) 42
Unknown Swing Cut Add-on as packets pass, cards are added from bottom of right hand packet to top of left hand packet 43
Frank Thompson False Cut varied by "Chaos Cut" (Pit Hartling, 1998),
"Finessed Frank Thompson Cut" (Benjamin Earl & Frank Thompson, 2017)
Karl Fulves Bounce Black 4&4, all cards end with same color 46
Karl Fulves Tactics 4 spot cards & 4 picture cards, "Pair Poker", spot cards transform into kings 47