Methods with Cards - Part 2
Methods with Cards - Part 2
written by Karl Fulves
Work of Karl Fulves
80 pages (Spiralbound), Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
Language: English
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Karl Fulves Part Two 81
Karl Fulves Double Take card chosen with aid of joker, joker transforms into selection, then reverses in deck and changes back to joker, 4 methods 81
Karl Fulves Heel Break Insertion riffling to heel break 86
Karl Fulves Blank Intruder deck in new deck order, blank card between jokers cut into deck, face of chosen card transposes with blank face varied by "Negative Intruder" (Philip T. Goldstein, 1978) 88
Karl Fulves Ambitious Liberty coin on left palm is covered with card and penetrates it, extra piece glued on card as sliding stopper 91
J. W. Sarles Second To None second deal lap, credit note see also "So it Goes..." (Jon Racherbaumer & Edward Marlo, 1993) 94
Karl Fulves Face-Up Switch second deal lap application 96
Karl Fulves Double Switch joker changes into first, then second selection, second deal lap application 96
Karl Fulves Named Trap card sandwiched in beginning turns out to be named card 97
Karl Fulves & J. W. Sarles Second To None Variation second deal lap in which original third card is removed 97
Karl Fulves The Basic Color Upset 4&4 98
Karl Fulves Other Variations of the second deal lap 99
Karl Fulves One Finger Double Lift inspired by "One Finger Double" (Karl Fulves, 1971),
see also "The Drawback Double Lift" (Paul Curry, 1974)
Karl Fulves Ambitious Lady queen rises to top of two-card packet 100
Karl Fulves Paper-Clip Variation queen rises to top of two-card packet, other card changes 101
Karl Fulves Pharo Here incomplete faro position, stopped at card controlled
- The Placement
- The Revelation
Karl Fulves Topological Card Tricks on slits in card, credit information 104
Karl Fulves Matter Through Matter slits in cards openly shown, they pass through each other inspired by "Elusive Lady" (J.C. Whyley, 1949),
see also "Matter Thru Matter" (Karl Fulves, 1997)
Karl Fulves Split Level inspired by "Three Way Split" (Karl Fulves, 1968) 107
Karl Fulves Topological Trap sandwiched card penetrates sandwich cards, a corner secretly folded 109
Karl Fulves Torn And Quartered signed card torn in half is restored after some topological stunts with another openly slitted card, half slit remains 112
Karl Fulves The Cage Effect visible sandwich, sandwich cards are placed perpendicular on deck, when lifted top card is between them
- Notes On The Handling
- Added Notes (impromptu method, paper clip addition)
see also "Jacks Be Nimble" (Karl Fulves, 1975) 117
Karl Fulves 4th Warp - First Method - Thru The Two (3 phase routine)
- Second Method - Warp Get-Ready (getting into Walton's effect)
- Concluding Notes (different objects, Busby & Walton)
Karl Fulves The Phantom Count 4 as 3, 5 as 4, ... 128
Karl Fulves Find The Lady cards reverse and change see also "No-Gimmick Phantom" (Karl Fulves, 1975) 130
Karl Fulves Poker vs. Monte monte cards transform into Royal Flush as finale 132
Karl Fulves No-Gimmick Phantom ungaffed handling of "Find The Lady" see also "Find The Lady" (Karl Fulves, 1975) 133
Karl Fulves Half In blue backed card sandwiched between red cards changes to red, as application of using a half card 137
Karl Fulves Bottom Palm Replacement inspired by Daley's Notebooks, Entry #346 141
Karl Fulves Replacement with Reversal briefly mentioned 143
Karl Fulves & Slydini Repeat Under Spread Loading strange position of block clipped between fingers of left hand under spread, feeding cards while spreading under spread or on face to formed packet 143
Karl Fulves Cut To Win spectator shuffles deck and helps forming five packets, royal flush card on face of each 146
Karl Fulves Illusion Aces VI aces turn over one by one between 2 jokers, change to kings inspired by "Illusion Aces" (Karl Fulves, 1972) 147
Karl Fulves Tunnel Space tunnel turnover between two other cards, color changing back kicker inspired by "The Vanishing Lady" (Harry Franke, Hugard's Magic Monthly) 152
Karl Fulves Simplex Color Change fan waved over face of card, it changes 159