Methods with Cards - Part 3
Methods with Cards - Part 3
written by Karl Fulves
Work of Karl Fulves
80 pages (Spiralbound), Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
Language: English
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Karl Fulves Part Three 161
Karl Fulves Jacks Be Nimble card on top of sandwich card, trio pushed through deck (plunger), card now sandwiched, two methods see also "The Cage Effect" (Karl Fulves, 1975) 161
Karl Fulves Eye Witness two red Fours together in deck, spectator remember card above pair, another card below pair, they name the same card which is then shown not to be in deck, then appears sandwiched between Fours inspired by "Hallucination" (Eddie Clever, 1934) 165
Larry Jennings The Jennings Bottom Slip Cut transposing top and bottom card during double cut also published as "Bottom Slip Cut" (Larry Jennings, 1972) 170
Karl Fulves Top Bottom Transfer Cut transposing top and bottom card during cutting action 170
Karl Fulves Progressive Trap II two black Fives and three red cards change position when counted from hand to hand, black Fives transform as climax inspired by "Progressive Trap" (Karl Fulves, 1973) 171
Karl Fulves Biddle Count Switch with cards in deep cop see also "Impromptu Elevator" (Derek Dingle, 1973) 172
Tenkai Ishida Book Break 172
Karl Fulves 5-as-5 Count 173
Karl Fulves Telepathy Exists husband divines wives card and vice versa, only husband fooled, three phases 175
Walter B. Gibson Fan Steal from one packet under one-handed fan in other hand 176
Karl Fulves Through The Door spectator throws deck at door with magician on other side, selection penetrates door 178
Karl Fulves Snap Out Aces two rubber banded halves rubbed, aces snap out one by one and are caught between packets 179
Karl Fulves Banded Halves Pop-Out see also "The Ravelli Pop-out" (Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli), 2000) 180
Karl Fulves Not Even Houdini card inserted in banded deck penetrates it and drops to table 182
Karl Fulves Angle-jogged Glide with rubber banded deck 183
Karl Fulves Banded Deck Problems - Jump In (rubber band around case penetrates inside around chosen card)
- Puzzling Passage (card inserted in banded deck through rubber band)
- Hooked (after previous trick card is pulled out again with band only around card)
see also "Puzzling Passage" (Karl Fulves, 1979),
"Simplex Banded Card to Cardcase" (Edward Marlo, 1991),
varied by "Band in Boston" (Jerry K. Hartman, 1980)
Karl Fulves & Slydini Wee Three sandwich put in case, shaken, sandwiched card shrinks, two methods (second 90% Slydini's) 185
Karl Fulves Box Cop card palmed out again in Tenkai palm 186
Slydini Box Cop II card palmed out again in Tenkai palm 188
Karl Fulves Approaching Zero "negative ace assembly", aces vanish one at a time without deck, lapping 190
Slydini & Karl Fulves Table Edge Turnover Switch with lapping 192
Alex Elmsley Fake Sandwich Insertion card inserted between sandwich cards one of which is secretly missing 193
Karl Fulves Single Card Lapping Vanish 193
Karl Fulves They're Cannibals with only two cannibal cards, two methods 195
Karl Fulves Clip Packet Steal from small packet 196
Karl Fulves Moisture Steal card sticks to back of hand 198
Karl Fulves Using Sleeves two cards placed in sleeve, then card signed in deck, two cards removed from sleeve and one is signed selection, tape on sleeve for steal inspired by "In The Sleeve" (Karl Fulves, 1971),
"Split Second" (Karl Fulves, 1973)
Karl Fulves Shimmed Cards 201
Karl Fulves Swindle Trap two sandwiched cards transpose see also "Teleportation" (Karl Fulves, 1974),
"For Marlo" (David Regal, 1999)
Unknown Push-In Steal 201
Dr. Jacob Daley & Sam Leo Horowitz Daley's Delight Switch 205
Karl Fulves Entropy Ace to Five removed and mixed, then back in numerical order 206
Karl Fulves Calculated Colors 3&3 or 4&4, weird mixing procedure, "mathematical oil & water" varied by "Principle Prism" (Karl Fulves, 1980) 208
Karl Fulves Vector Switch including: Variation - Switching Seconds varied by "Partial Vector Switch" (Ken Krenzel & Karl Fulves, 1990) 210
Unknown Top Card Break establishing a break under the top card, from "Elliott's Last Legacy" according to page 215 210
Karl Fulves Fit To Print card in hand transposes with card on face of deck, transformation kicker 212
Karl Fulves Blank to Blank card becomes blank 213
Karl Fulves Switching Backs chosen card changes back color 214
Karl Fulves With A Card Box Vector Switch variation 214
Karl Fulves Multiple Switch Vector Switch variation 214
Karl Fulves Square Deal piles made and counted, four aces found 215
Karl Fulves Riffle Shuffle Control selection made in incomplete riffle shuffle condition, controlled to 26 or known position see also "Riffle Shuffle Control" (Karl Fulves, 1972) 217
Karl Fulves Mathematical Triumph using Riffle Shuffle Control 219
Karl Fulves Centrifugal Force two cards predicted on both sides of selection, humorous presentation 220
Karl Fulves Trap Loading Technique 221
Karl Fulves Speed With 7's card sandwiched in beginning in deck turns out to be later signed selection 222
Karl Fulves Two Klondike Systems solitaire game, as betting game
- First System: Stak-A-Pack
- The Shuffled Deck System
Karl Fulves Frame Analysis card predicted on other card, then performer signs a card on the face that is in case, spectator another on back, then the cased card has both signatures on front and back 226
Unknown Cellophane Hold-Out card placed behind cellophane 226
Unknown Fake Card Insertion card goes behind case 229
Karl Fulves Countdown 231
Karl Fulves Mexican Turnover Variation 232
Karl Fulves Mexican Turnover from Center 232
Karl Fulves Center Pull-Out 233
Karl Fulves Drawback three cards all alike, then card no longer there, using Center Pull-Out 233
Karl Fulves Right-Angle Location flourish location in which card ends up perpendicular in deck 234
Karl Fulves Strip Poker Royal Flush in Hearts dropped on deck, immediately two hands dealt, spectator get's Ten to King only and performer four Aces 237
Unknown Cross Purposes "offbeat variation of the cross-cut" force 239