Ace Machine
Ace Machine
written by Karl Fulves
Work of Karl Fulves
6 pages (Loose-leave collection), Selfpublished
Language: English
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Karl Fulves Ace Machine "No attempt was made to refine the handling; what is to follow is a first approximation to the solution." - true for all items 1
Karl Fulves Aces Over ace turns over between jokers, repeated with other aces
- The Fifth Ace (variation)
Karl Fulves Illusion Aces ace turns over between jokers and changes to king, repeated with other aces 2
Karl Fulves Illusion Notes effect variations of Illusion Aces without methods, aces travel from envelope to sandwich 4
Karl Fulves Opposite Illusion aces produced between jokers one by one, without method 4
Karl Fulves Envelopus empty envelope placed between four aces, named ace travels inside 5
Karl Fulves And Then odd-backed blank card in envelope with hole transposes with named ace in hands 5
Karl Fulves Variation blank card in envelope against glass, ace in hand, suddenly envelope travels to hand and ace is inside, against glass only blank card 5
Karl Fulves Overthrow 2 kings turn over between jokers, then 3 kings, then 4 kings, they change to aces 6
Karl Fulves Undercover Work aces separate on table, covered with cardboard, they turn over one by one on table 6
Karl Fulves Two Faced face of picture card changes direction in envelope with cut-out hole for face 6
Karl Fulves Sharpening Pencil in Card Case "the old pencil-sharpener in thumb tip gag" 6