Setting Up Exercises
Setting Up Exercises
Riffle Shuffle Controls - Part One
written by Karl Fulves
Work of Karl Fulves
111 pages (Spiralbound), Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
Language: English
(97 entries)
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Karl Fulves Before The Shuffle chapter 1 intro, on Fulves' background in riffle shuffle work 1
Karl Fulves Practice Is Perfect on practicing 2
Karl Fulves What This Is Not pseudo/fake vs. real methods, brief explanation of stacking with transfer cuts 2
Karl Fulves Tells All tells in riffle shuffle work 3
Karl Fulves In Conclusion 4
Karl Fulves Terms of Engagement chapter 2 intro, on practicing riffle shuffle work, surface, consistency, ... 5
Karl Fulves The standard grip 7
John Scarne Setting the Bridge with strong riffle shuffle 7
Karl Fulves Refinements 8
Karl Fulves Cardboard Shuffle #1 exercise 10
Karl Fulves Stretch Test exercise with rubber band 11
Karl Fulves Not By The Book chapter 3 intro 12
Karl Fulves Fake Poker 3 Aces on top, 4th Ace randomly placed in second hand and dropped on top, one riffle shuffle, performer gets four aces when dealt for two 13
Karl Fulves 5 As 5 Count as Stacking see also "Recursive Draw" (Karl Fulves, 1981) 13
Karl Fulves Four In One four-of-a-kind on top, one riffle shuffle to stack for 4 players, with false dealing 15
Karl Fulves Paradox Poker performer stacks 4 royal flush cards for 4 players, spectator distributes hole cards and completes royal flush, fake stacking 16
John Scarne One Shuffle Poker aces apparently stacked to wanted player in one hand, actually bottom deal 18
Karl Fulves Hold Backs chapter 4 intro 19
Karl Fulves Hold One exercise 19
Karl Fulves Holding Back Two exercise 20
Karl Fulves Conditions application for tabled double lift with further exercises see also "The Snap-Over Double-Lift" (Paul LePaul, 1949) 21
Karl Fulves Holding Back Three exercise 22
Karl Fulves Mix Up exercise 22
Karl Fulves Holding Back Four exercise 23
Karl Fulves Don't Let The Left Hand... exercise 24
Karl Fulves Hands Together exercise 24
Karl Fulves Same But Different exercise 24
Karl Fulves Flat Stax exercise with hold-backs and slip cuts 24
Karl Fulves Accelerated Aces exercise with hold-backs and second deal 26
Karl Fulves Cardboard Shuffle #2 exercise with card case and deck 27
Karl Fulves ReStackJack jacks stacked for four-handed game, restacking for three players 28
Karl Fulves A Glassic Test exercise, stacking with halves on top of glasses 29
Karl Fulves Clipped Blocks stacking exercise for thick block hold-backs using paper clips 31
Karl Fulves Bottom Hold stacking from the bottom 32
Karl Fulves The Even Riffle chapter 5 intro, on riffle faro (real riffling) stacking, center stacking 33
Karl Fulves Primitive Trap shuffling a card between sandwich cards 35
Karl Fulves Not So Primitive even riffle exercise 35
Karl Fulves Faro Fallacy cutting in half easier than cutting at 26 36
Karl Fulves Even Riffling even riffle exercise 36
Karl Fulves Unbalanced Packets even riffle exercise 37
Karl Fulves Lift Off even riffle exercise 39
Karl Fulves Triple Trap even riffle exercise for interlacing top three cards 39
Karl Fulves Evenly Uneven comments on even riffle shuffling 40
Karl Fulves Same Time... even riffle exercise 41
Karl Fulves ...Same Place even riffle exercise 41
Karl Fulves At The Top even riffle exercise 42
Karl Fulves Riffle Stab stabbing a card in deck while riffling it on table with other hand, real estimation, see page 97 for more comments inspired by "Card Stabbing Trick" (Bert Allerton, 1958) 43
Karl Fulves Why It Doesn't Work commentary on even riffle shuffling 44
Karl Fulves Cardboard Shuffle #3 cardboard gimmick to practice low lift shuffles 45
Karl Fulves Timed Release partial table faro at top 47
T. Nelson Downs Downs Poker Trick see also "Another Poker Trick" (1909) 48
Karl Fulves 3 Aces 4 Hands 1 Shuffle 49
Karl Fulves Casino Cheating anecdote 49
Karl Fulves Thumb Tips 51
Karl Fulves Drop Offs chapter 6 intro 52
Karl Fulves Cardboard Shuffle #4 exercise with card case, tape recorder suggestion for sound control 52
Karl Fulves Quick Release drop off exercise, with additional "Conditions" 54
Karl Fulves Larger Blocks drop off exercise 57
Karl Fulves Blackjack For Three riffle stacking 59
Karl Fulves The Poker Cheat 3 card stacking with short-cut inspired by "Fake Runn Up" (Jack Merlin, 1927/28) 61
Karl Fulves It Won't Work on the nature of riffle shuffle work 62
Karl Fulves Two Card Stud riffle shuffle handling of Bruce Elliott overhand shuffle effect 63
Theo Hardison Running Up Two reprinted from "Poker" (1914) 64
Karl Fulves Running Up Three with note by Judson Cameron from "Cheating At Bridge" (1933) 64
Karl Fulves & Jack Merlin Running Up Four "The first appearance in the magical literature of a four-card run-up was Jack Merlin's" see also "The Riffle Stack" (Jack Merlin, 1927/28) 65
Purvis W. Miller & Karl Fulves Miller Lite running up two poker hands, "See also The Downs-McGuire Letters." inspired by "Setting up Poker Hands with the Riffle Shuffle" (Purvis W. Miller, 1939) 67
Karl Fulves Pre-Established Breaks chapter 7 intro 69
Karl Fulves Pick Ups - Inside Pick-Up
- Center Pick Up
- Outside Pick Up
- Technical Points
- Double Pick Up
- 3- and 4-Card Pick-Ups
- Mastering Pick-Ups
Karl Fulves Pick-Up Poker stacking with pick-up technique 72
Karl Fulves Multiple Breaks - The Triple Break
- Mastering Triple Breaks
- Large Blocks
Karl Fulves Rock 'n Riffle riffling with fingers and transferring break to thumb 76
Karl Fulves Double Break actually page 76A 76
Karl Fulves Heavyset holding back large blocks 77
Karl Fulves Center Breaks 78
Karl Fulves Three?Four?Five? "quick one-shuffle run-up that can be used for any number of hands" 79
Karl Fulves Bottom Breaks 80
Karl Fulves Break Offs hit double lift applied to riffle shuffle break technique inspired by "Instantaneous Double Lift" (Dr. Jacob Daley, 1950) 81
Karl Fulves Practicing Break Offs without a table 82
Karl Fulves Speed Stacking inspired by "One Shuffle Stacking" (Harry Green, 1984) 83
Karl Fulves More Shuffle Controls chapter 8 intro 85
Karl Fulves Re-Riffle "easy way to correct an error" 85
Karl Fulves Stripper Controls see also "The Stripper Deck" (Karl Fulves, 1970) 86
Karl Fulves Equal Riffle on the timing of riffling both packets 87
Karl Fulves Crimp Work short comment 87
Karl Fulves Cheat Shuffle simplification 87
Karl Fulves Putting Up Threes with slick aces, illustrated Maskelyne's text inspired by "Sharps and Flats" (1894) 89
Karl Fulves Double Duke In One 91
Karl Fulves Faro Riffle Shuffle 92
Karl Fulves Under Tension 94
Karl Fulves Perfect Riffle Shuffle actual riffle shuffle, includes banded deck exercise 96
Karl Fulves Zarrow Faro Shuffle partial faro under cover blocks inspired by "Perfect Riffle Shuffle" (Charlie Miller, 1940) 100
Karl Fulves Non Fiction chapter 9 intro 102
Karl Fulves Securing Threes cull-stack combination
- The Underlying System
- Adjustments
Karl Fulves Prelude music analogy 107
Tommy Lake The Lake Run-Up one-shuffle 108
Karl Fulves Much Into Little exercise for one-shuffle riffle stack 109
Karl Fulves Red-Blue Timing player joins game, restacking problem, with exercise with odd-backed cards 110