Blocking Off
Blocking Off
Riffle Shuffle Controls - Part Two
written by Karl Fulves
Work of Karl Fulves
206 pages (Spiralbound), Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
Language: English
(134 entries)
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Karl Fulves Scarne's Secret intro about Scarne's riffle culling and on the nature of riffle shuffle work with analogies 1
Karl Fulves Stop & Think comments on psychological forces in which cards are riffled before spectator's eyes see also "To Force a Person to Think of a Particular Card" (1889),
"Kinetoscopic Force" ( l'Homme Masqué, 1909)
J. W. Sarles Riffle and Think prominent KS between red spot cards riffled before spectator inspired by "Kinetoscopic Force" ( l'Homme Masqué, 1909) 9
Karl Fulves Remotely Possible spectator thinks of odd-backed card, ungaffed, psychological force inspired by "Remote Control" (Theodore Annemann, 1937),
"Riffle and Think" (J. W. Sarles, 1996)
Karl Fulves Psychological Riffle Force Handling injogged card as short card 11
Karl Fulves Thoughts Of Others card written down by a spectator is though of during riffling by other spectator, O'Connor's Instanto Pack see also "Instanto" (Billy O'Connor, 1940) 11
Jack McMillen & Judson S. Brown Telltale Color card of different color glimpsed during riffle shuffle, with references see also The Sphinx (March 1934) 12
Karl Fulves Notes on psychological riffle force see also "The Scarney Thought Card" (John Scarne, 1936) 13
Karl Fulves Riffle Glimpse chapter intro 14
Karl Fulves Reflex Action reading exercise 15
Karl Fulves Color Fast glimpsing odd-colored card in packet, riffle glimpse exercise 15
Karl Fulves Color Double riffle glimpse exercise, Telltale Color with 2 cards
- Conditions (additional exercises)
inspired by "Telltale Color" (Jack McMillen & Judson S. Brown, 1996) 16
Karl Fulves Two Handed Glimpse riffle glimpse exercise with either hand 18
Karl Fulves How Fast? discussion of speed of riffling with analogies from movies 19
Karl Fulves Random Stop glimpsing selection next to key card during riffle shuffle 22
Karl Fulves Stop Order riffle glimpse exercise 23
Karl Fulves Concluding Notes on riffle glimpse 24
Karl Fulves Sizing Up Breaks chapter intro 25
Karl Fulves Tossing Quarters corner torn off and tossed next to selection (with missing corner) in deck 25
Karl Fulves Lifting at Corner Short without riffling 27
Karl Fulves How Small A Break? exercises 27
Karl Fulves Royal Reunion index corner from a J, Q and K torn off, performer tosses each corner in deck next to its counterpart 30
Karl Fulves Side Effects gaffed deck with various shortened cards, cutting to any card of tabled deck see also "Instanto" (Billy O'Connor, 1940),
"Simple Stebbins" (Karl Fulves, 1996)
Karl Fulves Fourthcoming with named four-of-a-kind, using Side Effects Deck 36
Karl Fulves Named Stranger Triumph named card has different back, using Side Effects Deck see also "Named Stranger Triumph" (Karl Fulves, 1983) 38
Karl Fulves The Shallow Cut solutions if the named card is near the top or bottom and it should be brought to top with tabled riffle shuffle, using Side Effects Deck 41
Karl Fulves Simple Stebbins using Side Effects Deck with Si Stebbins set-up see also "Side Effects" (Karl Fulves, 1996) 44
Karl Fulves Cheat Deck card thought (one person suit, another value), stacked and 5 cards corner shorted 47
Karl Fulves & John Scarne Blocking Off "This principle, invented by John Scarne, is called blocking off."
- Blocking Off Defined
- Blocking Off
- Parallel Offset
- Conditions
- Right Side Glimpse
Karl Fulves Stop Sign cards turned up until previously named card is reached, its value counted down to find spectator's selection 57
Karl Fulves More Blocking Controls chapter intro 59
Karl Fulves Angled Square-Up 60
Karl Fulves Reverse Step 61
Karl Fulves Two Step blocking off 2 cards in one shuffle 61
Karl Fulves Two By Four shuffled deck, performer shuffles and cuts three piles, then names bottom cards, then new bottom cards are aces 62
Karl Fulves Advanced Placement 64
Karl Fulves Blocking The Aces exercise for riffle culling 65
Karl Fulves Mastering The Riffle Stop exercises for riffle culling 67
Karl Fulves Blocking Out X 69
Karl Fulves Not Here what to do when wanted card was not glimpsed in riffle culling 71
Karl Fulves Open Handed 72
John Scarne Block Release free selection, odd-backed duplicate is in deck, riffle shuffle method 73
Karl Fulves Royalist royal flush stacking plot, posed as problem 75
Karl Fulves In-Line Breaks 76
Karl Fulves Peripherals riffle cull exercise with odd-backed card 77
Karl Fulves Applications chapter intro 78
Karl Fulves No Contact Location spectator cuts and remembers face card, dealt into 4 piles see also "4-Ever" (Karl Fulves, 1981) 79
Karl Fulves Stand-Up Maneuvers comment 80
Karl Fulves Your Card Mine spectator choses card for performer and vice versa, they then divine each other's card 81
Karl Fulves End Tap 82
Karl Fulves Beginners Only card chosen via cut/deal procedure and shuffled back is located by stabbing card next to it 83
Karl Fulves Across the Table Glimpse during riffle shuffle, shallow angle 83
Karl Fulves Self-Force spectator forces card on himself 84
Karl Fulves M & M "manipulative & mathematical", one spectator thinks of card in 8-card group, faros 86
Karl Fulves The Value of X spectator stops at another spectator's selection during deal 89
Karl Fulves Multitudinous spectator cuts to three 9s and shows them to different spectators, they all see the 9 of Spades which is then removed from wallet 90
Karl Fulves Tabled Multiple Lift set up via blocking off 90
Karl Fulves Lost, Found performer cuts to 2 fairly chosen and lost cards 92
Karl Fulves Gemini Twins Key Placement out of hands 92
Karl Fulves Ten Tricks chapter intro 94
Karl Fulves Pat Hand Pete performer cuts at a pair in shuffled deck to complete a full house 94
Karl Fulves Krypto card in shuffled deck above a card with marked back is named by performer via x-ray 95
Karl Fulves Trifecta after cutting and dealing 3 jacks are on top of 3 piles, re-dealing 96
Karl Fulves Well Spelt impromptu speller, performer cuts off a packet and spells a card, it's the last card 98
Karl Fulves Spell Re-Tell 2 cards spelled to from shuffled deck 99
Karl Fulves The Block Trap card named, it appears between two red aces on deck and has odd back 100
Karl Fulves Interzone any card named, packet cut off by performer and named card is left after under/down procedure, riffle shuffle placement 102
Karl Fulves A Note On Timing releasing cards during riffle shuffle, exercise 104
Karl Fulves Fork Lift stabbing with fork into deck 105
Karl Fulves Return To Base aces lost, then shown together at bottom 106
Karl Fulves Center To Center stacking challenge, posed as problem see also "Shuttle Cut" (Karl Fulves, 1973) 109
Karl Fulves No Breaks chapter intro 110
Karl Fulves Shuffle Crimp riffle cull with crimp see also "Karl Fulves Notes" (Karl Fulves, 1987) 110
Karl Fulves On Crimp Work general comments 113
Karl Fulves The Dome con game in which Aces are dealt and if first two are of different color, player wins 114
Karl Fulves Thickset 4 cards glued together 116
Karl Fulves Short End short card as key 118
Karl Fulves No-Break Cull using thick or short card 119
Karl Fulves Topped Gaff gaff in which short card is glued inside thick card 121
Karl Fulves Cull-Stock Notes chapter intro 122
Karl Fulves Color Cull exercise, culling 5 red cards to bottom 123
Karl Fulves Cull To The Top 124
Karl Fulves Royal Cull 2 pair or better riffle culled 125
John Scarne The Flush Cull 125
Karl Fulves A Quick Pair riffle culling a pair, including "Tips On The Handling" 126
John Scarne John Scarne's Method blocking off above the card see also "The Cull Riffle of the Mysterious Kid" (Revelations, 1984) 129
Karl Fulves Four Of A Kind problems with riffle culling four-of-a-kind 131
Karl Fulves The Edge edge marked cards and riffle culling 132
Karl Fulves Cool Hand Duke cull stack
- No Kings In Packet
- One King In Packet
- Two Kings In Packet
- Three Kings In Packet
- The Routine
Karl Fulves Retaining Full Deck Order - Push Thru Method riffle culling a card while retaining order of rest 137
Karl Fulves Zarrow Shuffle Method riffle culling a card while retaining order of rest 138
Karl Fulves Improv Aces 4 kings lost in deck reversed one by one, spread on table, kings are next to the matching aces, with stack handling 139
Karl Fulves Negativism on the future of magic 142
Karl Fulves Sign-Steal-Deliver free selection is signed, 4 riffle shuffles, spectator gets flush with his selection, performer a royal flush, first flush cull-stacked on the fly 143
Karl Fulves No Looking chapter intro, about glimpsing for card during riffle culling with shiner type things 146
Karl Fulves Nail Glimpse clear nail polish 147
Audley Walsh Reflection see also "Reflection" (Audley Walsh, New Phoenix #325) 147
Karl Fulves Named-Card Stab shiny blade 148
Karl Fulves Stationary Shiner attached to table edge, swing out shiner 148
Karl Fulves Stationary Shiner for Shuffle Work 149
Karl Fulves Glimpse via Scarne shiner glimpse with Scarne's blocking off method (p. 129) 150
Burling Hull & Karl Fulves Electra-Trance Card mirror on back of joker 151
Karl Fulves Concluding Notes shiners and impromptu shiners 151
Karl Fulves Cut Controls chapter intro, cuts in context of riffle shuffle work 153
Karl Fulves Block Cut tabled transfer cut, spectator finds other spectator's selection in 5-card poker hand because other 4 cards are the aces 154
Karl Fulves 3-Way Cut inspired by "A False Cut" (Joe Berg, The Berg Book, 1983) 157
Purvis W. Miller The Gambler during replacement or pick-up of deck, originally from "Tops", illustrated by J. K. Schmidt, see also p. 162 159
Karl Fulves Transfer Cut bottom stock to top inspired by "Transferring a bottom stock to the top" (Dai Vernon, 1960) 160
Karl Fulves Delayed Response pull-down move anecdote 162
Karl Fulves & Sammy Green Con Man's Cut marking off where to cut 163
Karl Fulves Blackjack Cut moving slug of high cards to bottom after shuffle and cut by shill 165
Karl Fulves Bait & Switch using 6 decks for blackjack game 167
Karl Fulves Option Cut bringing a glimpsed card to either top or bottom after it's blocked off 170
Karl Fulves The Agent's Cut 171
John Scarne Slick Aces named four-of-a-kind lost and cut to one by one (with distribution shuffle/honest aces), last ace appears with other 3 on spectator's hand see also "Distribution Shuffle" (Edward Marlo, 1964) 172
Audley Walsh Ace Assembly brief see also "Ace Assembly" (Audley Walsh, 1948 / 27) 172
Karl Fulves Gambler's Den chapter intro, on gambling demonstrations 174
Karl Fulves & John Scarne Cut For High Card 175
Karl Fulves Leverage how knowledge of bottom card helps 176
Karl Fulves Reparation cull-stacking a pair 179
Karl Fulves Retaining Top Stock 2 shuffles and straight cut, 2 procedures 181
Karl Fulves Shuffle Functions 183
Karl Fulves Bottom Stock Stays blocking off technique used 184
Karl Fulves Bottom Stock To Top 185
Karl Fulves Stock Transfer bottom stock control despite obviously losing it 186
Karl Fulves Two Edged spectator and performer remember any card they see during riffle shuffle, performer cuts to both cards, blocking off twice 187
Karl Fulves Subconscious Secret royal flush on second deal inspired by "Subconscious Poker" (Bob Fisher),
see also "Subconscious Poker" (Joseph Schmidt, Pallbearers Review p. 687)
Karl Fulves Securing Break after blocking off 192
John Scarne Triple Threat performer cuts to three signed and lost cards during tabled riffle shuffles (or: full house named, performer cuts to those five cards) 193
John Scarne Overhand Shuffle Control 3 cards, key, see also p. 196 for variation 193
Karl Fulves & Alek Akalaitis All Angle Square Up fine work 198
Karl Fulves Center Stacking 201
Gary Najarian Practicing Riffle Stacking 203
Karl Fulves Shuffle Manuscripts list of Fulves's publications on riffle shuffle work 205