written by Karl Fulves
Work of Karl Fulves
55 pages (Spiralbound), Selfpublished
Language: English
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Karl Fulves Introduction about cheating at cards 1
Karl Fulves A Gambling Effect performer memorizes a string of cards, then deals 7 blackjack hands and knows who has a good hand 2
Karl Fulves A Magical Effect think stop, then in next effect the color of all cards in top third are named 2
Karl Fulves The Secret combo system introduction 3
Karl Fulves Bit by Bit combo system introduction, binary numbers 4
Karl Fulves One & One is Ten combo system introduction 5
Karl Fulves The Value of Color combo system 6
Karl Fulves Practice practicing combo memory system 11
Karl Fulves The Dealer's Game memorizing the high cards at blackjack, with practicing tips 15
Karl Fulves Advantage Play 17
Karl Fulves Tracking dealing out 16 blackjack hands and memorizing the good ones 19
Frank Thompson Frank Thompson False Cut 22
Karl Fulves The Specialist performer separates colors of shuffled deck 23
Karl Fulves Code For Oracle two suits named and removed, performer separates them from the back 25
Karl Fulves The Lady Thinks shuffled deck, psychic from other side of room tells how cards should be dealt to separate reds from blacks see also "Cue Cards" (Karl Fulves, 2005) 27
Karl Fulves Map + Dowsing handful coins distributed on drawn map, one turned over, performer divines which one, using memory 29
Karl Fulves Pickpocket a dozen people put a chip in either left or right pocket, performer memorizes all 30
Karl Fulves Clenched Fist Note ten people put a coin in either left or right hand, performer memorizes all 30
Karl Fulves Psy-Key advantage for an ESP guessing game, memory 31
Karl Fulves Trick Dice die moved via quarter turns on grid, top numbers listed, performer memorizes the list 34
Karl Fulves Crystal Persuasion red-black guessing game with 2 spectators, one gets everything right, the other according to chance 36
Karl Fulves Expansionism memorizing color sequence of 32 cards, but really only 16 see also "Compression Technique" (Karl Fulves, 2005),
"Speed Reading" (Karl Fulves, 2005)
Karl Fulves Shiner Gag mirror covered with tape 39
Karl Fulves Cross Checking using one-way backs to expand combo memory system to 4 suits or other features, challenge location application 40
Karl Fulves Mini Bridge 16-card version of bridge 43
Karl Fulves After Hummer separating reds and blacks behind back, involving a layout on a grid on the table by spectator 46
Karl Fulves Silent Speech memorizing sixteen cards after spectator's riffle shuffle, interlocking chains 49
Karl Fulves Remote Viewing spectator shuffles cards once and deals about a third, then names a number and removes card from this position, performer names it, interlocking chains 51
Karl Fulves Background credit information on Combo system and bibliography see also "The 5-6-9-10 System" (Karl Fulves, 1986) 53
Karl Fulves Combo & Card Counting brief mention 54