Contemporary Handkerchief Magic - Part Two
Contemporary Handkerchief Magic - Part Two
written by Karl Fulves
Work of Karl Fulves
28 pages (Stapled), Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
Language: English
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Karl Fulves Thruway method for object through handkerchief 31
Karl Fulves Billfold through Handkerchief wallet penetrates handkerchief but content is left behind 33
Karl Fulves Curio four coins held under handkerchief that is stretched by two spectators, named coin penetrates upwards with paper cover, two methods inspired by Walter Schwartz (Cigam, 1931) 34
Karl Fulves Blindfold Idea face painted on silk 38
Karl Fulves & Slydini Dissolvo two silks tied together untie in glass 39
Karl Fulves Ghost in Silk bag formed with handkerchief, animation inside, posed as problem 44
Karl Fulves Q-dini performer's wrists knotted with handkerchief, he turns and he's free, then knotted again inspired by item in Martin Gardner's "Encyclopedia of Impromptu Magic" 45
Karl Fulves Growing Bottle small bottle with penny placed in handkerchief grows larger, posed as problem 49
Karl Fulves Jiggle Hank spectator and performer initial corner of a handkerchief each, initial transpose 50
Karl Fulves Signature Transpo Credit Information odd-backed, only credit information see also "Trans-Script" (Karl Fulves, 1970) 53
Karl Fulves 4-Card Brainwave aces in handkerchief folded to bag, named one is turned over, posed as problem 54
Karl Fulves Black Belt silk initialed and mixed with other silks, tossed up and signed one caught with belt à la card sword, suggestion with other objects 55