13 Prophets
13 Prophets
New Approaches To The Open Prediction
written by Karl Fulves
Work of Karl Fulves
60 pages (Spiralbound), Selfpublished
Language: English
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Karl Fulves Intro on coming up with methods 2
Karl Fulves The Conditions detailed commentary on Stewart James's conditions 3
Stewart James 51 Face North Conditions reprinted from "Stewart James in Print" 3
William Larsen & T. Page Wright Switching Cardboard folded paper see also "Love Laughs" (The Sphinx, Nov. 1928, p. 430) 5
Karl Fulves New Conditions including a method 7
Karl Fulves Simplex Open meets "51 Faces North" conditions 10
Unknown Cut Deeper Force Key Placement 10
Karl Fulves Full Disclosure performer deals, Mirage deck 11
Karl Fulves Red Handed using only red cards and prediction is "red", looks like a joke but is only red-backed card 12
Karl Fulves Midnight Hour only red card in black packet 15
Karl Fulves Edge Wise first location trick (cut deeper force procedure), then open prediction 16
Karl Fulves 20 Faces Twice repeat phase 18
Karl Fulves Open Season with repeat phase 19
Karl Fulves Silent Partner with stooge, but not the dealing spectator 21
Karl Fulves Marks The Spot 2 phase routine, first spectator and performer select same card from 10-card-packet, then open prediction 22
Karl Fulves Fail Safe card case with "Ultra Mental Deck" sticker 24
Karl Fulves Benefactor with two cards that turn out to be mates, Riffle Shuffle Control 25
Karl Fulves Pact Man Penelope's Principle, with Klondike see also "Second Law" (Karl Fulves, 1970),
"The Rendezvous Force" (Dai Vernon & Alex Elmsley, 1988)
Karl Fulves His Card His Number packet cut off and counted, another spectator loses card, card at this number, Penelope's Principle 28
Karl Fulves Open Invitation comedy, case with "Trick Deck" on it, rainbow deck with all jokers, AS selected 29
Karl Fulves First Place first spectator cuts near center and remembers card, divined, then open prediction 30
Karl Fulves Second Site 2 phases 31
Karl Fulves The Smaller Open packet thoughts for Open Prediction theme, Anti-Open Prediction 33
Karl Fulves Undoing The Future card placed in envelope as prediction, open prediction procedure, chosen card is actual card from envelope (involving empty pen to apparently write prediction on card) see also "Kixback" (Karl Fulves, 1989),
"The Cassandra Quandary" (Guy Hollingworth, 1999)
John Scarne Fake Envelope Insertion 34
Karl Fulves Pharoh spectator removes a royal flush and puts one of its card back in deck, found again via open prediction procedure, faro placement 36
Karl Fulves Universal Stranger known odd-backed card placed in deck, open prediction procedure, other card found, odd-backed changed into this one, faro placement 37
Karl Fulves Open Draw 5-card version, posed as problem 39
Karl Fulves Trade Off spectator can change his mind after dealing a card face-down and some more face-up 40
Karl Fulves Department of Corrections red-backed card in blue-backed deck, spectator deals face-up and turns one card face-dwon, it's blue, rest changes to red inspired by "Remote Control" (Annemann) 42
Karl Fulves Seers Roebuck small packet version 44
Karl Fulves Diminishing Open presentation idea, procedure in steps 45
Karl Fulves Named Open with named card 46
Karl Fulves Naming The Stranger inspired by "Stop" (Theodore Annemann, 1939) 47
Karl Fulves A Game of Hazard increasing suspense during deal, surprise ending 48
Karl Fulves Open Minded 2 cards dealt face-down in ace-10 of diamonds, those two are exchanged, posed as problem 49
Karl Fulves Henceforth Map 2 phases, open prediction with selection, then 51 Faces North variation 50
Karl Fulves O. Henry Predicts joker in pocket, new pack order, open prediction deal done, card e.g. between 7H and 9H is face-down and now the joker and 8H in pocket see also "Night Life" (Karl Fulves, 1997) 52
Karl Fulves Under the Table performer and spectator chose cards under table, they're next to each other inspired by "Under the Table" (Clayton Rawson, 1949) 52
Karl Fulves K Kards works 4 times out of 5 54
Karl Fulves Snibbets 55
Karl Fulves 13th Prophet 203rd Force 57
Karl Fulves Naming The Stranger spectator cuts behind his back and turns pile over, first card is odd-backed and named one 58
Karl Fulves Further Reading 60
Karl Fulves Open Ended open prediction vs. stop trick 60