The Magic Thrust
The Magic Thrust
written by Karl Fulves
Work of Karl Fulves
46 pages (Stapled), Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
Language: English
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Karl Fulves Introduction 1
Karl Fulves Name An Ace aces face-up in different parts, they sandwich named black ace, presented as Thrust effect 3
Karl Fulves Shift & Cut 4
Karl Fulves Blackjacked aces cut into different parts of deck sandwich 2 named picture cards 5
Karl Fulves One-Hand Push 6
Karl Fulves Remote Riser card returned to one half of the deck rises out of other half 7
Karl Fulves A Remote Locator card returned to one half, AS inserted in other half finds selection in that half 9
Karl Fulves Strange Interlude odd-backed indifferent card inserted in deck next to selection behind spectator's back inspired by "Take A Card" manuscript (McMillen, Brown) 11
Karl Fulves Swindle Stab 2 jokers sandwich 2 selection one at a time inspired by "Heavy Traffic" (Karl Fulves, 1974) 13
Karl Fulves Stab At Nothing 2 jokers thrust into deck by spectator, not near the 2 selections, third joker appears next to selection, one of the jokers changes into selection 15
Karl Fulves X Finds X card marked on back lost, another card marked on back is stabbed in deck next to itself, it transposed with other card 18
Michael Skinner & Karl Fulves Hands & Table Double Cut 19
Karl Fulves Negative Thrust 2 selections in deck, deck in glass, joker inserted halfway, covered with handkerchief, then one selection is outjogged and joker in deck next to other selection, metamorphosis presentation 22
Karl Fulves Timed To Trap 2 cards reversed together in middle, card chosen, instantly sandwiched, sandwiched card is forced 23
Karl Fulves Future Thrust reversed card at beginning changes into later selection 25
Karl Fulves Crayola odd-backed joker changes into selection and back, posed as problem 28
Karl Fulves Stabbed By Memory 2 cards next to stabbed in joker remembered, one found by stabbing, joker put in wallet, then is back in deck next to other selection and in wallet is first selection 29
Karl Fulves & Tom Sellers Sellers Force Gimmick for 2 cards 30
Karl Fulves A Day Late half card pops out next to selection 32
Jerry K. Hartman Popover 33
Karl Fulves Popgun odd-backed joker in deck, selection pops out next to joker, backs transpose 34
Karl Fulves Ettevo first selection pops out, second selection travels to wallet 36
Karl Fulves Reverse Master Move Force bottom slip cut 36
Karl Fulves Sightless Stab joker tossed into banded deck underneath cardboard next to selection see also "Double Play" (Karl Fulves, 2004) 39
Karl Fulves & Joseph K. Schmidt Impromtpu Haunted Deck 40
Karl Fulves Nabbed In The Back 2 decks, backs of 2 cards transpose 42
Karl Fulves Upside Down Hofzinser Change with a card at bottom see also "Diagonal Switch" (Karl Fulves, 1980) 43
Karl Fulves Background Magic Thrust credit information, reprinted from Latter Day Secrets p. 216 45