The Cups and Balls
The Cups and Balls
written by Gary Kurtz
Work of Gary Kurtz
20 pages (Stapled), Selfpublished
Language: English
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Gary Kurtz The G.K. Cups and Balls balls change color, seven final loads
- Phase One - Introducing the Props
- Phase Two - Countering Expectations
- Phase Three - Variation on Vernon's Travelling Sequences
- Phase Four (All Three Balls Appear under the Centre Cup)
- Part Five: The Final Loading Sequences (Part One)
- Phase Six: Producing Three Oranges (and Reloading)
- Phase Seven: The Final Stretch
Gary Kurtz The False Transfer false throw à la Goshman 17
Gary Kurtz The Tip-off Load from classic palm 18
Gary Kurtz The Double Load loading an extra ball under the cup 18
Gary Kurtz The Fake Load 19