Continuations ... Departures 2
Continuations ... Departures 2
written by Gary Kurtz
Work of Gary Kurtz
22 pages (Stapled), Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Gary Kurtz
Language: English
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Gary Kurtz Four Fisted Copper/Silver - transformation combo, two coins change in performer's hands and two in spectator's see also "Four-Fisted" (Gary Kurtz, 1990) 1
Gary Kurtz The Double Take Switch finger palm, classic palm 2
Gary Kurtz Four Fisted II four quarters turn into four copper coins 4
Gary Kurtz Smoker routine with cigarettes and a lighter, cigarette rises from pack, lighter appears and changes into squirting lighter, finally lit cigarette turns into chewing gum 5
Gary Kurtz Countering Expectations beginning of a cups and balls routine, balls change color 7
Gary Kurtz Inside/Outside two stapled cards turn inside out see also "Inside/Outside" (Gary Kurtz, 1990) 9
Gary Kurtz The Unidirectional Turnover "Unidirerctional" 9
Gary Kurtz Signed, Sealed, Delivered in Advance signed card to nest of envelopes see also "Special Delivery" (Gary Kurtz, 1990) 11
Gary Kurtz The Longitudinal Vanish and Transfer retention of vision vanish with a card 14
Gary Kurtz Continuation series of effects with coin and handkerchief, two jumbo coins finale 15
Gary Kurtz Orange red and yellow ball rolled up in sheet of paper turn into orange see also "Orange" (Gary Kurtz, 1990) 18
Gary Kurtz The Name is the Same prediction, at the end spectator's name appears on back of card see also "Name It!" (Gary Kurtz, 1990) 20