Close-Up Sampler - Part 1
Close-Up Sampler - Part 1
written by Harvey Rosenthal
Work of Harvey Rosenthal
16 pages (Stapled), Selfpublished
Language: English
(20 entries)
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Harvey Rosenthal Introduction 1
Harvey Rosenthal Camouflage Camouflaged as an observation test, king between aces, then one ace between kings inspired by "Camouflage" (Karl Fulves, 1973) 2
Unknown Multiple Card Switch from top, reversed card under top card 2
Ken Krenzel & Harvey Rosenthal Mechanical Reverse 3
Harvey Rosenthal A Strange Double Revelation joker transforms into two peeked cards 4
Harvey Rosenthal Top Change Switch three cards are restacked and switched twice 4
John Cornelius Metamorphosis visual coin transformation on the table 5
Harvey Rosenthal The Diminishing Die die diminishes several times, with metamorphosis change 6
Harvey Rosenthal Color Changing Die die changes color multiple times, metamorphosis change 7
Harvey Rosenthal New Theory Square-Circle die changes into sponge ball, metamorphosis change 8
Harvey Rosenthal Photographic Metamorphosis paper on coin transforms into picture of selected card see also "Tri-Coin - The Photographic Coins" (Al Baker, 2003) 8
Harvey Rosenthal & James G. Thompson Jr. & Dai Vernon Pressure Fan Force see also James G. Thompson's "Pressure Fan Force" in "Top Secrets of Magic",
"Fan Force" (Dai Vernon, 1960)
Harvey Rosenthal Miracle Torn and Restored Cigarette Paper torn paper, rolled into a ball, metamorphosis change 9
Harvey Rosenthal The Unknown coin bends in two steps, metamorphosis change 10
Harvey Rosenthal Sixty Cent Trick small coin on larger coin, coins change size, metamorphosis change 11
Harvey Rosenthal Odd-Even-Odd Again four odd and four even cards on two piles, on the odd side are then the even cards and on the other side the four kings inspired by "Odd-Even-Odd" (Sam Schwartz, 1972) 12
Unknown Double Lift knock-out with a break 13
Harvey Rosenthal A Novel Sponge Production 14
Harvey Rosenthal Yet Another Technicolor Oddity five reds and five black cards inspired by "Technicolor Oddity" (Karl Fulves, 1973) 15
Unknown Strip-Out Addition 15