A Collection of Provocative Mental Effects
written by Al Mann
Work of Al Mann
25 pages (Spiralbound), published by Al Mann Exclusives
Language: English
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Al Mann Foreword
Al Mann A Link with Eternity - An Object Lesson in the Art of Mindreading presentation and analysis of a mentalism routine see also "Nyctalopia" (Paul Curry, 1937) 1
Al Mann Cagliostro (1743-95) episode on Cagliostro 4
Al Mann Charles H. Foster (1838-88) anecdote of Foster 4
Al Mann To Command the Elements! making clouds disappear, cloud busting see also Al Mann's "Mind Cloud" in "Magik" 1974 5
Al Mann Test by Fire match box impression device, carbon 7
Al Mann Passing Thoughts thought is divined, written on a pad 8
Al Mann Metal-Kinesis spoon bends under handkerchief, Dick Van Brummer's "The Solid Ghost" 9
Al Mann Dinner Table Yoga playing with a burning cotton ball, eventually eating it 10
Al Mann The Mystery of the Triplets after some calculations by the spectator the total is divined 11
Al Mann The Center Tear Controversy on the history of the first publishing of the center tear, includes Baker, Thompson, Loraine, Dunninger, Sunshine, plus other takes on the center tear, The Sans Tear Center Method (Annemann), The Unseen Tear (Ron Baillie) and Sealed and Torn Messages (Al Mann) see also "The Secret of Abonutichus" (Al Mann, 1979) 13
Al Mann Gemel's Messages alternative center tear handling, no pre-fold and lengthier questions possible 18
Al Mann The Tretology of Dionysus center tear method, four questions can be stolen 19
Al Mann The Mystic Chalice requisite for burning the papers when doing a center tear or other billet routines 19
Al Mann Typhon's Tongs envelopes are gathered and burnt with tongs 20
James F. Herpick Herpick's Tongs tongs to burn envelope 20
Al Mann Psychic Feedback answering different questions, sitter answers her questions with a pendulum 21
Al Mann Suspended Animation thread with weight is attached in empty bottle and begins to move, pendulum, different bottles, with threads of different lengths see also David Abbott "Behind the Scenes with the Mediums", 1909,
"Spirit Communications" (Ormond McGill, 1951),
"The Spirit Speaks" (Dick Johnson, 1961),
"The Reach of the Mind" (Al Mann, 1977)
Al Mann The Pharaoh's Palm billets are switched on palm of performer, fake palm 23