Predicting Time
Predicting Time
written by Bev Bergeron
Work of Bev Bergeron
19 pages (Stapled), Selfpublished
No illustrations
Language: English
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Craige McComb Snader Publisher's Preface 4
Bev Bergeron Introduction Bergeron apparently came up with the concept around 1969 5
Bev Bergeron The Miracle of Two Watches stem of a wrist watch is pulled out and handles turned without looking, performer sets the same time on a second wrist watch 9
Bev Bergeron The Miracle of A Watch and Paper as before but time divination is made on a piece of paper 11
Bev Bergeron The Miracle of 'Mental Epic' Prediction time prediction as the third prediction in a Mental Epic routine 12
Bev Bergeron The Miracle of the Time Machine time machine presentation, original time is set on watch again 13
Bev Bergeron The Miracle of the Mailed Letter sent prediction beforehand, set time during performance by spectator 15
Bev Bergeron The Miracle of Synchronous Watches performer and spectator turn stem of wrist watches and stop wherever they want, same time 17
Bev Bergeron Bibliography books about tricks with watches 19