A Pamphlet by Hector Chadwick
written by Hector Chadwick
Work of Hector Chadwick
66 pages (Stapled), Selfpublished
No illustrations
Language: English
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Hector Chadwick Hello. 4
Hector Chadwick Enveloper banknight, with named number prediction 6
Hector Chadwick Achoo on thoughtful patter and cliché lines 24
Hector Chadwick Words, Words, Words on visual appeal of mentalism performances 29
Hector Chadwick Audience Two on post-performance attempts of trick deconstruction by spectators see also "The Theory of False Solutions and The Magic Way" (Juan Tamariz, 1988) 34
Hector Chadwick Dat Claim Or Dis Claim? on disclaimers in mentalism 42
Hector Chadwick Shriek card fairly chosen is predicted as cell phone message
- Thoughts and variations
Unknown Cross-Cut Force 59