Daryl's Ambitious Card Omnibus
Daryl's Ambitious Card Omnibus
written by Stephen Minch
published by unknown publisher
1985/87 (Hardcover), 140 pages, work of Daryl Martinez
(59 entries)
Publication typed in by Denis Behr.
Creators Title Comment Page CARC Categories
Daryl Martinez The Routine famous long FISM Routine 1
Daryl Martinez The Double Turnover Variation on Hit Double 5
Verne Chesbro Double Lift Build-Up Sequence to "load" for another double lift 7
Bruce Elliott Brrrrtttt! 8
Daryl Martinez The Top Change 10
Ed Marlo For the Unambitious 12
Daryl Martinez The Double Whammo 15
Paul LePaul The Bluff Pass classic handling 17
Daryl Martinez & Harvey Rosenthal The Pop-Up Move one handed method for top card break, credit information 19
Frank Garcia & Bill Spooner Topper bluff display 20
Daryl Martinez Tilted and Turned with visual change 22
Daryl Martinez Emergency Change 22
Daryl Martinez & Ed Brown Thin Ambitions with 3 card packet 24
Daryl Martinez Up the Falls 24
Stanley Collins & Dai Vernon The Paintbrush Color Change historical information 28
Frederick Braue The Pop-Up Card 30
Jack Avis The Center Double Lift 37
J. N. Hofzinser The Hofzinser Spread Pass 38
Vic Kirk Signed with Suspicion 41
Daryl Martinez To Boldly Go giving indifferent Card to Spectator 41
August Roterberg & Adrian Plate & Hatton The Push-In Change actually by: Roterberg, A. & Hatton & Plate & Braue, Frederick 44
Phil Goldstein Tabled Ambition 46
Al Baker The Out-Jog Change 48
Ed Marlo The Ambitious Miracle Change 49
Ed Marlo The Ambitious Miracle-Change as a Push-In Change 49
Michael Weber Layers of Conviction 50
Jack Merlin The Tip-Over Change 53
Daryl Martinez The Tiltless Tilt directly to the top 54
Irv Weiner Bluff Insertion From the Front 56
Dr. Jacob Daley The Daily Leaper 58
Jean Hugard & Frederick Braue Cover for the Ambitious Card Double Lift 60
Daryl Martinez The Impromptu Duplicate 61
Phil Goldstein Four-Fifths of the Truth impromptu-duplicate Idea 63
Michael Weber & Eric Maurin The Whole Truth impromptu-duplicate Idea 64
Anonymous The Kagemusha Principle pseudo duplicate - Idea 65
Roy Walton Ambitious Movie visual rising idea 66
Ed Marlo The Finger-Clip Color Change 67
Ed Marlo Rise, Rise, Rise 69
Daryl Martinez The Triple Whammo 72
Nate Leipzig & Ron Bauer The Screened Leipzig Pass see also Lorayne's handling Primal Screen 73
Arthur Buckley & Harry Lorayne & T. Nelson Downs The Ultra Move 78
Irv Weiner The One-Hand Side Steal to bottom, 2nd from bottom or top 81
Daryl Martinez A One-Handed Sequence 85
Nate Leipzig & John Brown Cook The Transfer of a Card not really a Deal 88
Irv Weiner The One-Card Double Lift not really a Deal 90
Irv Weiner The Ambitious Double-Deal 91
Daryl Martinez The Ubiquitous Card small packet is shown all alike 94
Daryl Martinez Top-Change-Maxican-Turnover Second-Deal conetxt 94
Daryl Martinez Diminishing Lift Sequence Variation 96
Phil Goldstein Fancy Dancer double facer 98
Dai Vernon The Trick that fooled Houdini double backed card 100
Daryl Martinez The Gaffless Houdini-Fooler 101
Rick Anderson Nothing Changes pointing out top & bottom card 103
Frederick Braue & Jean Hugard The Ambitious Twins 104
Dai Vernon Double Quick 105
James Lewis One For the Money into wallet presentation 110
Jean Hugard Under Foot 114
Daryl Martinez Ambitious One-Way 115
Daryl Martinez The Ultimate Ambition famous rope finale, for ungaffed versions see Ed Marlo's Almost Ultimate Ambition, Rick Anderson's Ambitions in Bondage, Ken Krenzel's Bouncer 117