Close-Up With Cards
Close-Up With Cards
written by Ken Simmons
Work of Ken Simmons
64 pages (Spiralbound), Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Creati Graphics
Language: English
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Larry Mahan Foreword v
Ken Simmons Preface vi
Ken Simmons Card Under Mat Techniques secretly loading card under close-up mat, four methods 1
Ken Simmons & Edward Marlo Methods for Retrieval adding card from under close-up mat, four methods (first one by Marlo, others by Simmons) 7
Dan MacMillan Spread Lap - First Method during ribbon spread & turnover flourish 12
Ken Simmons Spread Lap - Second & Third Method during ribbon spread & turnover flourish 13
Ken Simmons Ribbon Spread Reverse during ribbon spread & turnover flourish 15
Ken Simmons Running Reverse during running cut varied by "Running Card Plus Control" (Ken Simmons, 1981) 17
Ken Simmons Running False Cut also as control inspired by "Marlo's Running Cut" (Edward Marlo, 1942) 20
Ken Simmons Card to Hung Card Position on knee 21
Dan MacMillan Hung Card Retrieval on knee, into palm position 23
Dan MacMillan Sleeved Card Retrieval added to deck as it is cut onto table see also "On the "Sleeved Card Retrieval"" (Dan MacMillan, 1981) 25
Ken Simmons Tabled Reverse Throw Off to second from bottom inspired by "Action Reverse" (Steranko, Steranko on Cards),
"Secret Reverse on Table" (Russell T. Barnhart, 1945)
Dan MacMillan Improved Shuffle Palm during tabled riffle shuffle inspired by "The Shuffle Palm" (Dan MacMillan, The Gamblers' Palm Revisited) 29
Dan MacMillan The Flexible Palm palm position, originally from "The Gamblers' Palm Revisited" 34
Dan MacMillan Side Steal to Flexible Palm center steal, originally from "The Gamblers' Palm Revisited" inspired by "The Clip Steal" (Edward Marlo, 1957) 36
Dan MacMillan One Hand Turnover Switch originally from "The Gamblers' Palm Revisited" 37
Ken Simmons Penetrating Transposition one selection reversed in deck, other selection penetrates within aces within packet of four aces, then the cards transpose 44
Ken Simmons Another Card to Pocket lazy man's card to pocket, spectator remembers card and its position 48
Ken Simmons Re-Setting Re-Set 49
Dan MacMillan A Slew of Cannibal Moves two jacks and two kings eat the four queens, then kings eat jacks as well, movey
- Alternate Handling
- A Set-up Procedrue for "A Slew of Cannibal Moves"