Vok Voak Vokay
Vok Voak Vokay
A set of miscellaneous thoughts, notes & doodles relating to the performance of equivoque
written by Hector Chadwick
Work of Hector Chadwick
20 pages (Stapled), Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
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Hector Chadwick Equivoque Pronunciation, Magician's Choice, and its flaws 2
Hector Chadwick Problem: Announcing Intentions Alternative:

- Don't say it
- Write your prediction, then give the instructions
- Think
Hector Chadwick Problem: Incomplete Sentences Alternative:

- "Give one to me"
- "Give two of them to me"
Hector Chadwick Problem: Interpreting The Outcome 10
Hector Chadwick Problem: Lack of Purpose 11
Hector Chadwick The "No Questions" Rule Setting the rule so that audience does not ask too many questions during equivoque 12
Hector Chadwick Six M&Ms Breakdown on Sweeties routine, magician predicts which M&M spectator chooses out of six colors, explains how this routine avoids the problems mentioned previously see also "Sweeties" (Hector Chadwick, 2008) 13
Hector Chadwick And Finally... 20