Lecture Notes - Honolulu Hawaii
Lecture Notes - Honolulu Hawaii
written by Gary Plants
Work of Gary Plants
31 pages (Spiralbound), Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Gary Plants 1987 St. Louis Magic Jubilee about Michael Skinner's lecture in 1987 4
Michael Skinner A Few Words from Various Luminaries of the Art quotes given by Michael Skinner from Annemann, Hugard, Baker, LePaul, Tarbell, Vernon 5
Gary Plants Improving Your Key Card edge mark preparation inspired by "Putting in the Work" (Walter Scott, Phantoms of the Card Table, 2003, p. 234) 7
Dai Vernon On Walter Scott letter by Vernon to Plants 7
Gary Plants A Key Card Placement originally from Precursor (Sept. 1992)
- Multiple Cards
- Selected Card to a Certain Position
- Spectator Goes Past the Break
Gary Plants Zarrow Shuffle Ideas - Introduction
- Version One
- Version Two
Gary Plants What Are The Chances? cards chosen from two decks match 18
Gary Plants Mentally Count On It number thought of and selection at this position remembered, this many cards are rapidly produced, with selection inspired by "Counting On It" (Paul Cummins, 1984),
see also "Count Me In" (Gary Plants, 2011)
Gary Plants Count Me In number named, this many cards are rapidly produced, with selection, number predicted with four cards, originally from Precursor (Oct. 1989) inspired by "Palmist Prophesy" (Roy Walton, Complete Walton Vol. 2),
"Counting On It" (Paul Cummins, 1984),
see also "Mentally Count On It" (Gary Plants, 2011)
Gary Plants Search for the Seven Suspects inspired by "Mystery of the Seven Suspects" (Vollmer & Scherer, Mendoza Portfolio 1),
"Search and Destroy" (Aaron Fisher, 2002)
Gary Plants Push Thru Spellure locator card, originally from Precursor 29