The Interlocked Production of Coins
The Interlocked Production of Coins
written by Richard Kaufman
Work of Richard Kaufman
29 pages (Spiralbound), Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Richard Kaufman
Language: English
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Richard Kaufman Preface
Richard Kaufman Basic Method interlocked positions, showing backs and palms of the hands, several coins 1
Richard Kaufman Flip-Up Production producing coins separately from a stack in interlocked position 6
Richard Kaufman Advanced Rotational Method display for showing hand empty 8
Richard Kaufman Framed Production interlocked production, similar to cards, coin appears in front of empty palms 10
Richard Kaufman The Immovable Thumb Palm hands moved in front of coins 13
Richard Kaufman Finger Production coins produced behind fingers 15
Richard Kaufman The Movable Thumb Palm showing both sides of the hands 17
Richard Kaufman Ultra Clean Multiplicity Method from Downs Palm, showing both sides of the hands 19
Richard Kaufman Multiplicity Production 22
Richard Kaufman Doin' It With Poker Chips 24
Richard Kaufman A Finishing Touch climax, rolldown production with both hands 27