written by Angelo Carbone
Work of Angelo Carbone
21 pages (Stapled), Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Angelo Carbone
Language: English
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Angelo Carbone About Humbug 4
Angelo Carbone Humbug deck vanish based on optical illusion
- How to hold Humbug
- Where to hold Humbug
- Lighting Conditions
- Ditching the Deck
- Taking Care of Humbug
varied by "Framework" (Benjamin Earl & Angelo Carbone, 2016) 4
Angelo Carbone Deck Vanish I deck vanishes except for selection and its mate, using Humbug 7
Angelo Carbone Deck Vanish II deck vanishes except for selection, using Humbug 9
Angelo Carbone Imaginary Deck deck on table, second deck vanishes from hand, hallucination presentation, using Humbug 10
Angelo Carbone Cased Vanish deck vanishes from case except for selection, using Humbug 11
Angelo Carbone Herrmann Pass Palm palming thick packet from bottom in edge grip position 11
Angelo Carbone Tight Squeeze red-backed deck is "merged" into blue deck, it's still one deck but red-blue alternating, optional rough-smooth, using Humbug 13
Angelo Carbone Deck Through Case using Humbug 13
Angelo Carbone Deck Through Table using Humbug 14
Angelo Carbone An Automatic Control bluff pass with Humbug gimmick 15
Angelo Carbone Elevator Card outjogged card travels visually upwards next to selection, using Humbug 16
Angelo Carbone Visual Deck to Pocket using Humbug 17
Angelo Carbone Final Notes 18