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T. Nelson Downs The Four-Ball Trick, with Novel Passes four solid balls 1909 The Art of Magic 305
Unknown Color Change with Four Solid Balls four red balls to four white balls 1909 The Art of Magic 313
Walter B. Gibson Ball-Istics four balls appear one by one and vanish again see also corrections and improvements on p. 28 1942 The Phoenix 1-50 (Issue 4) 13
Dai Vernon Ball, Cone and Handkerchief see also "Conic Relief" (Tom Stone, 2010) 1957 The Dai Vernon Book of Magic 197
David Berglas & Lewis Ganson & Ralph W. Hull The Master Move For 'The Homing Ball' moves for ball and cone 1969 The Art of Close-Up Magic - Volume 2 182
Dai Vernon Ball, Cone and Handkerchief 1970 Expanded Lecture Notes 18
Mike Rogers Elusive Sphere longer manipulative ball and silk combination in which ball repeatedly vanishes and reappears 1972 The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 7 No. 9) 545
Dick Zimmerman Surprise Ball Routine eight balls are produced, then all change colors, loop ball 1973 Creative Magic 4
Richard Kaufman Mirror Image routine, four balls appear, color changing elements, nesting shells 1977 Balls! 8
Richard Kaufman Colorific routine, four balls appear, color changing elements, with handkerchief 1977 Balls! 16
Richard Kaufman & Albert Warby Rainbow Visions eight ball routine, different colors 1977 Balls! 34
Al Leech A Rainbow Routine billiard ball routine 1980 Al Leech's Legacy 83
Danny Korem & Slydini The UDT Paper Cone and Ball Routine pendulum holdout, see "Capricious Cornucopia" (Encores) 1980 The Upside Down Toppit - Volume II 28
Karl Fulves Joggled balls vanish and appear during juggling, posed as problem 1988 Interlocutor (Issue 51) 248
Tom Stone Conic Relief ideas and sequences for Dai Vernon's "Ball, Cone and Handkerchief"
- The Cone as a Holdout
- The Cone as a Servante
- Combinations
- Vernon's Basic Vanish
- Changes
- The Surprise Load
- Extending it Outward
see also "Ball, Cone and Handkerchief" (Dai Vernon, 1957) 2010 Vortex 141