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Unknown The Regular Palm 1897 New Era Card Tricks 29
S. W. Erdnase To Maintain the Bottom Palm While Dealing delaying its use 1902 The Expert at the Card Table 93
S. W. Erdnase Holding Out for the Cut 1902 The Expert at the Card Table 110
S. W. Erdnase Replacing Palm When Cutting two for top, 1 for bottom 1902 The Expert at the Card Table 113
Unknown Handing Pack for Shuffling with palmed cards 1902 The Modern Conjurer 44
Victor Farelli Common Faults - Curling the Forefinger
- Stiffness of the Arm
- Spreading the Thumb
1933 Farelli's Card Magic - Part One 53
Nate Leipzig The Longitudinal Grip how to hold the deck with card in classic palm 1933 Farelli's Card Magic - Part One 54
Jean Hugard The Palm in Action holding out, positions, tips for both hands 1940 Expert Card Technique 179
Nate Leipzig The "Slap" Aces holding fan while palming 1940 Expert Card Technique 246
Lee Noble Click card vanishes and appears in cigarette case 1948 The Phoenix 151-200 (Issue 167) 670
Paul LePaul A Useful Acquitment spreading the deck with palmed card also published as "The Palm Reverse" (Paul LePaul, 2000) 1949 The Card Magic of Le Paul 67
Dr. Jacob Daley Applied Misdirection for the side steal 1950 Expert Card Technique 473
Edward Marlo Bits of Misdirection for a variety of different Palming Techniques 1956 Action Palm 39
Edward Marlo Holding Out tips 1956 Action Palm 50
Edward Marlo The Drop Cover 1956 Action Palm 41
Edward Marlo The Wrist Turn 1956 Action Palm 42
Dai Vernon Card Against Body Subtlety 1957 The Dai Vernon Book of Magic 75
Edward Marlo On "Holding Out" tips 1959 Seconds, Centers, Bottoms 117
Dai Vernon Tips for Palming 1961 Further Inner Secrets of Card Magic 37
Edward Marlo Overhand Shuffle Gesture to hide palmed cards 1961 Card to Wallet 19
Cliff Green Tip on the Palming of Cards thumb position 1961 Professional Card Magic 30
Charlie Miller How Not to Palm a Card common mistakes pointed out:
1. Forgetful Freddie
2. The Little Finger Fault
3. Where's the Audience?
4. The Corpse in the Closet
5. Placement
6. The Duck-Bill Thumb
1961 An Evening with Charlie Miller 67
Unknown Cough Cover reason to get hand away from deck 1972 Million Dollar Card Secrets 106
Dai Vernon Card Against Body Subtlety 1979 CardMagic 152
Edward Marlo A Palming Tip handling deck with palmed cards 1980 Marlo's Magazine Volume 4 86
Gene Maze Unit Grip and Rest Positions 1980 The Gene Maze Card Book 10
Dan MacMillan The Pen-tastic Move writing with card palmed 1981 Cards - With a Different Touch 22
Ross Bertram With a Card in the Tenkai Position what to do while holding out 1983 Bertram on Sleight of Hand 144
Ross Bertram Angles about angles of Tenkai Palm 1983 Bertram on Sleight of Hand 171
Ross Bertram The Way of All Flesh palming tip 1983 Bertram on Sleight of Hand 248
Edward Marlo Overhand Shuffle Gesture claimed with 1961 date 1984 Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 162
Edward Marlo Spread Finger Classic Palm Hold Out 1984 Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 247
Edward Marlo Misdirection Brushing see also "Delayed One Hand Palm" (Edward Marlo, 1956) 1984 Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 310
Martin A. Nash Disarming Hide-Out fanning deck while cards are in Gambler's Cop 1984 The New York Magic Symposium - Collection 3 48
Martin A. Nash Disarming Hide-Out fanning deck while cards are in Gambler's Cop 1984 Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 7 No. 1) 873
Frederick Braue FB Palmaid gimmick on leg height with sticky substance to leave card there during spectator's shuffling (1936) 1985 The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 1) 11
Frederick Braue On Palming how to get used to it and what to do if caught 1985 The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 5) 9
Dai Vernon After the Bottom Palm tips for removing the left hand from the deck 1987 The Vernon Chronicles - Volume 1 63
Dai Vernon On the Top Palm 1987 The Vernon Chronicles - Volume 1 57
John C. Wagner Thoughts on the Gambler's Cop 1987 The Commercial Magic of J.C. Wagner 29
Larry Jennings Tip on Gambler's Cop for better angles 1988 The Cardwright 88
Unknown Gambler's Hold Out Position rest position with classic palmed cards 1988 The Cardwright 102
Larry Jennings Gambler's Cop Display management for cop, showing apparently empty hand 1988 The Cardwright 156
Bruce Cervon Seat Hold-Out sitting on cards 1990 Ultra Cervon 69
Unknown Open Finger While Classic Palming for manipulation 1991 Carneycopia 39
Charles Aste Jr. & Unknown Undercover Cop cop position and transition at table edge see also "Holding Clout" (Dominique Duvivier, 1996) 1992 Card Finesse II 88
Unknown Double Palm Throw-Off gestures when both hands are palming cards 1992 Card Finesse II 103
Frederick Braue Palm Delay Subtlety turning top card over immediately after palm 1992 The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 6) 19
Michael Close After the Palm what to do after bottom palm 1993 Workers Number 3 50
Michael Close How to Avoid "Framing" 1993 Workers Number 3 56
Various & Roberto Giobbi Concealing Palmed Cards in the Hand a good collection of natural covers 1996 Card College - Volume 2 277
Barry Price Now what? palming without tell 2000 Palming: For The Terrified 19
Wesley James The Mime Shuffle "A Palm Cover Action", claimed by Wesley James, see also p. 10 2000 Ambitious Undertaking 15
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Bent Card Subtlety 2002 Hofzinser's Card Tricks 40
John Carney Timing and Management where to hold hands and other palming tips 2002 The Book of Secrets 58
Wesley James The Simulated Shuffle - A Palm Cover claimed by Wesley James 2004 Enchantments 188
Paul LePaul A Useful Acquitment spreading deck with palmed card between the hands 2010 Reinventing the Real 52
Eric Evans Subterfuge and Artifice commentary on the classic palm 2012 53 Friends 3
Jim Steranko & Guy Hollingworth The Lateral Palm position, angles, covers 2015 Renovations 6
Ricky Smith Learning Palming 2015 Nothing as it Seems 17
Alex Hansford Thoughts on the Tenkai Palm 2016 Sprezzatura 4
Vanni Bossi A Rested Palm table edge position for classic palm 2016 The Aretalogy of Vanni Bossi 74
Roberto Giobbi Classic Palm Hold how to hold the deck with card palmed 2016 Hidden Agenda (Section "Jan 4") 6
Camilo Vasquez & Roberto Giobbi Management for the Palm for one-handed palm 2016 Hidden Agenda (Section "June 29") 187
Dai Vernon & Roberto Giobbi The Vernon Top Palm - Gestures and Poses
- Position of the Deck and Cover
inspired by ""Topping The Deck"" (Dai Vernon, 1941/49) 2016 Standup Card Magic 75