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Victor Farelli Poker and Brag Four Aces produced in "magic gambling" routine via dealing procedure inspired by "After the Four Ace Trick" (Billy O'Connor, The Magic Wand, June-Sept 1935) 1936 "Lend Me Your Pack" 33
Jean Hugard & Tommy Tucker Poker Hand Repeat Trick six card repeat with poker presentation 1939 More Card Manipulations (Issue 2) 33
Jean Hugard & Frederick Braue The Busted Bobtail four royal flush cards produced, then 5th has wrong suit, rest is transformed 1941 The Stripper Deck 15
Edward Marlo Effect Two straight flush shown with six cards, extra-card vanishes and reappears in sleeve 1953 Unlimited 13
Harry Lorayne Short Pseudo Exposé one card changes to complete royal flush 1962 Close-up Card Magic 243
Karl Fulves Prelude explaining "dealing heavy" to audience, then surplus card vanishes 1967 The Pallbearers Review Vol. 1-4 (Vol. 2 No. 10) 114
Peter Alexis* Scarlock's Card phoned person knows dealt poker hands inspired by "ESP + Math" (Karl Fulves, 1968) 1968 The Pallbearers Review Vol. 1-4 (Vol. 3 No. 12) 214
Peter Alexis* Scarlock's Card phoned person knows dealt poker hands see also "Scarlock's Card" (Peter Alexis*, 1968) 1973 Riffle Shuffle Set-Ups 13
Edward G. Brown The Poker Hand ten cards are chosen and two poker hands formed, without looking at the cards, the spectator selects a hand, performer's hand is a royal flush varied by "Vernon On Edward G. Brown's "Poker Hand Mystery"" (Dai Vernon, 1988) 1973 The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown 36
Jerry Andrus "Gambler's Aces" face up aces in face down deck, four hands deal, then all aces are in one hand but face down 1976 Andrus Card Control 25
David Carré The Card Expert multiphase routine, fullstack 1977 Pabular (Vol. 3 No. 6) 366
Karl Fulves Premium Poker five selections are promised to be hole cards in stud poker deal, however they appear from pocket instead, sleeving 1977 Impromptu Holdouts 14
Paul Harris Easy Royal Spectator names any Ace, performer takes out four cards and shows each card to be an Ace of Spades, packet then multiples into five cards and shown to be Royal Flush in Spades inspired by "The Regal Royal Flush" (Derek Dingle, 1975) 1977 SuperMagic 97
Fred Lowe Matched Poker Deal done with royal flushs instead of quartets 1977 Matching the Cards 16
Edward Marlo Vanish and Poker Combination four signed selections vanish and reappear in a poker hand 1979 Marlo's Magazine Volume 3 170
Karl Fulves Near Royalty two cards change to complete a Royal Flush between three cards 1980 Interlock 64
Karl Fulves The Cut/Deal Problem three aces and kings are put on top, spectator deals for two players, "self-stacking" 1981 Side Steal 48
Karl Fulves Fifty Dollar Deal Poker Problem #6, spectator constructs any hand from five face-up piles, one card from each pile, magician names this hand 1981 Octet 56
Karl Fulves The Hired Hand aces exchanged with other poker hand one by one, but still remain in original hand, with weird poker variation presentation 1981 Octet 72
Steve Beam Hole Card Change transposition presented as secret switch 1982 The Changing of the Cards 14
Mack Picknick The Gambler and His Accomplice gambling demo, spectators see cards put down in front of accomplice, eventually they are found in hand of performer 1982 Fork Full of Appetizers 36
Steve Beam Rollover Aces inspired by "Rollover Aces" (Derek Dingle, 1982) 1987 The Trapdoor - Volume One (Issue 18) 310
Doug Edwards Joker Poker using "Step Gaff" 1988 Apocalypse Vol. 11-15 (Vol. 11 No. 5) 1498
Edward Marlo The Oh Henry Stack three methods, other sources mentioned see also "The Cross" (Darwin Ortiz, 1995) 1988 Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 138
Karl Fulves Outjogged Poker apparent stacking with outjogged aces as demo, when dealt aces fall to spectator, yet performer gets aces see also "Square Out" (Karl Fulves, 1987),
"Outfoxed" (Karl Fulves, 1991)
1989 The Multiple Shift 15
Ken Krenzel & Edward Marlo The Doppelgänger Deck applying the JB Kard Kop inspired by "The Opening Gambit" (Edward Marlo, 1959) 1990 Close-up Impact! 102
Harvey Rosenthal Switch Poker hands build by touching cards, royal flush, using the overload move 1990 The Trapdoor - Volume Two (Issue 34) 601
Jack Carpenter Eight Kings bottom deal demonstration in which one deals 8 kings, then kings are in other pile than they were dealt see also "The Oh Henry Stack" (Edward Marlo, 1988) 1992 Modus Operandi 130
James Swain The Big Stack dealt poker hand of four aces transforms into royal flush. All other hands are shown as royal flushes as kicker 1992 Don't Blink 23
Paul Gertner Black Jack Surprise bust blackjack hand changes into four aces 1994 Steel and Silver 113
Darwin Ortiz Darwin's Poker Deal travelling signatures 1995 Cardshark 159
Darwin Ortiz Pick-A-Card Poker with to-Royal-Flush-Transformation see also "Pick-a-Card Poker" (1985),
"Pick a Card Poker" (Luke Jermay, 2017)
1995 Cardshark 172
Darwin Ortiz The Cross faro stacking, transformation see also "The Oh Henry Stack" (Edward Marlo, 1988),
"The Big Stack" (Jason Ladanye, 2013)
1995 Cardshark 180
Dan Block One-Card Poker two cards become five - a royal flush 1996 Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 19 No. 7) 2665
Paul Cummins Intuitive Poker spectator chooses Royal Flush from spread deck 1996 from a shuffled deck in use... Part Two 18
Gary Plants "Killer" Poker-Deal Demo color changing deck climax 1996 Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 19 No. 6) 2662
Ken Krenzel The Lost Aces of Louie the Loser aces visibly vanish when dealt in poker deal, reappear in one of the other hands 1997 Ingenuities 137
Nick Trost Generic Deck Version Variation on "The Five-Ace Poker Hand" with blank cards inspired by "The Five-Ace Poker Hand" (Nick Trost, 1997) 1997 The Card Magic of Nick Trost 27
Nick Trost False Deal Deluxe Pseudo false dealing demo 1997 The Card Magic of Nick Trost 87
Nick Trost Bottoms, Seconds and Centers Demo Pseudo demo (with duplicate card) 1997 The Card Magic of Nick Trost 88
Nick Trost Psychic Poker similar to previous "Calling the Hands" 1997 The Card Magic of Nick Trost 117
Nick Trost Trost on "Matching the Cards" Four jacks change to Aces, with blank deck ending inspired by "Herbert Milton's Rendition of Matching the Cards" (Lewis Ganson, Matching the Cards, 1977),
see also "Correcting a Mistake" (Hatton & Plate, Magician's Tricks: How They Are Done, 1910)
1997 The Card Magic of Nick Trost 184
Nick Trost Nick's Expanding Cards Mini poker hand grows in size to poker-size, gimmick could have inspired Micro Macro inspired by "Lohrey's Enlarging Cards" (Carl Lohrey, marketed in The Linking Ring, 1950s),
varied by "Diminishing Returns" (Mike Powers, 1994),
"Micro-Macro (With Gimmicked Cards)" (Brother John Hamman, 1989),
also published as "Expanding Cards" (Nick Trost, 1976)
1997 The Card Magic of Nick Trost 220
Peter Duffie The Fourmost Card reversed in packet of 25 cards. Packet is "mixed" and dealt into five poker hands - hand with reversed card contains four of a kind, other hands are mixed inspired by "Draw Test" (Karl Fulves, Rigmarole) 1997 Effortless Card Magic 67
Alex Elmsley The Colour-Changing Faro Shuffle first published in Jerry Sadowitz' "The Crimp", five times performer cuts to a card, royal flush but with different colored back 1997 Alex Is At It Again (Section "") 9
Milton Kort & Karl Fulves That Darned Ace Spectator names any Ace, performer shows that Ace to have hindered him from getting a four of a kind Poker hand (3 kings and selected Ace), suit matches missing King 1999 Kort 95
Jas Jakutsch* & Bob Farmer "16-Foot Tsunami" multiple cards are divined, impossible conditions, psychic poker, belly strippers see also Bob Farmer's "High Card Limitation Force" in "Tsunami" 1999 Completely Mental - Vol. 3 9
Simon Aronson Last Five Standing Produce poker hands with down under deal 2001 Try the Impossible 252
Ernest Earick A Hand For Mr. Scarne aces lost in deck, one shuffle, performer deals himself 4 times the AS, transformation into different aces, inspired by John Scarne's "Factory Seconds" (Rigmarole 3) 2003 Penumbra (Issue 6) 4
Wesley James & Patrick Cook Holdout Holdup "sewt", signed kings placed in sleeve openly, kings then travel to deck, stacked for poker game, change to Aces, Kings in wallet, 5 methods 2004 Enchantments 133
Jerry K. Hartman Poker Face-to-Face Multiple card Triumph under guise of gambling demonstration 2007 The Magician's Ltd Cookbook 74
Jack Parker Ouroboros Poker hands chosen from a ten-card pile of Jacks, Queens and Kings. Audience gets full house, performer gets four Aces inspired by "No Jonah Poker" (Jon Racherbaumer, Freebie 8, 2007) 2007 52 Memories 14
Jack Parker Magician vs. Magician Magician recounts story of playing poker with another magician, magician ultimately wins with Royal Flush in Spades (lots of pokerhand transformations) inspired by "A Logical Lesson" (John C. Wagner & Syd Segal, 2005) 2007 52 Memories 27
Justin Higham Jungian Poker five poker hands dealt, spectator peeks at one card from a poker hand, all cards are collected and re-dealt, performer gets winning hand of straight flush consisting of peeked at card inspired by "Pluckley" (Benjamin Earl, Past Midnight DVD, 2007),
"Playing the Odds" (Benjamin Earl, 2007),
see also "Hope For the Best" (J.K. Hartman, Mans and Ends 1970),
"How to Deal a Royal Flush" (Karl Fulves, Big Book of Magic Tricks, 1977),
"Subconscious Poker II" (Joseph K. Schmidt, 1973)
2008 Dexterity Manual 31
Michael Weber A Spectator Named Kennedy shuffled deck, spectator apparently deals cards from center while magicians gets a full house see also "Anytime Poker" (Karl Fulves, 1983) 2009 Penumbra (Issue 11) 7
Michael Weber Self-Centered apparently spectator deals centers 2010 Semi-Automatic Card Tricks - Volume 8 115
Antonio Zuccaro (Pseudo) Marked Deck Routine Performer demonstrates how marked decks can be used in a game (deck is turned face up) - cuts to four Aces, center deals four Aces, before color changing deck ending as a kicker inspired by "Greek Poker" (Darwin Ortiz, 1988) 2011 Finding The Center 59
Jason Ladanye The Big Stack performer stacks himself queen, someone else gets kings, queens change to aces inspired by "The Cross" (Darwin Ortiz, 1995) 2013 Confident Deceptions 181
Steve Beam Two For the Price of One Using a factory second deck of cards, spectator shuffles and cuts and a poker hand is dealt. The spectator is allow to draw cards. Ultimately, he settles on a pat hand. The other side is the magician's hand. It's a royal flush. see also "Two For the Price of One #2" (Steve Beam, 2015) 2015 Semi-Automatic Card Tricks - Volume 9 217
Steve Beam Two For the Price of One #2 Using a factory second deck of cards, spectator shuffles and cuts and a poker hand is dealt. The spectator is allow to draw cards. Ultimately, he settles on a pat hand. The other side is the magician's hand. It's a royal flush. see also "Two For the Price of One" (Steve Beam, 2015) 2015 Semi-Automatic Card Tricks - Volume 9 220
Steve Beam Pokerdiction Using a factory second deck of cards, spectator shuffles and cuts and a poker hand is dealt. Five other cards, predictions, turn out not to match the poker and. Then suddenly, all cards match on both sides of both hands. 2015 Semi-Automatic Card Tricks - Volume 9 222
Pit Hartling Quick Change spectator finds straight flush to fit selection, then changes the card to make a Royal Flush to fit second selection, for Tamariz or Aronson stack 2016 In Order to Amaze 200
Frank Shields Gardner-Marlo Poker Deal Variation 2017 Facsimile (Issue 6) 11