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Edward Marlo The Count Cop Cards are counted into right hand, returned to left, different handlings 1956 Action Palm 6
Edward Marlo The Cull Palm spread culled cards are palmed "right away", or directly from peek see also "Center Block Palm" (Edward Marlo, 1957) 1956 Action Palm 25
Carmen D'Amico D'Amico's Peeked Card from Pocket Cull Palm application from break 1956 Action Palm 26
Edward Marlo Count Cop for a Number of Cards 1956 Action Palm 8
Edward Marlo Center Block Palm cards are spreaded face-up, right hand see also "The Cull Palm" (Edward Marlo, 1956) 1957 The Tabled Palm 29
Edward Marlo Count Cop as Trick interesting, top card switched for copped card 1984 Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 240
Dai Vernon Given the Slip four cards at face of packets see also "Pile-to-Pile Transfer" (1967) 1989 The Vernon Chronicles - Volume 3 75