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Robert Parrish & John Goodrum Drunkard's Dream two glasses and then pocket flask produced 1937 You'd be Surprised 48
Unknown Production of Bottle of Milk or Liquor from Gentleman's Hip Pocket 1948 / 27 Tarbell Course in Magic - Volume 5 224
Charlie Miller Mugs and Hats short assembly with two hats and four paper balls, then two beer mugs and whiskey flask appear see also "Hats and Corks" (Bob Read, 1973) 1961 An Evening with Charlie Miller 9
Bob Read The Incredible Bottle Production under handkerchief 1973 Thanks to Pepys... 10
Mike Caveney Club Soda deck vanish under handkerchief, bottle appears from under with selection inside 1981 Magicomedy 95
Gilles Couture Magic By The Number miniature 7-Up bottle appears, body load 1987 Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 10 No. 4) 1337
Michael Ammar Bottle Production from topit 1990 Magical Arts Journal (Vol. 3 No. 1-5 Aspen Bar Magic) 35
John Carney Quarter Spin bottle appears, quarter travels in and out of bottle 2 times see also "Le Perrier - Coin In Bottle" (John Carney, 1981) 1991 Carneycopia 176
Michael Weber Hot Production Item spoon penetrates napkin, then a glass/bottle appears, steal on table 1991 Life Savers 27
Troy Hooser Nectar of the Cards bottle appears behind close up map 1997 The Trapdoor - Volume Three (Issue 65) 1292
Nicholas Einhorn Bottle Production bottle of oil and bottle of water produced (magician's gag) 2004 World Tour Lecture Notes - Set 2 13
Eric Mead Watch the Birdie little paper bird vanishes from handkerchief and reappears on finger, bottle of beer produced from handkerchief see also "King Solomon's Drink" (Paul Harris, 1996) 2006 Tangled Web 23
Tom Stone A Toast for Charon three coins appear with glass, travel to silk, vanish, bottle production 2010 Vortex 173
Tom Stone Bottled Up production from under spectator's arm 2011 Maelstrom 43
Tom Stone Bottled Thoughts ideas and sequences for the "Multiplying Bottles" plot
- Stirring up the Still
- Don't Stare at my Bottom
- Glasswhere?
- Glass-Bottle-Can
- Multiplying Glasses
- Redneck Remedy
2011 Maelstrom 47
John Lovick Bottle? Rock It! 2016 The Performance Pieces & Divertissements of the Famous Ha... 3
Henry Harrius Refill Vanishing bottle routine with empty bottle in paper bag, end with bottle magically filled with liquid and sealed 2016 Pure 18