One, Two or Three
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Dai Vernon 123 see also "123" (Dai Vernon, 1969),
varied by "Lasso-Due-Tre" (Edward Marlo, 1969)
1947 The Phoenix 101-150 (Issue 129) 517
Harry Lorayne Your Choice ace to three are displayed, chosen card changes into selection, inspired by Vernon's trick 1965 My Favorite Card Tricks 54
Edward Marlo Lasso-Due-Tre Ace, Two and Three, named value transforms into selection, two methods inspired by "123" (Dai Vernon, 1947),
varied by "Lasso-Due-Tre" (Martin A. Nash, 1970)
1969 Hierophant (Issue 2) 67
Dai Vernon 123 updated handling see also "123" (Dai Vernon, 1947) 1969 The Pallbearers Review Vol. 1-4 (Vol. 4 No. 10) 275
Martin A. Nash Lasso-Due-Tre inspired by "Lasso-Due-Tre" (Edward Marlo, 1969) 1970 Hierophant (Issue 3) 162
Edward Marlo direct transformation 1970 Hierophant (Issue 3) 163
Al Saal Three Card Trick three wrong cards, one of them transforms into selection 1971 Epilogue (Issue 13) 99
Ian Baxter The Promise of your Choice Ace to Three, chosen value changes into previous selection inspired by "The Promise" (Ed Marlo, Tops),
"Your Choice" (Harry Lorayne, 1965)
1972 Card Cavalcade 7
Martin A. Nash 1, 2, 3 Simplicity ace, two or three changes into selection, see p. 444 for additional crediting 1975 Ever So Sleightly 82
Nick Trost Ace, Deuce or Trey Either Ace, Two or Three will change to selection, spectator's choice 1976 Subtle Card Magic: Part Two 24
Jack Birnman False Identity Ace to Three are removed, named value transforms into selection 1982 Best of Friends 478
Dai Vernon The Two-Thirteen Trick Ace to Three are removed, named value transforms into selection 1987 The Vernon Chronicles - Volume 1 149
Karl Fulves Automated Teller AS, 2S, 3S, one of them changes into previously selected jack 1997 The Vampire Papers 117