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Unknown La Danse de L'Oeuf an egg in a hat suddenly sticks to a cane and moves from side to side, performed with music by an orchestra 1784 La Magie Blanche Dévoilée 29
Unknown The Production of Flags on Staves Complete with telescope staff 1903 Later Magic 353
Unknown A Billiard Cue Produced from a Hat appearing cane and other props 1903 Later Magic 447
Joseph Michael Hartz The Aërial Walking-Cane clings to fingers 1911 Later Magic 725
Russel Walsh The Vanishing Cane 1938 Greater Magic 953
George Davenport Cane to Silk Ideas 1939 The Jinx 51-100 (Section "Summer Extra 1939") 411
Unknown Cane Mystery cane sticks to hand 1940 The Jinx 101-151 (Issue 118) 696
Laurie Ireland The Vanishing Cane for Close Up cane pushed in coin purse, small cane inside 1940 Ireland's Yearbooks (Section "Yearbook 1940") 12
Dick Madden "Just Raising Cane" sticks to hand and rises 1945 My Best 321
Mystic Craig Acrobatic Cane with a reel, dancing cane 1945 The Phoenix 51-100 (Issue 86) 351
Walter the Magician The Supreme Closing Effect with cane to table and folding rabbit from folding hat 1945 Ireland's Yearbooks (Section "Yearbook 1945") 32
The Great Fataque Shock Absorber as Fataque Sanders, vanishing cane treatment so it can be thrown and used for juggling without breaking 1946 The Phoenix 101-150 (Issue 111) 446
Billy McComb William Passes On Some Tips on thumb tips, on using milk, on the appearing cane, how to remove paint 1947 The First Book of William 36
Louis Tannen Canny Cane! opening, table with cane and hat, gloves are thrown in the air and they come down with small parachutes, then the cain is put into the hat, where it vanishes see also "William's New Glove Opening" (Billy McComb, 1947) 1947 The Phoenix 101-150 (Issue 132) 529
Arthur H. Buckley A Phantasy in Silver "My Complete Act with Coins, with Every Detail for a Scintillating Presentation Fully and Carefully Explained and Illustrated"
thorough explanation, using lots of sequences described before, with appearing cane
1948 Principles and Deceptions 115
Arthur H. Buckley Opening for a Card Act manipulation act with vanishing cane to silk, card production, dove production, gloves 1948 Principles and Deceptions 143
Arthur H. Buckley A Finish for an Act appearing cane, dove to glove (fake dove made out of glove) 1948 Principles and Deceptions 145
Harry Hardini A Suggestion combining knob of Walsh Vanishing Cane with Ireland's Golf Balls 1949 Ireland's Yearbooks (Section "Yearbook 1949") 36
Max Malini Water from Cane water drops from cane, same method for weeping coin 1962 Malini and His Magic 45
Unknown Magnetic Cigarette Paper cane balanced on chair starts to move 1962 Malini and His Magic 49
Nate Leipzig A Few Grips with a Cane cane sticks to hand 1963 Dai Vernon's Tribute to Nate Leipzig 70
Alan Shaxon The Cane and Cigarette Holder cane, lit cigarette and cigarette holder vanish, then cigarette and holder are reproduced and the holder turns into the cane, vanishing & appearing cane 1970 My Kind of Magic 7
Faucett Ross Handkerchief Cane Silk produced at the end of special cane 1975 Magic With Faucett Ross 43
Alan Shaxon 20th Century Cane and Silks opening to a cabaret act
Two handkerchiefs are produced from the ends of a cane, tied together and rolled around the cane. The cane is wrapped in a newspaper, a third handkerchief transforms into a cane and in the newspaper the missing handkerchief is found, knotted in between the other handkerchiefs.
1976 Practical Sorcery 2
David Berglas Vanishing Cane - My Cane in Newspaper Routine 1976 David Berglas Lecture 19
David Berglas Appearing Cane - Hints and Tips 1976 David Berglas Lecture 21
David Berglas My Appearing Cane Finale - A Novel Appearing Cane Presentation handkerchief thrown in air changes to cane 1976 David Berglas Lecture 22
Lewis Ganson The Stick Dances historic remarks 1977 The Floating and Dancing Cane 3
Lewis Ganson The Stick Floats 1977 The Floating and Dancing Cane 5
R. C. Buff The Floating Walking Stick - "The Balance"
- The Floating Move
- The Stick Rises and Falls
- The Stick Floats
- The Stick Revolves in the Air
- The Stick Clings to the Hand
- The Stick Revolves on the Palm
- The Stick Revolves Horizontally in the Air
- Passing a Hoop over the Stick
- Around the Hand
- A Juggling Feat
- The Climax - Two Sticks from One
1977 The Floating and Dancing Cane 6
R. C. Buff Suggestions on the Floating Cane - The Start
- A Flip of the Hand
- The Revolving Moves
- Using the Stick for other Effects
- The Hook-Up or Loop
- The Stick Floats from Hand to Hand
1977 The Floating and Dancing Cane 18
Lewis Ganson & Rinod The Dancing Walking Stick - The Basic Move
- The Routine
- Floating Between the Hands
- The Stick Dances
- The Walk Past
- The High Swing
- The M Move
- The Twirl
- Through the Arms
- Around the Shoulders
- The Climax
1977 The Floating and Dancing Cane 20
Lewis Ganson Conclusion 1977 The Floating and Dancing Cane 27
Horace Spencer The Vanishing Cane as impromptu magic 1982 Pabular (Vol. 7 No. 1) 978
Jonathan Neal Brown One-Hand Vanishing Cane cane held by the center 1983 The New York Magic Symposium - Collection 2 107
Bob Friedhoffer Cane and Able one-handed method for cane to silk in flash of fire 1983 Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 6 No. 7) 802
Robert Gysel The Suspended Wand, Cane or Broom No. 6, gimmick 1983 101 Psychic Tests 3
Scott Cervine Strife in Eden scarf appears and cane splits in two, opening sequence 1986 The New York Magic Symposium - Collection 5 50
Asako Suda Cane from Fireball 1988 New Magic Of Japan 43
Hironori Morita Dedicated to Mr. Astaire 1. cane floats up from floor and dances
2. silk visually appears in empty hand
1988 New Magic Of Japan 105
James Dimmare The Astaire Change white scarf visibly changes to green, cane produced from it 1990 Spectacle 157
Gianni Mattiolo Cane to Cards to Ball 1991 Apocalypse Vol. 11-15 (Vol. 14 No. 9) 1976
Alexander de Cova Mikrofon-Gags 1. Das sich vergrößernde Mikrofon (growing sponge)
2. Probleme mit dem Mikro-Ständer
3. Das lange Mikrofon
1991 Avantgarde Magic (Vol. 1 No. 2) 22
Unknown The Enchanted Cane floating cane, thread 1993 Tarbell Course in Magic - Volume 8 52
Alexander de Cova Der Verschwindende Spazierstock vanishing cane, ending empty handed 1998 Secrets No. 2 68
Eric Mead When Children Walk with Canes presentation for appearing cane with picture cards 2006 Tangled Web 179
Tom Stone Dance Shtick ideas for prop contruction 2011 Maelstrom 123