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Joseph Leeming How We Got Our Pack of Cards History of playing cards 1949 Tricks and Stunts With Playing Cards 1
Bruce Elliott Dr. Elliott about Dr. James W. Elliott 1952 The Phoenix 201 - 250 (Issue 250) 998
Unknown Prologue - Of Coins and Conjuring History of Coin Magic 1952 Modern Coin Magic xv
Faucett Ross The Manuscript Story How the $20 manuscript was put together 1962 Early Vernon 7
Dai Vernon Sales Letter The letter introducing the prospectus that described the ten effects to be included in the $20 manuscript 1962 Early Vernon 10
Faucett Ross The Prospectus Faucett's description of the ten Vernon miracles that was submitted to Fulton Oursler 1962 Early Vernon 11
Paul Curry Chapter Two: The Old, Old Tricks magic history, Egyptian magicians, The Discovery of Witchcraft, Charles Dickens, Cagliostro, Pinetti, Robert-Houdin 1965 Magician's Magic 11
Paul Curry Chapter Three: The Magician's Image on Alexander Herrmann, Hoffmann's Modern Magic, Harry Kellar, Howard Thurston 1965 Magician's Magic 37
Paul Curry Chapter Four: Houdini and After on Harry Houdini, T. Nelson Downs, Nate Leipzig, Fred Keating, Joseph Dunninger, Emil Jarrow, Ade Duval, Cardini, Jack Gwynne 1965 Magician's Magic 47
Paul Curry Chapter Five: The New Conjurers on Milbourne Christopher, amateur magicians, famous actors, authors and other celebrities, who did magic, John Scarne, Clayton Rawson, Jimmy Grippo 1965 Magician's Magic 65
Paul Curry Chapter Six: What Became of Gravity on the Indian Rope Trick, levitation 1965 Magician's Magic 79
Paul Curry Chapter Seven: Into Thin Air on disappearance 1965 Magician's Magic 101
Paul Curry Made Whole Again on sawing a person in half 1965 Magician's Magic 137
Paul Curry Chapter Nine: Ties that Do Not Bind on escapes 1965 Magician's Magic 153
Paul Curry Chapter Ten: The Power of Thought on mentalism and the history of the two person telepathy 1965 Magician's Magic 173
Paul Curry Chapter Eleven: Of Things to Come on predictions 1965 Magician's Magic 193
Paul Curry Chapter Twelve: The Quick and the Dead on spiritualism, seance, Fox Sisters, Davenport brothers 1965 Magician's Magic 205
Martin Gardner Martin Gardner on Afghan Bands History on Mobius strips in magic 1968 Newspaper Magic 125
Gene Anderson Historical Methods Description of different methods (Al Baker, Slydini, Page, Elmsley, Grant, Neil Foster) 1968 Newspaper Magic 135
Al Mann The Center Tear Controversy on the history of the first publishing of the center tear, includes Baker, Thompson, Loraine, Dunninger, Sunshine, plus other takes on the center tear, The Sans Tear Center Method (Annemann), The Unseen Tear (Ron Baillie) and Sealed and Torn Messages (Al Mann) see also "The Secret of Abonutichus" (Al Mann, 1979) 1976 Mental-Ettes 13
Al Mann Another Chapter on the Center Tear on the history of the Center Tear, on Joe Ovette, Annemann, Sid Lorraine 1978 The Tesseract 12
Al Mann What is it? letter from Sid Lorraine to Al Mann about the history of the Center Tear, comments by Mann and xerox of Lorraine's notes from 1928, copy of the manuscript "What is it?" by Joseph Ovette from 1931 1978 The Tesseract 12
Al Mann Don Pedro story of Don Pedro from Buenos Aires, witnessing a center tear and ashes on arm routine in 1926 1978 The Tesseract 18
Al Mann Phone-Voyance history of tricks over the phone see also John Northern Hillard's "Twentieth Century Telepathy" in "The Sphinx", Vol. 3; No. 12, 1905 1984 Phantom Voices 6
Robin Robin & Pamela Young Vernonana Portfolio Photos (with captions) of various Vernon-related memorabilia throughout history, collected from Bruce Cervon, Bill Bowers, Irene Larsen, Bill Larsen and Faucett. 1988 The Vernon Chronicles - Volume 2 vii
Will Ayling The Rising Cards (History and Comment) 1991 Knowing The Rising Cards 5
Roberto Giobbi A Brief History of Playing Cards 1995 Card College - Volume 1 5
Dondrake The Early Years History of black art 1998 Black Art Breakthroughs 5
Dondrake BlackArt in the Parlor More history on black art 1998 Black Art Breakthroughs 6
David Berglas Opus 13 on the TV-Show Opus 13 and Berglas encounters with Fred Kaps, Hans Moretti and Henk Vermeyden 2002 The Mind & Magic of David Berglas 254
David Berglas Uri Geller on Uri Geller, metal bending, Robert Harbin 2002 The Mind & Magic of David Berglas 300
Stephen Minch Everything Old is New again 2004 New Era Card Tricks i
Keith "Kip" Pascal History of Coin Snatching References to stealing coins from hands, including pop culture references. Mentions The Amazing Richardson, Bruce Lee and other coin snatchers. see also "The Bewitched Nickel" (1909) 2005 Coin Snatching 13
David Kaye The Origins of Performing Magic For Children 2005 Seriously Silly 19
Gary Plants 1987 St. Louis Magic Jubilee about Michael Skinner's lecture in 1987 2011 Lecture Notes - Honolulu Hawaii 4
Steve Beam Two-Faced Introduction to the chapter based upon what is commonly referred to as the "Zens Poker Deal." 2015 Semi-Automatic Card Tricks - Volume 10 171