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Stewart James Miraskill see also "Moraskill" (Ryan Swigert, 2013),
"Liberty, Fraternity, Equality" (Ramón Riobóo, 2015)
1936 The Jinx 1-50 (Issue 24) 147
Stewart James The Candy King Miraskill with candies varied by "One Thousand Skulls" (Al Mann, 1982),
"Miraskill Lite" (Max Maven*, 2016)
1936 The Jinx 1-50 (Issue 24) 151
Stewart James Miraskill reprinted from Jinx 1937 Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 330
Gerald Kosky Matchaskill miraskill with matches see also "Strike One" (James G. Thompson Jr. & Verne Chesbro & William H. McCaffrey & Gerald Kosky, 1956) 1948 The Phoenix 101-150 (Issue 145) 581
William P. Miesel Another Impromptu Out of this World doing Miraskill for separating red and black cards see also "Miraskill" (Stewart James, 1936),
"Pay Off" (Walter B. Gibson, 1942)
1958 The Cardiste (Issue 6) 7
Karl Fulves Future Perfect Miraskill with face-up/face-down instead of red/black, previous selection found in odd-colored pile see also "The Odd Event" (Karl Fulves, 1968),
varied by "Impromptu Miraskil" (Joseph K. Schmidt, 1973)
1968 Riffle Shuffle Set-Ups 58
Edward Marlo Impromptu Repeat Miraskill Miraskill effect with face-up/face-down cards instead of red/black cards 1969 Epilogue (Issue 6) 45
Karl Fulves Mini Miraskil eight cards, two methods 1973 Notes From Underground 44
Edward Marlo Impromptu Repeat Miraskill Miraskill effect with face-up/face-down cards instead of red/black cards see also "Impromptu Repeat Miraskill" (Edward Marlo, 1969) 1973 Riffle Shuffle Set-Ups 74
Joseph K. Schmidt Impromptu Miraskil with face-up/face-down inspired by "Future Perfect" (Karl Fulves, 1968),
varied by "Mira-kil" (Stephen Clark, 1980)
1973 Riffle Shuffle Set-Ups 87
Stephen Clark Mira-kil face-up/face-down inspired by "Impromptu Miraskil" (Joseph K. Schmidt, 1973) 1980 The Chronicles (Issue 27) 1329
Jack McMillen & Charles Nyquist The San Francisco Shuffle deck is separated by red an black, performer and spectator give the deck a riffle shuffle and colors do not mix, Tamariz "accidental Zarrow Set-up" 1981 Sleights & Swindles 11
Karl Fulves Second Approach Miraskill-type effect, but repeat has different outcome with same make-up of cards inspired by "Miraskill" (Stewart James, 1936),
see also "Balancing Act - Second Approach" (Karl Fulves, 1992)
1992 Deceptive Practices 51
Karl Fulves An anti-Miraskil card problem Miraskill-Gilbreath-combination posed as problem 1992 Deceptive Practices 52
Karl Fulves Mira, Mira Miraskill variations and problems, final pair's condition named 1992 Deceptive Practices 76
Karl Fulves Balancing Act - Second Approach further comments see also "Second Approach" (Karl Fulves, 1992) 1992 Supplement To Deceptive Practices 84
Karl Fulves You Go First without adding or taking cards 1992 Supplement To Deceptive Practices 85
Karl Fulves Black List without adding or taking cards 1992 Supplement To Deceptive Practices 86
Karl Fulves Mirage riffle shuffle, after each matching pair next pair is placed aside unseen, one pile is all red the other all black 1992 Supplement To Deceptive Practices 87
Peter Duffie Mixed Reaction Miraskill & Gilbreath 1995 Duffie's Card Compulsions 182
Stewart James Miraskill 1997 The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 8) 26
Harrison Kaplan Mirrorskill method for "Accurate Miraskill", three phases see also "A.M." (Norman Gilbreath, 2004),
"Thoughts On Mirrorskill" (Norman Gilbreath, 2004),
"Proof for Mirrorskill" (Norman Gilbreath, 2004)
2004 Penumbra (Issue 7) 3
Stewart James Miraskill 2004 Penumbra (Issue 7) 4
Allan Slaight Magnetic Miraskill 2004 Penumbra (Issue 7) 6
Stewart James Miraskill 2004 Penumbra (Issue 8) 6
Wesley James Devine Miraskill "alpha" 2004 Enchantments 433
Michael Weber & Dean Dill Here are some things to think about with this deck. various suggestions, applied to Miraskill, separating suits (Out of Escorial) 2005 A New World 12
Karl Fulves Grudge Match Miraskill type bet with red-red, black-black and mixed pairs done with about half the shuffled deck, winner still known 2005 Clockwork 61
Karl Fulves Mirasequel performer separates the mixed pile at the end of Miraskill 2005 Combo II 66
Karl Fulves Latent Ability Miraskill prediction correct even though only part of deck sorted by spectator 2005 Combo II 84
Bob King Miniskill 3-phase routine for Stewart James' "Miraskill" 2007 Best of Friends - Volume III 57
Nick Trost Color Prediction with Three Spectators Gilbreath based, Miraskill 2008 Subtle Card Creations - Volume 1 131
Michael Weber Bipolar Magnetic Miraskill first Miraskill, then Slaight's Magnetic Miraskill (Ibidem) with face-up/face-down mixed deck 2009 505 12
Ryan Swigert Moraskill partial stack inspired by "Miraskill" (Stewart James, 1936) 2013 Ensuing Impuzzibilities 26
Michael Weber House Advantage number of blackjack wins predicted, Miraskill with number/face-cards 2015 The Session 2015 9
Max Maven* Miraskill Lite done with white and black spheres, two phases inspired by "The Candy King" (Stewart James, 1936) 2016 Session Notes 7