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Unknown The Back and Front of Hand Continuous Palm with Cards 1902 The Modern Conjurer 46
Unknown Back and Front Hand Palming vanish and production with pivot 1942/27 Tarbell Course in Magic - Volume 2 157
Paul Fox Simplified Back and Front Hand Palm 1942/27 Tarbell Course in Magic - Volume 2 161
Arthur H. Buckley The Bent Fingers, Back Palm and Recovery recovery from deep back palm ending in fan production 1946 Card Control 128
Arthur H. Buckley The Thumb Palm Move (An original piece of manipulative deception) transfer to show hands emtpy utilizing back thumb palm 1946 Card Control 131
Arthur H. Buckley Reverse Palming without Swinging the Arm and also without using the Thumb finessed Pivot 1946 Card Control 136
Paul LePaul Paul Le Paul Reversal the Pivot with a card in hand 1946 Card Control 141
Arthur H. Buckley The Change Over - A very pretty and deceptive Piece of Card Manipulation hand washing with back and front palming 1946 Card Control 143
Arthur H. Buckley The Steal recover from deep back palm 1946 Card Control 146
Dai Vernon Vernon transfer brief 1992 Don't Blink 98