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Unknown Das Mädchen für Alles in Gestalt eines Kartenspieles combination of effects from book
1. Die magische Sehkraft
2. Die Kartenwage
3. performer repeatedly names card where spectator cuts to
4. Das Lesen mit den Fingerspitzen
5. Das Sortier-Etui (removing named cards from pocket)
6. Das unsichtbare, geheimnisvolle Uhrwerk
7. performer can always cut at a King (four Kings crimped)
1896 Der moderne Kartenkünstler 85
Unknown Das mathematische Mischen - 3. third application, position of top card named after three "shuffles" 1896 Der moderne Kartenkünstler 120
S. W. Erdnase Producing Any Card Called For 1902 The Expert at the Card Table 181
Unknown The Acme of Control old effect with pair of pseudo duplicates 1902 The Expert at the Card Table 197
Unknown Another Poker Trick three aces are controlled then riffle stacked for four players see also "Another Poker Trick" (T. Nelson Downs, 1984) 1909 The Art of Magic 130
Laurie Ireland Instant Card Location getting a named card to top in memorized deck
- The Top 15 cards
- Method of Locating Cards from Number 15 Down to Bottom of Deck
1931 Ireland Writes a Book 16
Unknown Winning the Cut cutting the high card with spectator, stacked 1937 Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 223
Arthur H. Buckley Cards and Pockets number of cut off cards is divined, deck in pocket, any named card instantly produced 1937 Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 241
Unknown Cutting at a Chosen Card stripper deck 1937 Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 266
Unknown The Court Cards finding all court cards, stripper deck 1937 Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 267
Unknown Naming the Cards cutting to named cards (named by performer), stripper deck 1937 Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 267
Charles T. Jordan Positions Unknown named cards are produced and deck separated into colors, stacked stripper deck 1937 Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 273
Charles T. Jordan Poker Player's Deal royal flush in named suit is located underneath handkerchief 1937 Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 368
Val Evans Multeffect Cards long-short paired deck used for a routine of eighteen different effects 1937 The Jinx 1-50 (Section "Winter Extra 1936/37") 177
Cardini The Cardini Ace Trick aces shuffled into pack (by performer) end up on bottom, featuring Cardini's Overhand Shuffle Multiple Shift see also "The Cardini Control" (Jon Racherbaumer, 2016),
varied by "The Cardini Multiple Shift" (Steven Youell & Cardini, 2016),
"The Cardini/Branch Shuffle Cull" (Justin Branch, 2016)
1938 Greater Magic 545
Laurie Ireland A Gambling Expose aces controlled while shuffling, then fake center deal 1938 Lessons in Dishonesty 9
Unknown Gambler's Sense of Touch performer cuts at selection 1940 More Card Manipulations (Issue 3) 20
Unknown Digging For Diamonds performer and then spectator always cut at diamonds 1940 More Card Manipulations (Issue 3) 21
Billy O'Connor Instanto cutting to any named card, gaffed deck see also "Flip Deck" (Russell "Rusduck" Duck, 1957),
"Side Effects" (Karl Fulves, 1996)
1940 The Jinx 101-151 (Issue 115) 677
Crocker The Four Aces cards shuffled in fairly, duplicates produced from Xkwizit gimmick 1940 The Jinx 101-151 (Issue 117) 690
Unknown To Control Two or More Cards as 4 Ace Control 1941 The Stripper Deck 8
Don Diavolo* Magic Shuffle two halves shuffled face-up into face-down bring two selection next to each other 1941 The Jinx 101-151 (Issue 133) 764
Jean Hugard & Frederick Braue The Fantastic Fan four Aces keep reappearing on bottom of deck, sucker phase, then to shoulder see also "The Homing Deuces" (Charlie Miller, 1961) 1943 Tricks and Sleights 23
Edward Marlo Faro Aces aces placed thirteen cards apart, brought back together via faro shuffle 1947 Marlo In Spades 16
Bruce Elliott Cut Up method to cut bottom card to top, cards on the table, small trick, where several cards come back to the top as a gambling demo 1948 The Phoenix 151-200 (Issue 154) 621
Bill Simon The Middle Deal mock center deal see also "Middle Deal Demonstration - Variation" (Martin Gardner, 1978) 1952 Effective Card Magic 86
Edward Marlo In One Shuffle aces lost in deck, still on top 1953 The Cardician 83
Russell "Rusduck" Duck Flip Deck cutting to any named card, gaffed deck see also "Instanto" (Billy O'Connor, 1940) 1957 The Cardiste (Issue 4) 13
Charlie Miller The Homing Deuces four Twos keep reappearing on bottom of deck, sucker phase see also "The Fantastic Fan" (Jean Hugard & Frederick Braue, 1943),
"Two Dollars and Aces" (Charlie Miller, 1961)
1961 An Evening with Charlie Miller 60
Charlie Miller Two Dollars and Aces aces appear in two envelopes that contained a dollar bill before, P&L Phantastic Card Reel for long spread in air inspired by "The Homing Deuces" (Charlie Miller, 1961) 1961 The Magic of Charles Earle Miller 58
Harry Lorayne The Inseparable Four four kings shuffled in four packets, then together, then all kings together in middle, optional faro see also "Isolation Procedure" (Benjamin Earl, 2017) 1962 Close-up Card Magic 148
Dai Vernon Vernon's Aces aces separated in four piles, brought together to top via faro varied by "No Key - Faro Aces" (Edward Marlo, 1964),
"Vernon's Aces plus Kings" (Murray Bonfeld, 1976),
"Double Poker Control" (Murray Bonfeld, 1986),
"Ideas for "Vernon's Aces"" (Darwin Ortiz & Paul Griffin, 2012)
1962 Close-up Card Magic 162
Edward Marlo No Key - Faro Aces without key cards and counting see also "Vernon's Aces" (Dai Vernon, 1962) 1964 Faro Controlled Miracles 5
Edward Marlo Faro Double Control openly controlling aces while secretly controlling other cards (e.g. kings) 1964 Faro Controlled Miracles 36
Edward Marlo Triple Packet Disclosure cutting three packets, distributing three selections on top, with variations 1964 The Patented Shuffle (Section "2 Slip Cut") 7
Edward Marlo Four Ace Location (Stacked Deck Retained) four aces shuffled into deck and cut on top of four piles, order retained see also "Sweating Bullets" (Darwin Ortiz, 2012) 1964 The Patented Shuffle (Section "4 Transfers")
Edward Marlo Multiple Stripper Control aces are stripper cards in normal deck 1964 The Patented Shuffle (Section "5 I Shuffled the Cards") 12
Al Koran Double Deal dealing five people the same cards, set up, 25 duplicates, siamesa 1967 Al Koran's Professional Presentations 119
Edward Marlo The Named Four cutting to any four of a kind called for, edgemarked 1967 Riffle Shuffle Finale (Section "Riffle Finale") 9
Karl Fulves Example 16 32 cards, any card specified in stages (color, suit, value...) comes to top after some faro shuffling, gray code and faro 1969 Faro & Riffle Technique (Section "Gray Codes") 22
Karl Fulves Essential Erdnase demonstrating card control by controlling and producing 4s, aces as kicker see also "Essential Erdnase" (Karl Fulves, 1971) 1971 The Book of Numbers 13
Karl Fulves Technicolor Shuffle cutting to red cards, secret strip out condition 1971 The Book of Numbers - Supplementary Notes 19
Frank Garcia Culling the Aces pseudo riffle culling 1972 Million Dollar Card Secrets 102
Karl Fulves Notes On The Handling - 5. cutting to random named cards 1973 Riffle Shuffle Technique - Preliminary Notes on Part Two 53
Joseph K. Schmidt Subconscious Poker II one card is controlled during the repeat-dealing of five poker-hand and appears in a Royal Flush, see also p. 840 for idea by Cushing Strout inspired by "Subconscious Poker" (Bob Fisher, The Sphinx, April 1939, or Daley's Notebooks #407),
see also "Poker Challenge" (Harry Lorayne, 1978),
"Subconscious Secret" (Karl Fulves, 1996),
"Jungian Poker" (Justin Higham, 2008),
varied by "Subconscious Poker Handling" (Roy Walton, 1974),
"Poker III" (Jerry K. Hartman, 1974),
also published as "Subconscious Poker" (Joseph K. Schmidt, 1996)
1973 The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 9 No. 2) 687
Jerry K. Hartman Poker III slightly elaborated handling, re-dealing inspired by "Subconscious Poker II" (Joseph K. Schmidt, 1973) 1974 The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 9 No. 9) 754
Roy Walton Subconscious Poker Handling re-dealing inspired by "Subconscious Poker II" (Joseph K. Schmidt, 1973) 1974 The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 10 No. 2) 830
Edward Marlo Which one was Brighter? tips on Bottom Deal Demo 1975 Marlo's Magazine Volume 1 322
Martin A. Nash Vernash's Aces faros and Free Cut Principle, see p. 443 for additional crediting 1975 Ever So Sleightly 70
Darwin Ortiz Combination Aces free cut principle, faros 1975 Afterthoughts 77
Murray Bonfeld Vernon's Aces plus Kings Kings and Aces lost, found and dealt, extension inspired by "Vernon's Aces" (Dai Vernon, 1962) 1976 Kabbala - Volume 3 (Vol. 3 No. 3) 37
Trevor Lewis A Mixed Bag various card and coin idaes
- partial stack and zarrow shuffle
- double Riffle Control
- Middle Deal (false)
- Palm Conscious (gag)
- Transpo Plus (coin transposition)
- Ladies In Waiting (four queens reverse in the deck)
1976 Pabular (Vol. 2 No. 5) 205
Murray Bonfeld Thirteen Reverse spades are ordered but distributed in deck, their order is reversed with faro shuffles 1977 Faro Concepts 33
Murray Bonfeld Shuffled Interchange two spade cards are named, their position in the deck is transposed with faros 1977 Faro Concepts 34
George H. Pittman Four Ace Fooler ace production with red-black transposition surprise 1978 Fred Braue on False Deals 28
Martin A. Nash Slippery Strippers pseudo Stripper Deck demo with normal cards 1979 Sleight Unseen 401
Martin A. Nash Approximately Steven cutting to any card named after one riffle shuffle 1979 Sleight Unseen 424
Richard Kaufman Fantasy Cull ace-4 are lost and found, the fours appear 1979 CardMagic 30
Frank Garcia Ubiquitous Aces aces found by fake riffle cull, aces vanish one by one on deck, produced again 1980 Exclusive Card Miracles 41
Martin A. Nash The Side-Pocket Swindle card located in pocket, shuffle tracking presentation, deck switch 1980 Ovation 7
Martin Lewis & Paul Harris Stamped Second demonstration second deal, stamp is stuck onto top card 1980 Close-up Fantasies - Book II 111
Karl Fulves Fake Shuffles fake faro shuffle and fake false shuffle with gaffed red/blue decks 1981 Octet 38
Daryl Martinez & Paul Curry & Bill Simon Sleightly Touched unknown card reversed, magician locates card of same suit and value 1982 For Your Entertainment Pleasure 42
Terry LaGerould Calling Card magicians names a card and cuts to it, repeated 1982 Best of Friends 144
David Solomon Spectator Loses the Aces spectator cuts aces in deck, then they gather on top inspired by "In One Shuffle" (Edward Marlo, 1953),
see also "Always Cut The Cards" (Larry Jennings, 1986)
1982 Sessions 16
Edward Marlo Kings to Aces four kings are riffle culled that turn out to be aces, "inverse" belly strippers 1984 Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 83
Karl Fulves Sharper's Demo ace is lost and controlled again, block transfer 1984 Riffle Shuffle Technique - Part Three 186
Karl Fulves Advanced Course in Cheating center card of four poker hands is an ace, they are shuffled together using block transfers 1984 Riffle Shuffle Technique - Part Three 187
Karl Fulves Three-Shuffle Cull in center of four poker hands are aces, are shuffled together in center of deck, block transfers 1984 Riffle Shuffle Technique - Part Three 189
Martin A. Nash Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas three selections are produced skillfully from shuffled deck 1984 The New York Magic Symposium - Collection 3 47
Harry Lorayne Poker Challenge controlling single card in certain poker hand, it fills a Royal Flush, redealing principle 1984 The New York Magic Symposium - Collection 3 67
Terry LaGerould Calling Card magicians names a card and cuts to it 1985 Best of Friends - Volume II 112
Edward Marlo Removing Any Named Card from Fan edge-marked cards, memorized deck 1985 Formula One Close-Up 52
Frederick Braue Slidearound Aces see also "Braue Slidearound" (Frederick Braue, 1985) 1985 The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 4) 24
Dai Vernon A Match Made in Cincinnati performing Matching the Cards with a new deck, includes cutting to any named value 1987 The Vernon Chronicles - Volume 1 139
Karl Fulves Uncut Version Aces on four piles, assembled, one riffle shuffle, aces on top, including "Other Schemes" inspired by "Uncut Aces" (S. W. Sarles, Secret Session),
see also "You're the Gambler" (Precursor XV)
1987 Covenant 7
Darwin Ortiz The Vegas Shuffle Red/Black Shuffle Demonstration 1988 Darwin Ortiz at the Card Table 52
Edward Marlo Culling Two Sets of Fours demonstration cull 1988 Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 81
Harry Lorayne Quick Estimation position of selection is apparently followed and then cut to 1990 Trend Setters 179
Karl Fulves X-pert aces lost, then dealt off the top again inspired by "X Marks the Plot" (Fulves, Cheat Sheet #2) 1991 28 Card Tricks 11
Frederick Braue Four Ace Location aces placed on top and shuffled in deck, actually two shuffled to bottom and then produced via friction toss 1992 The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 6) 13
Ernest Earick Lustig for Life named value is cut to, selection at that number varied by "A Curious Location" (Jason England, 2012) 1993 By Forces Unseen 165
Karl Fulves Double Time riffle shuffle control, shuffled and two piles formed and top cards named 1994 Crooked Tales 28
Karl Fulves Top Secret aces lost via tabled shuffles without crimps, then back on top 1994 Crooked Tales 90
Gene Maze Caught in the Act selection trapped between sandwich cards in center of deck with faro shuffle 1994 Gene Maze And The Art Of Bottom Dealing 116
Darwin Ortiz The One-Handed Poker Deal skill demonstration 1995 Cardshark 149
Gary Plants An Ace Per Shuffle pseudo riffle culling demonstration 1996 Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 19 No. 1) 2596
Joseph K. Schmidt Subconscious Poker one card is controlled during the repeat-dealing of five poker-hand and appears in a Royal Flush also published as "Subconscious Poker II" (Joseph K. Schmidt, 1973) 1996 Card College - Volume 2 262
Martin Lewis & Paul Harris Stamped Second demonstration second deal, stamp is stuck onto top card 1996 The Art of Astonishment - Book 2 (Section "Close-up Fantasies 1 & 2") 225
Don Voltz Stuck! based on Martin Lewis' "Stamped Second", demonstration second deal, stamp is stuck onto top card 1996 The Art of Astonishment - Book 2 (Section "Close-up Fantasies 1 & 2") 229
Karl Fulves Side Effects gaffed deck with various shortened cards, cutting to any card of tabled deck see also "Instanto" (Billy O'Connor, 1940),
"Simple Stebbins" (Karl Fulves, 1996)
1996 Blocking Off 32
Karl Fulves Two By Four shuffled deck, performer shuffles and cuts three piles, then names bottom cards, then new bottom cards are aces 1996 Blocking Off 62
Karl Fulves Pat Hand Pete performer cuts at a pair in shuffled deck to complete a full house 1996 Blocking Off 94
Karl Fulves Return To Base aces lost, then shown together at bottom 1996 Blocking Off 106
Karl Fulves Two Edged spectator and performer remember any card they see during riffle shuffle, performer cuts to both cards, blocking off twice 1996 Blocking Off 187
Jerry Sadowitz A Trick With Bottom Section Culling card in spread is named, it is instantly shuffled to top 1997 / 98 Thanks To Zarrow 14
Unknown Dad Stevens, King of the Card Cheats a king is controlled, then all 4 kings appear 1998 Card College - Volume 3 657
Unknown The Card Cheat 2000 Mastering the Art of Magic 130
David Regal High & Dry spectator shuffles yet magician deals aces on top of packets 2002 Constant Fooling 1 101
Darwin Ortiz Combination Cull free cut principle, faros 2002 Scams & Fantasies with Cards 14
Ron Bauer Second Finger Top Deal jacks shuffled into deck, yet shown on top, then dealt to partner as fake false dealing demo inspired by "I Won't Play Cards With Him" (Bill Larson, Sr.) 2004 Second Finger Top Deal 2
Karl Fulves Mixology spectator memorizes card and its position, gives riffle shuffle, performer names new position, shuffle tracking presentation 2005 Combo II 94
Harry Lorayne & James Swain Simplified Swain, Plus aces lost and found with free-cut principle, colors separated, two selections found, based on Swain's "Shuffle Tracking" (Genii 5/2005) 2007 Best of Friends - Volume III 442
Benjamin Earl Fingertip Memory named card instantly produced from shuffled deck 2007 Seeing with Photo-Electric Eyes 16
Pit Hartling Finger Flicker Location 2008 (ca.) Don't Xerox Lecture Notes 26
Fred Robinson Fred Robinson's High Card Cut method with table-edge holdout 2009 The Magic of Fred Robinson 187
Steve Beam One Upsmanship performer cuts one card higher than spectator, stack, inspired by Paul Hallas' "A Cut Above" (Tricks from the Overground) 2010 Semi-Automatic Card Tricks - Volume 8 118
Steve Beam The Full Monte any named card is pulled out of spread by performer, memorized deck, elaboration of "52-Card Monte" (Vol. 5) 2010 Semi-Automatic Card Tricks - Volume 8 283
Roberto Giobbi Card Control Demonstration retaining aces on top after shuffle and cut 2010 Secret Agenda (Section "July 14") 210
Pit Hartling Finger Flicker Location see also "Finger Flicker" (Pit Hartling, 2003) 2011 Reflections 89
Darwin Ortiz Hole-Card Play four selections are lost and dealt in 5-card Stud, performer gets 2 aces 2012 Lessons in Card Mastery 3
Darwin Ortiz Best of the Best position of thought-of-card named, center dealing any named card, memorized deck 2012 Lessons in Card Mastery 23
Darwin Ortiz One Shot, One Kill performer cuts off certain number of cards and directly at selection, three phases see also "Snappy Number" (Al Baker, 2003) 2012 Lessons in Card Mastery 91
Darwin Ortiz Bulletproof controlling four-of-a-kind, then ace production 2012 Lessons in Card Mastery 149
Darwin Ortiz Rouge et Noir aces lost and found, then colors separate inspired by "Three-Piece Combo" (Eric Mead, 2006) 2012 Lessons in Card Mastery 157
Darwin Ortiz Sweating Bullets cutting the aces, then aces controlled (faros), then new pack order inspired by "Vernon's Aces" (Dai Vernon, 1962),
"Four Ace Location (Stacked Deck Retained)" (Edward Marlo, 1964)
2012 Lessons in Card Mastery 207
Darwin Ortiz & Paul Griffin Ideas for "Vernon's Aces" see also "Vernon's Aces" (Dai Vernon, 1962) 2012 Lessons in Card Mastery 216
Ben Train Detour on 51st Street shuffle tracking two cards and selection, faro 2012 Anteater Consortium 18
Jason England A Curious Location selection lost, number up to 10 named, performer cuts to this value and selection is found that many cards down inspired by "Lustig for Life" (Ernest Earick, 1993) 2012 Texas on a Saturday Night 16
Benjamin Earl The Back Room Demo false stacking demo of the four aces from a spectator shuffled deck also published as "The Back Room Demo" (Benjamin Earl, 2017) 2015 Less is More Bonus 8
Steve Beam Control Center Control to the top of the deck. see also "A Cut Below" (Steve Pressley, Semi-Automatic Card Tricks, Vol. 1, 1993) 2015 Semi-Automatic Card Tricks - Volume 9 234
Pit Hartling A Riffle Culling Demonstration named four-of-a-kind to top 2016 In Order to Amaze 130
Pit Hartling Poker Night at the Improv all possible poker hands produced in increasing order, "Any Poker Hand the Magician Calls For" 2016 In Order to Amaze 210
Joseph Barry Thanks to Vernon aces lost and found inspired by "Henry in Isolation" (Benjamin Earl, 2013) 2016 Charlotte's Notes 12
Benjamin Earl The Back Room Demo false stacking demo of the four aces from a spectator shuffled deck also published as "The Back Room Demo" (Benjamin Earl, 2015) 2017 Less is More 76
Benjamin Earl The Resourceful Professional gambling routine
1. Shuffle Location/Culling
2. False Dealing
3. Stacking
4. Card Mucking/Switching
5. Shuffle Tracking
6. Four-of-a-Kind Location
2017 Less is More 110
John Cottle Target Practice shuffle tracking a (crimped) card, then dealing a good hand with it 2017 Operandi (Issue 2) 14