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Unknown Vierfache Verwandlungskarte quartet gaff to change Queen to all four suits 1896 Der moderne Kartenkünstler 137
Stanley Collins The Wooden Slab and Flying Card Experiment Cards attached on a board with rubberbands, spectator peeks at a card and remembers the value, then he counts to that value in a fan and remembers the card. Card transposes from the deck with the peeked card on the board 1915 Original Magical Creations 9
Stanley Collins Making Of False Index Cards 1915 Original Magical Creations 12
Les Gilbert A Card in Transit! double end card 1934 The Jinx 1-50 (Issue 3) 10
Eddie Clever The Renovated Sphinx Card Trick two signed cards in hat transpose with signed card in deck, double backer, fake indices card 1935 The Jinx 1-50 (Issue 9) 34
Unknown Double Index Card 1937 Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 118
Stanley Collins & Dr. L. Rothbart Thoughts O.K. prepared (double indices) and ungaffed method for princess card trick 1940 The Jinx 51-100 (Issue 86) 547
Bruce Elliott On A Tear monte, tearing up corner, false index 1951 The Phoenix 201 - 250 (Issue 239) 954
John Hamilton The King two black kings, chosen king changes into selection 1951 The Phoenix 201 - 250 (Issue 243) 971
Nate Leipzig Princess Card Trick 1963 Dai Vernon's Tribute to Nate Leipzig 180
Edward Marlo Named Red Card in Black Packet solution to Miesel's problem inspired by "Named Red Card in Black Packet" (William P. Miesel, 1966) 1966 The Pallbearers Review Vol. 1-4 (Vol. 1 No. 10) 51
Edward Marlo Fingertip Vanish fingertip peeked card vanishes, double index card 1970 Advanced Fingertip Control 95
Allan Ackerman The General's Universal Card gaffed varied by "Full-Circle Universal" (Jon Racherbaumer, 1972) 1971 The Esoterist 6
Edward Marlo Those Wild, Wild Aces one red-backed AS, four blue-backed blank cards, condition reverses (red-backed blank card and all four blue aces), two methods inspired by "Marlo's Wild Card" (Edward Marlo, 1968) 1971 Those Wild, Wild Aces 1
Edward Marlo The Wild Deck "Bonus Effect", four aces removed from deck and changed to blank cards, then whole deck becomes blank 1971 Those Wild, Wild Aces 5
Karl Fulves Instant Printing blank card between jokers transforms into named ace, several approaches, including ace with 3 different indices 1972 Mexican Monte 30
Sam Schwartz Odd-Even-Odd four odd and four even cards on two piles, on the odd side are then the even cards and on the other side the four kings inspired by "Odd-Even-Odd" (Brother John Hamman, 1973),
varied by "Odd-Even-Odd Again" (Harvey Rosenthal, 1976)
1972 The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 7 No. 5) 505
Edward Marlo Favorite Universal blank card changes into three selections one by one
- The Clean-Up
- Added Variation
- Added Thoughts & Suggestions
1972 The Universal Card 8
Bruce Cervon Cervon's Universals odd-backed card changes into three selections one by one, three different routines with different gaffs inspired by "By Any Other Name" (Karl Fulves, 1967),
also published as "The Universal Card" (Bruce Cervon, 1988)
1972 The Universal Card 21
Edward Marlo Not Quite Ambiguous Universal with two selections 1972 The Universal Card 28
Jon Racherbaumer Full-Circle Universal inspired by "The General's Universal Card" (Allan Ackerman, 1971) 1972 The Universal Card 29
Edward Marlo Open-Faced Universal 1972 The Universal Card 31
Karl Fulves The Portable Indice gaffed 1973 Packet Switches (Part One) 45
Edward Marlo The Gaffed Proposition sixteen cards inspired by "Even Money Proposition" (Karl Fulves, 1969) 1974 The Unexpected Card Book 96
Karl Fulves Progressive Trap II two black Fives and three red cards change position when counted from hand to hand, black Fives transform as climax inspired by "Progressive Trap" (Karl Fulves, 1973) 1975 Methods with Cards - Part 3 171
Roger Smith The Chicago Opening Blank Chicago Opener type routine in which odd-backed card becomes blank as finale 1975 Smith's Mini-Lecture Notes No. 1 3
Edward Marlo Cased-In Technicolor Thought gaffed 1976 Kabbala - Volume 3 (Vol. 3 No. 3) 38
Gene Castillon The Undulating Universal 1976 The Ascanio Spread 21
Harvey Rosenthal Odd-Even-Odd Again four odd and four even cards on two piles, on the odd side are then the even cards and on the other side the four kings inspired by "Odd-Even-Odd" (Sam Schwartz, 1972) 1976 Close-Up Sampler - Part 1 12
Al Mann The Isomeric Card card with three indices, fan force varied by "Card Challenge" (Gene Grant, 1981) 1976 The Third Ecstasy 22
Al Mann The Reverse Fan Force Supreme five cards thought of from a fan are named, with several isomeric cards / multi-indices card varied by "Card Challenge" (Gene Grant, 1981) 1976 The Third Ecstasy 23
Nick Trost Ace, Deuce or Trey Either Ace, Two or Three will change to selection, spectator's choice 1976 Subtle Card Magic: Part Two 24
Nick Trost The Hotel Mystery 1976 Subtle Card Magic: Part Two 30
Roger Smith A Simple Universal 1976 Smith's Mini-Lecture Notes No. 2 3
Sam Leo Horowitz The Fifth Method no extra card, double index aces, double backers 1978 Four-Card Brainwave 8
Karl Fulves Second Method gaffed 1978 Fr. Cyprian On The Hofzinser Card Problem 15
Karl Fulves Quartet Gaff comment on Ace with four indices on one side see also "Snark Hunt" (Karl Fulves, 1979) 1978 Four-Card Brainwave 10
Edward Marlo & David Solomon The Pinned Cards whole deck is punched, same effect as The Stapled Cards, one of two cards pinned together transposes with selection
- 1st Method (Marlo)
- 2nd Method (Solomon)
- 3rd Method: Gaffed Pip Method (S.)
- Double-Bubble Method: Taylor Peek Deck Card (S.)
- Clipper Method (S.)
- 2nd Clipper Method (M.)
- The Double Double Bubble (2 Selections) (S.)
- Marlo's D.D. Bubble Method
- Direct Pinned Cards (M.)
inspired by "The Stapled Card" (John Scarne & Joseph Prieto, 1950) 1979 Marlo's Magazine Volume 3 190
Karl Fulves Noted in Passing "semi-double-index card" 1979 Shape Changers 24
Karl Fulves The Half-Index Gaff Ten of Hearts with only the digit "1" blackened 1979 The Chronicles (Issue 22) 1278
Edward Marlo Ninth Method use in card to case effect 1980 Marlo's Magazine Volume 4 24
Unknown Stranger Corner sticking corner on card making a fake index card 1980 Marlo's Magazine Volume 4 28
Edward Marlo Commercial Poker poker hands change, fake indices at non-index corners 1980 Marlo's Magazine Volume 4 248
Edward Marlo Olram's Ultimate Blues divided backs, fake indices 1980 Marlo's Magazine Volume 4 301
Edward Marlo Gaffed Go Back Aces fake indices, three methods 1980 Marlo's Magazine Volume 4 306
Paul Swinford The Princess Trick Revisited using two spectators, double index cards 1980 Arcane (Issue 2) 12
Gene Castillon Castillon's Olram Aces false index cards and 3/4 double facer varied by "The Casolomon Olram Aces" (David Solomon & Gene Castillon, 1983) 1980 Hierophant (Section "The Last Hierophant") 58
Lewis Ganson Chase the Ace two cards with false indices 1980 The Three Card Monte as Entertainment 34
Cecil Keech The Climax false indices 1980 The Three Card Monte as Entertainment 36
Joe Russo Mistaken Identity Quartet Gimmick to change 4 jacks to aces see also "Quartet Gimmick" (1999) 1981 Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 4 No. 10) 548
Edward G. Brown Making Fake Index Court Cards 1981 Arcane (Issue 3) 31
Gene Castillon Succession Aces of a Different Color odd-backed, gaffed
A. Five-Card Ace Packet Approach
B. Four-Card Approach
1981 The Lost Pages of the Kabbala 27
Gene Castillon Successful Succession A. Full Deck Approach
B. Packet Approach
1981 The Lost Pages of the Kabbala 31
David Solomon A Blended Succession 1981 The Lost Pages of the Kabbala 33
Gene Grant Card Challenge card divination with Al Mann's Isomeric Cards inspired by "The Reverse Fan Force Supreme" (Al Mann, 1976),
"The Isomeric Card" (Al Mann, 1976)
1981 Phantini's Incredible Mental Secrets Volume Two 30
Sam Schwartz Las Vegas Straight hole card Nine of Hearts, other cards almost make it a straight flush in hearts, other cards change to Clubs, then hole card to Ace of Clubs
effect by Fulves, method by Schwartz
varied by "Atlantic City Stud" (Karl Fulves, 1982) 1982 Las Vegas Straight 1
Karl Fulves Atlantic City Stud handling variation inspired by "Las Vegas Straight" (Sam Schwartz, 1982) 1982 Las Vegas Straight 4
David Solomon & Gene Castillon The Casolomon Olram Aces three gaffs (fake index and 3/4 double facer) inspired by "Castillon's Olram Aces" (Gene Castillon, 1980) 1983 The Card Puzzle 1
Edward Marlo Questionable Observation Test three double facers, 3 double enders 1983 The Card Puzzle 11
Alf Goodwin The Magician's Four Aces using two unusual gaffs 1983 Pabular (Vol. 7 No. 8) 1084
Karl Fulves Envelopus empty envelope placed between four aces, named ace travels inside 1983 Ace Machine 5
Unknown Fake Index Card 1984 Epoptica (Section "Yearbook") 319
Michael Louis Easy Pickings inspired by ""Picking off the Pip"" (Dai Vernon, 1959) 1985 Best of Friends - Volume II 247
Edward Marlo Two Marlo Ideas - First Idea removing center pip of Seven or Five, looks like Six or Four 1988 Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 238
Edward Marlo Two Marlo Ideas - Second Idea fake index 1988 Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 239
Edward Marlo New Idea Transposition fake index 1988 Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 239
Edward Marlo Liepzig Would Really Have Loved This Leipzig, double index cards 1988 Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 255
Brother John Hamman Thunderstruck wrong prediction (JS) is changed into 7S and miniature 4S 1989 The Secrets of Brother John Hamman 64
Brother John Hamman Thought Cards Across double ended cards inspired by "The Triangle" (Our Magic, p. 280) 1989 The Secrets of Brother John Hamman 134
Edward Marlo Blank with Index blank card with ace index 1989 The Secrets of Brother John Hamman 210
Brother John Hamman Final Aces six double ended cards varied by "The Atomic Aces" (Alex Elmsley & Brother John Hamman, 1991),
"Final(ly) Aces" (Brother John Hamman & Ron Bauer, 2006),
"Finely Final Aces" (Steve Reynolds, 2009)
1989 The Secrets of Brother John Hamman 229
Karl Fulves The Educated Die Ace through Six, die rolled and card counted to, it's always an ace, two methods 1989 And a Packet of Cards 19
Marc DeSouza The Thing three selections, odd-backed general / universal card ends up blank 1990 The Trapdoor - Volume Two (Issue 32) 567
Alex Elmsley & Brother John Hamman The Atomic Aces four phase variation on Hamman's "Final Ace Routine", including Oil & Water and Follow the Leaders Phase inspired by "Final Aces" (Brother John Hamman, 1989),
varied by "FantASStisch" (Jörg Alexander Weber, 2011)
1991 The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley - Volume 1 217
Karl Fulves Daley Deal - Gaffed card addenda (with optional transformation climax) 1991 28 Card Tricks 24
Karl Fulves Split Image I face-up version of "Pull Apart" see also "Pull Apart" (Karl Fulves, 1991) 1991 Pull Apart Notes 1
Karl Fulves Split Image II face-up version of "Pull Apart" see also "Pull Apart" (Karl Fulves, 1991) 1991 Pull Apart Notes 4
Karl Fulves Split Image III two Twos stick perpendicular in a half of the deck each, halves pushed together so Twos are out of sight, the 2 Twos then change into 4 Aces inspired by "Locating The Aces" (Karl Fulves, 1969),
see also "Pull Apart" (Karl Fulves, 1991)
1991 Pull Apart Notes 5
Karl Fulves Stretch Note card stretches between two halves of the deck 1991 Pull Apart Notes 6
Philip T. Goldstein B'Wave four cards, only named queen is reversed others are blank 1991 Music City Conclave 1992 Notes 3
Edward Marlo Roughed Think Ace named ace is reversed and odd-backed, double-enders, rough-smooth 1993 The Olram File (Issue 13) 13
John Riggs The Double Cross four cards on table, selected one is reversed 1995 The Magic of John Riggs 45
Karl Fulves Jekyll-Hide six red and 6 black cards, a black card chosen, but it isn't among the 6 black cards suddenly but among the 6 reds (identified by spectator with special glasses on) 1997 The Vampire Chronicles 22
Karl Fulves House No. 5 four deuces, one named, it's the only one face-down, it's placed in case, then four cards removed from case - they're the jacks see also "Loves Diamond" (Fulves, The Fine Print #4),
"Silent Knight" (Karl Fulves, 1997),
"Blue Blood" (Karl Fulves, 1997)
1997 The Vampire Chronicles 71
Karl Fulves Two-Story Castle named queen, which is never seen, changes into a jack, two card cases used in presentation, using Quartet gimmick 1997 The Vampire Chronicles 90
Karl Fulves Think of a Vampire spectator think of either a jack or king (his choice), in four-card-packet his card is the only reversed one, the other three are Sixes, quartet type gimmick 1997 The Vampire Papers 102
Karl Fulves Skeleton Crew four kings in one case, four jacks in another, king thought of, performer transfers one in jacks case, it's thought-of one and gets a big hole in the middle 1997 The Vampire Papers 105
Karl Fulves Vegas Vampire ten cards dealt into two hands, a selection changes into indifferent card and is then in other packet, jacks show up as finale 1997 The Vampire Papers 130
Andrew Wimhurst Yellow Kid's Monte card to Wallet Climax 1999 Low Down Dirty Tricks 21
Unknown Quartet Gimmick double faced court card with all four indices see also "Mistaken Identity" (Joe Russo, 1981) 1999 Quartet 4
Karl Fulves Over Exposed four queens in envelope, 2 card selected, those turn over and become blank 2000 Lost Vampire Secrets 212
Karl Fulves Fade Out card changes gradually, front and back 2000 Lost Vampire Secrets 218
Don England We're Three Fourth There with Ace to 4 and Double indexed extra card 2001 Don England's Paradox 51
Andrew Wimhurst The Full Monte (Yellow Kid's Monte) card to wallet climax, using fake index card 2001 Jiggery Pokery 17
Simon Aronson O'Aronson Aces O. Henry Aces plot (Ace Assembly), all four Aces appear in spectator's hand 2001 Try the Impossible 104
Simon Aronson Nosnora Aces Aces scatter back to respective packets at the end of Ace Assembly 2001 Try the Impossible 117
David Regal The Very Last Card fair elimination process varied by "Handsome in Love" (John Lovick & David Regal, 2016) 2002 Constant Fooling 2 124
Karl Fulves Further Notes on double enders 2002 Hofzinser's Card Tricks 24
Theodore DeLand Educated Die / Spotter Die Ace through 6 of clubs in row, spectator finds the 6 2002 Hofzinser's Card Tricks 24
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Remember And Forget #3 using mis-spotted card 2002 Hofzinser's Card Tricks 91
Karl Fulves Poker Finals jacks placed on bottom, cards dealt for 2 players, openly from bottom in one hand, but jacks in other hand and aces in the other see also "Gambler vs. The Kid" (Swindle Sheet #3, 1990),
"From the Cellar" (Darwin Ortiz, 1995)
2003 Hofzinser Notebook 80
Brother John Hamman & Ron Bauer Final(ly) Aces multiple phases, poker presentation inspired by "Final Aces" (Brother John Hamman, 1989) 2006 Final(ly) Aces 2
Ron Bauer Win at Gin ten cards become thirteen, then some of them vanish and reappear in performer's sleeve 2006 Final(ly) Aces 18
Rene Clement Making Fake Index Card 2007 Best of Friends - Volume III 194
Nick Trost Sixth-Thot one of five is predicted, gaffed 2008 Subtle Card Creations - Volume 1 208
Tom Stone Signed Transformation 2011 Maelstrom 161
Helder Guimarães Three Cards and a Box three selections, under box, under cellophane, folded in box 2011 Reflections 49
Helder Guimarães & Charles Reynolds Force of Nature using group of mis-index cards, two handlings inspired by "Force of Thought" deck (Charles Reynolds) 2011 Ontology Project 22
Jörg Alexander Weber FantASStisch gaff combo inspired by "McDonald's $100 Routine" (Dai Vernon, 1960),
"The Atomic Aces" (Alex Elmsley & Brother John Hamman, 1991)
2011 ZauberKunstStücke - Band 3 59
Tyler Wilson That's What Key Said selection is not on face, but falls out of deck when slapped, pseudo key card explanation as presentation 2012 Seventeen Secrets 47
John Lovick & David Regal Handsome in Love fair elimination process, last remaining card predicted inspired by "The Very Last Card" (David Regal, 2002) 2016 The Performance Pieces & Divertissements of the Famous Ha... 69