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Unknown The Missing Card card travels from pack to another pack to named number, sticky card 1937 Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 105
Rolland Hamblen Invisible Flight signed card travels into different sealed deck 1937 Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 288
Unknown Where Is It? stranger card 1940 Expert Card Technique 364
Greer Marechal Jr. Technicolor Transpose cards transpose from two different colored decks 1945 My Best 38
Bob Spencer Card Filtration red backed card travels to blue backed deck, red/blue double backer 1945 Ireland's Yearbooks (Section "Yearbook 1945") 4
Fred Fletcher Cherry Red Blues same card from red and blue deck are exchanged and put reversed in the other deck, then they travel back to the original pack, red-blue double backer 1946 The Phoenix 101-150 (Issue 111) 447
Al Leech Double Deck Transpo card travels to a second deck at chosen position 1949 For Card Men Only 30
Edward Marlo Effect One card from packet into odd-backed deck at named number 1953 Unlimited 9
Edward Marlo Red & Blue Routine I card travels from packet into odd-backed deck to chosen position 1953 Unlimited 36
Edward Marlo Red & Blue Routine II card travels from packet into odd-backed deck, then turns over there 1953 Unlimited 39
Edward Marlo Red & Blue Routine III card travels from packet into odd-backed deck twice 1953 Unlimited 40
Edward Marlo Card Vanish and Appearance vanish from five-card packet, reappearance in deck 1956 Action Palm 16
Edward Marlo The Guide Transposition card vanishes from packet an appears at chosen position in another deck 1961 Card to Wallet 25
Francis Haxton Odd Man Out three cards moved from one deck to another, selected one travels back, see also p. 206 & 236 for reference inspired by "Take Three" (Peter Warlock, Pentagram) 1968 The Pallbearers Review Vol. 1-4 (Vol. 3 No. 11) 208
Edward Marlo Blue Selection Transpo selection travels from blue to red deck, two methods 1976 Marlo's Magazine Volume 2 255
Gene Maze The Magnetic Card 1977 Packet Switches (Part Five) 341
Karl Fulves Works With Black free selection from blue-backed deck travels reversed into red-backed deck 1977 Impromptu Holdouts 21
Karl Fulves Premonition I red and blue deck, named one is missing from wanted deck and in other one, sleeving 1977 Impromptu Holdouts 31
Karl Fulves Premonition II same effect as Premonition I 1977 Impromptu Holdouts 32
Karl Fulves Notes ungaffed brainwave type approach 1979 Card Under Glass 84
Karl Fulves An Appearance poker and bridge deck, selection made in poker size deck, decks touched, selection jumps visibly into bridge deck 1979 Shape Changers 3
Karl Fulves One From Two two cards from poker deck put in bridge size deck, named one vanishes and travels back 1979 Shape Changers 5
Karl Fulves Club Duo two poker cards vanish from bridge size deck reappear reversed in poker size deck 1979 Shape Changers 7
Karl Fulves Here and There selection from poker size deck jumps into bridge deck and back, visitor 1979 Shape Changers 11
Edward Marlo Riffle Shuffle Drop-Off - First Application selection from blue deck travels to red deck, using riffle shuffle drop off transfer 1983 The Card Puzzle 23
Karl Fulves Late Arrival two decks with same back, random selection buried in one deck appears on top of other deck, impromptu duplicate from other deck inspired by "Coincidentally" (Charles T. Jordan, 1937) 1983 After Jordan 6
Jon Racherbaumer & Lee Freed Brain Waived signed card travels in second odd-backed deck, interesting method, see credit correction on page lxix inspired by "Tidal Wave" (Harry Lorayne & Ken Krenzel, 1983) 1984 The Collected Almanac (Vol. 2 No. Summer Extra) 221
Martin Lewis My Great-Great Grandfather's Card Trick Signed card travels to deck locked in antique wooden case 1985 Martin's Miracles 52
Edward Marlo Invisible Thought Transfer card thought of from 10 card packet vanishes, reappears in odd-backed deck, partial roughing, three methods 1989 So Soon? 36
Karl Fulves Passe Partout after seemingly fair cut & shuffle procedure spectator ends up with some face-up cards, this number is used to count down in second odd-backed deck, there is a card from first deck and its duplicate is found in original deck see also "Passe Part Two" (Karl Fulves, 1994) 1994 Crooked Tales 127
Karl Fulves Thot Lock signed card from red deck pops out of rubber-banded blue deck, Impromptu Haunted Deck 1996 New Card Rises 54