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Oswald Rae Foreword 1928 Sub Rosa vii
Oswald Rae Rae's Ten-Card Trick spectator removes ten cards and selects one, performer puts cards in pocket and removes selection, duplicates 1928 Sub Rosa 1
Oswald Rae Slap It "A Novel Colour-Changing Routine"
face card of deck changes several times, slapping on the deck, last in slow-motion
1928 Sub Rosa 4
Oswald Rae Multiple Slap Color Change 1928 Sub Rosa 4
Oswald Rae Cutting A Pack of Cards performer cuts any number of cards, four corner crimps 1928 Sub Rosa 7
Oswald Rae A Visible Servante hat to switch decks 1928 Sub Rosa 11
Oswald Rae Card Location card placed in the center and immediately palmed in right hand see also "Maskiertes Escamotieren" (Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster, 1896) 1928 Sub Rosa 13
Oswald Rae Stock Addition after Spectator's Shuffle palmed cards added when completing spectator's cut 1928 Sub Rosa 3
Oswald Rae A Remarkable Coincidence spectator cuts deck in three piles, remembers a card and cuts it back, second spectator locates card, two key cards 1928 Sub Rosa 14
Oswald Rae Spread Force face up, brief 1928 Sub Rosa 16
Oswald Rae Selected Smokes cigarettes of different brands are put in a bag, named brands are removed by performer, by touch 1928 Sub Rosa 18
Oswald Rae Cigarette Balancing three cigarettes are balanced on each other 1928 Sub Rosa 22
Oswald Rae Here and There cigarette travels from hand to hand, rice paper shell 1928 Sub Rosa 24
Oswald Rae "Gentleman, You May Smoke" lose tobacco and cigarette papers are put in a glass and transform into rolled cigarettes, glass is held by spectator and covered with a handkerchief 1928 Sub Rosa 26
Oswald Rae Improved "Penetra" glass filled with water penetrates hat and then vanishes in a bag, collapsible glass 1928 Sub Rosa 30
Oswald Rae A Waterproof Servante behind chair 1928 Sub Rosa 34
Oswald Rae Glass of Water and Hat glass vanishes in bag and reappears in hat, collapsible glass see also "Glass of water Through a Hat" (Oswald Rae, 1929) 1928 Sub Rosa 35
Oswald Rae Something from Nothing tube is sealed with paper and rubber bands on both ends, hole in paper and at will, black coffee, milk or milk coffee is produced, eventually sugar and biscuits are poured out 1928 Sub Rosa 36
Oswald Rae Call for Your Drinks tube is sealed with paper and rubber bands on both ends, hole in paper and at will, liquids are produced 1928 Sub Rosa 41
Oswald Rae Milady's Dorothy Bag (Improved Version) small bag with make up powder and soap, powder poured out and soap placed in powder box, then they change places again 1928 Sub Rosa 42
Oswald Rae The Vanishing Rifle rifle vanishes at the moment it is fired and later appears again 1928 Sub Rosa 48
Oswald Rae Bending a Piece of Glass framed piece of glass is put in large envelope and bent, when removed, glass is unharmed 1928 Sub Rosa 54
Oswald Rae A New Dye Tube dyeing silks with paper tube 1928 Sub Rosa 57
Oswald Rae Vanishing Handkerchief handkerchief vanishes in paper tube 1928 Sub Rosa 60
Oswald Rae Passe Passe Silks handkerchief travels from paper tube to paper tube, variation as a transposition 1928 Sub Rosa 60
Oswald Rae The Elusive Ring on named finger 1928 Sub Rosa 62
Oswald Rae Novelty Paper Tearing any name / word teared from paper 1928 Sub Rosa 64
Oswald Rae Switching Table flap 1928 Sub Rosa 65
Oswald Rae A Neat Colour Force 4x4 square numbered, to force a color 1928 Sub Rosa 66
Oswald Rae The Spirit Slate sum and name of actor appear on slate in paper bag, marked slates, Eureka flap 1928 Sub Rosa 68
Oswald Rae Number Force sum is forced 1928 Sub Rosa 71
Oswald Rae Forcing a Name of a Celebrity probability psychological force, and surefire force where names are written on piece of paper 1928 Sub Rosa 72
Oswald Rae Psycho-Analysis performer divines card and thought of name of a spectator by holding his wrist, then spectator divines thought of card from spectator 1928 Sub Rosa 77
Oswald Rae Clairvoyance (A Method of Answering Sealed Questions, etc., Specially Devised for Close Work with a Small Audience), envelopes on a tray, with medium 1928 Sub Rosa 82
Oswald Rae Miracles of Memory mental arithmetic, and list of words, interesting solution and presentation for the mental arithmetic 1928 Sub Rosa 91
Oswald Rae Mechanical Method props to help memorizing numbers 1928 Sub Rosa 98
Oswald Rae The Life Ray shadow cabinet, performer introduces life ray, shadow appears and performer (!) appears in cabinet 1928 Sub Rosa 102
Oswald Rae Foreword 1929 More Practical Patter i
Oswald Rae Sympathetic Silks brief description, two sets of three handkerchiefs, second phase, named color unties 1929 More Practical Patter 1
Oswald Rae The Vanishing Golf Club Golf club vanishes from newspaper and is produced from waistcoat pocket 1929 More Practical Patter 5
Oswald Rae Card and Cigarette three pieces of a signed and torn card in envelope transform into tobacco, card is found restored in cigarette, last piece fits 1929 More Practical Patter 8
Oswald Rae Glass of water Through a Hat brief see also "Glass of Water and Hat" (Oswald Rae, 1928) 1929 More Practical Patter 14
Oswald Rae Box of Matches and Silk silk appears then it changes places with matches in a matchbox 1929 More Practical Patter 17
Oswald Rae A Cue-Rious Case very brief, details in Oswald Rae's "Between Ourselves", billiard cue vanishes from huge envelope and appears back in cue case 1929 More Practical Patter 21
Oswald Rae The Four Aces with Conradi's Giant Cards, brief description 1929 More Practical Patter 24
Oswald Rae Candle and Bouquet two candles covered with tubes, transform into flower bouquets, one vanishes in the hands 1929 More Practical Patter 28
Oswald Rae The Mysterious Links very brief, details in Oswald Rae's "Between Ourselves", separate links form into a chain with tray 1929 More Practical Patter 32
Oswald Rae Cigarette Production miser's dream with cigarettes and a hat, finally a matchbox is produced 1929 More Practical Patter 34
Oswald Rae Paper Tearing Feats patter and jokes for paper tearing acts 1929 More Practical Patter 36
Oswald Rae The Sucker Die Box presentation and joker, brief routine outline 1929 More Practical Patter 39
Oswald Rae Foreword 1930 Original Magic i
Oswald Rae The Phoenix Card and Ring Mystery signed card is torn in quarters and put in an envelope, a finger ring is added and everything burnt with a candle, finger ring with rolled up restored card is found in ball of wool inside a parcel also published as "The Phoenix Card and Ring Mystery" in "The Magic Wand" 1930 Original Magic 1
Oswald Rae Adding Palmed Card on the Deck from pocket, transferring deck from hand to hand, while looking for a pencil 1930 Original Magic 4
Oswald Rae Creating a Duplicate Signature 1930 Original Magic 5
Oswald Rae Travelling Cigarettes several different brands of cigarette boxes, one is selected and a number is named, that amount of cigarettes travels in a sealed box also published as "Travelling Cigarettes" in "The Magic Wand" 1930 Original Magic 10
Oswald Rae The Magic Chimney Pot christmas themed routine, three empty socks are placed in a chimney model, socks fill up with food, then silks, flags and flowers are produced from the chimney also published as "The Magic Chimney Pot" in "The Magic Wand" 1930 Original Magic 16
Oswald Rae Flying Flowers four vases with flowers and flowers are removed, then the vanish one by one and appear in the vases again also published as "Flying Flowers" in "The Magic Wand" 1930 Original Magic 21
Oswald Rae Cinderella doll in box, spectator produces puppet clothes in a box, then they change into the dress the doll was wearing and the produced clothes found on the doll also published as "Cinderella" in "The Magic Wand" 1930 Original Magic 26
Oswald Rae A Lightning Silk Production handkerchief appears at fingertips, lapel also published as "A Lightning Silk Production" in "The Magic Wand" 1930 Original Magic 31
Oswald Rae Say It with Flowers ring is dropped in a glass under handkerchief and vanishes, then card is selected and duplicate rises from a jumbo deck in a houlette, performer makes a hole in the card and produces some flowers where spectator's ring is attached to, houlette on ribbon also published as " Say It with Flowers" in "The Linking Ring" 1930 Original Magic 33
Oswald Rae A Combination Wand multi-effect wand
- handkerchief appears on end of wand
- wand rises in hand
- wand is forced down a boy's throat
- ring climbs on wand, answers question
- stick to fingers
also published as "A Combination Wand" in " The Linking Ring" 1930 Original Magic 38
Oswald Rae A Suggested Combination wand wrapped in newspaper, signed cigarette changes into wand and newspaper is crushed, cigarette later found inside a candle also published as "A Suggested Combination" in "The British Ring" 1930 Original Magic 45
Oswald Rae Cigarette and Card tin box with fifty cigarettes, card is selected and handkerchief vanished, when box is opened, handkerchief is found and cigarettes arranged themselves to form the name of the selection also published as "Cigarette Card" in "The Sphinx" 1930 Original Magic 49
Oswald Rae A Novel Book Test page selected and line chosen by the aid of playing cards, line from page appears on blank card sealed in envelope also published as "A Novel Book Test" in "The Sphinx" 1930 Original Magic 53
Oswald Rae Simple Silk Sorcery chosen one of four different colored silks vanishes from paper cone and appears in desired envelope, with stand also published as "Simple Silk Sorcery" in "The Sphinx" 1930 Original Magic 57
Alan Shaxon & Oswald Rae It's a Hold-Up! ring, watch and bill disappear from handkerchief and reappear at finger, arm and in wallet see also "The Ring, the Watch and the Wallet" (Tommy Wonder, 1996) 1970 My Kind of Magic 14
Oswald Rae Cigarette and Bill thumb tip 1994 More Greater Magic 1240