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Paul Cummins & Steve Reynolds A Total Triumph new presentational twist 2002 FASDIU II 20
Steve Reynolds Finely Final Aces Ace Assembly based on Final Aces (Bro. John Hamman), without gaffs inspired by "Final Aces" (Brother John Hamman, 1989),
"Trilogy In Blue" (Edward Marlo, 1991)
2009 Route 52 9
Steve Reynolds & David Michael Evans Jumping Flash Transpo Sandwiched card between two Jacks transposes with tabled card inspired by "Jack-Flash Transpo" (Daryl Martinez & Jon Racherbaumer, At The Table, 1984) 2009 Route 52 17
Steve Reynolds A Trist on Twost Twisting the Aces with only spreads, no counting actions. Ends with Dr. Daley's Last Trick inspired by "Twisting the Aces" (Nick Trost, marketed) 2009 Route 52 23
Steve Reynolds Unsigned Card Reworked handling of Hamman's Signed Card plot 2009 Route 52 31
Steve Reynolds Fireback Aces Ace Assembly where they go in reverse, before collecting in performer's packet inspired by "Aces in Reverse" (Edward Marlo, 1942) 2009 Route 52 36
Steve Reynolds Day Time Visitor Larry Jenning's Visitor plot, done with only a packet inspired by "Jennings' Visitor" (Larry Jennings, 1969),
"Grasshopper (revised)" (Paul Harris, 1996)
2009 Route 52 42
Steve Reynolds U-Turn Twisting routine with a gambling theme inspired by "Pineapple Surprise '70" (Larry Jennings, 1997) 2009 Route 52 47
Steve Reynolds Ace, x, x, x, x, Ace Two Aces distribute in the deck to find two selections inspired by "Off-Shoot" (Jon Racherbaumer, 1975) 2009 Route 52 52
Steve Reynolds & Allan Ackerman The Splits Four Kings distribute to find four selections next to them inspired by "Separating Aces" (Edward Marlo, New Phoenix #338) 2009 Route 52 56
Edward Marlo & Steve Reynolds Layered Bold ATFUS inspired by "The Deep Face-Up Switch" (Edward Marlo, 1974) 2009 Route 52 57
Steve Reynolds A Spin on the Color-Changing Deck Find four Aces from the deck, rest of deck changes color 2009 Route 52 60
Steve Reynolds Mr Fogg Tracked Down Travelers with a minimal-palm approach inspired by "The Travelers" (Dai Vernon, 1950),
"Ambidextrous Travellers" (Larry Jennings, 1986),
"Magic Box" (Brother John Hamman, 1989)
2009 Route 52 65
Steve Reynolds Thanks You 2012 The Zarrow Work Book
Steve Reynolds Before You Sit to Shuffle 2012 The Zarrow Work Book 1
Steve Reynolds First Misconception on false shuffling and shuffling styles 2012 The Zarrow Work Book 2
Steve Reynolds Second Misconception 2012 The Zarrow Work Book 3
Steve Reynolds Fale Square Up: Four Parts 2012 The Zarrow Work Book 4
Steve Reynolds Part One: The True Shuffle - The Starting Grip
- Practice Aid
- The Split
- The Weave
2012 The Zarrow Work Book 5
Steve Reynolds Part Two: The Two Square Ups - The True Square Up
- The False Square Up
- Holding Back
- Setting the Fan
- The Unweave and Lift
- The Simulated Square Up/Bobble Cover
- Second Thrust
2012 The Zarrow Work Book 13