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Rovi Book Choice any book, card force 1979 Pabular (Vol. 5 No. 6) 691
Rovi Ivor's Control 1980 Pabular (Vol. 6 No. 1) 789
Rovi Are You Colour Blind? two cards taped together, used like a pocket card 1980 Rovi Reveals 6
Rovi Your Card Plus Four Aces selection is found reversed in the deck, first the four aces and the joker are produced 1980 Rovi Reveals 11
Rovi Reputation Maker very similar to Eddie Fields "Tripartite" see also "Tripartite" (Eddie Fields, 1976) 1980 Rovi Reveals 14
Rovi Card Through Table card falls into spectator's hand, duplicate inspired by "Through the Table" (John Benzais, 1962) 1980 Rovi Reveals 17
Rovi Safe Bet selection is revealed and vanishes from the deck, with wallet 1980 Rovi Reveals 20
Rovi Three Pack Coincidence three decks are cut and position marked, all three cards are the same 1980 Rovi Reveals 22
Rovi Addition from Case with blu-tack 1980 Rovi Reveals 22
Rovi Cut Force similar to a criss-cross force, but a single card marks position 1980 Rovi Reveals 23
Rovi You Will Take the Joker selection changes into joker on spectator's palm 1980 Rovi Reveals 25
Rovi Top Change while turning card over 1980 Rovi Reveals 26
Rovi Just for a Change two decks, card is put in other deck, other card is reversed and selection transforms into reversed card 1980 Rovi Reveals 29
Rovi The Rovi Pass with side jogged card 1980 Rovi Reveals 32
Rovi Rovi Colour Change 1980 Rovi Reveals 34
Rovi Table Steal and Control card is secretly held out clipped to table top 1980 Rovi Reveals 36
Rovi Watched Coins four coins appear and vanish, gaffed watch 1980 Rovi Reveals 38
Rovi Simplicity Card in Wallet duplicate 1982 Pabular (Vol. 7 No. 2) 989
Rovi Double Force application inspired by "Backslip Force" (1948) 1982 Pabular (Vol. 7 No. 2) 990