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William Goodwin & Ray Kosby The Camel's Back straw wrapper is torn and restored, then reappears around straw 1985 The New York Magic Symposium - Collection 4 88
William Goodwin The Cannibal Cards interlaced vanish 1988 Lecture 1988 1
Edward Marlo & William Goodwin Fan KM Move 1988 Lecture 1988 1
William Goodwin For One Transposition isolated four-of-a-kind transposes with selection in deck 1988 Lecture 1988 3
William Goodwin Unload on Deck 1988 Lecture 1988 2
William Goodwin Coin and Card Exchange inspired by "Two-Bit Sandwich" (Frank Simon, 1984),
"Strange Exchange" (Paul Harris, 1996)
1988 Lecture 1988 5
William Goodwin Coin Cut O'Glue coin vanishes from top of deck, reappears next to selection 1988 Lecture 1988 7
William Goodwin Ring Through Stick thread 1988 Lecture 1988 8
William Goodwin Camel Cigarette Prediction marked place on cigarette pack is predicted inspired by "Cellophane Surprise" (Allen Okawa, 1996) 1988 Lecture 1988 9
William Goodwin Psychic Matchbooks name written on flap of one of several matchbooks, matchbook and name divined 1988 Lecture 1988 11
William Goodwin Torn and Restored Straw Wrapper 1988 Lecture 1988 13
William Goodwin References 1988 Lecture 1988 15
William Goodwin A Case of Mistaken Identity selection put in case, 4 kings outside, transposition 1990 Spectacle 51
William Goodwin Pickpocket Collectors kings in hand, three selections in different pockets, selection appear between kings, kings vanish and travel to pockets 1993 Notes from the Batcave 1
William Goodwin & Philip T. Goldstein Propelled Penetration Plus signed card penetrates booklet several times, then appears inside its pages, extension of Goldstein's "Propelled Penetration" (Shattershot) 1993 Notes from the Batcave 3
Ray Kosby & William Goodwin Surgical Copper/Silver inspired by "Copper/Silver Metamorphosis" (John Hostler, Linking Ring July 1987, Vol. 67 No. 7, p. 71) 1993 Notes from the Batcave 5
William Goodwin Close Up Cigarette Production involving matchbook 1993 Notes from the Batcave 8
William Goodwin Cigarette Switch 1993 Notes from the Batcave 14
William Goodwin Bill in Cigarette brief 1993 Notes from the Batcave 15
William Goodwin Plunger Sandwich sandwich cards rise out of deck with selection in between, ace production kicker 1993 Notes from the Batcave 16
William Goodwin Aces For Idiots aces face up in center, vanish one by one until selected ace remains, reappear in different positions, sucker element 1993 Notes from the Batcave 18
William Goodwin Pre-Pre-Figuration starts with four-of-a-kind on bottom inspired by "Prefiguration" (Larry Jennings, 1986) 1993 Notes from the Batcave 21
William Goodwin Bottom Deal Upjog Switch touched card is upjogged 1993 Notes from the Batcave 21
William Goodwin & Ray Kosby The Un-Topsy-Turvy Deck halfs are left telescoped and spread - one half visibly rights see also "Sensuous Shuffle" (Paul Harris, 1984),
varied by "Standing Up to Ray & Bill" (Nathan Kranzo, 2007)
1996 The Looking Glass (Issue 2) 73
William Goodwin The Exhibitionist in the hands triumph, without selection 1996 The Trapdoor - Volume Three (Issue 62) 1198
William Goodwin Mechanical Reverse Variation 1996 The Trapdoor - Volume Three (Issue 62) 1198
William Goodwin Triumph Disply incomplete faro, riffling through both halves 1996 The Trapdoor - Volume Three (Issue 62) 1199
William Goodwin Block Turnover Force from spread, Two Ton Transpo 1996 Miracles with Cards 2
Dai Vernon & William Goodwin & Larry Jennings Reconstructing the Professor's Princess - Method One (Dai Vernon)
- Method Two (Larry Jennings)
- Method Three (Dai Vernon and Larry Jennings)
- Method Four (Dai Vernon, Larry Jennings and William Goodwin)
1997 Jennings '67 88
William Goodwin A Trick for a Danish Prince rubber band on top of deck visually encircles entire deck 1997 The Ancient Empty Street 1
William Goodwin Lunch with Leipzig 1997 The Ancient Empty Street 2
William Goodwin Subtlety for Screened Leipzig Pass for Ron Bauer's "Screened Leipzig Pass" (Genii 47/2, Feb 1983, p. 113) 1997 The Ancient Empty Street 2
Michael Skinner & William Goodwin New Year's Resolution spectator cuts deck in four piles and selects four cards from second deck, those values are used to count down to the aces in the four piles 1997 The Ancient Empty Street 3
William Goodwin Pack Flip 1997 The Ancient Empty Street 5
William Goodwin & Roy Walton Trigger Variation apparently deck is turned over, but only single card is turned over and rest remains, similar to "Trigger" 1997 The Ancient Empty Street 5
William Goodwin Selection Foretold selection matches in value the prediction-three-of-a-kind, face-up classic force with out 1997 The Ancient Empty Street 7
William Goodwin Three Phase Exchange top card transposes with reversed card in center 3 times 1997 The Ancient Empty Street 9
Daryl Martinez & William Goodwin Bold Center Unload as double is stroked, bottom card is unloaded in center 1997 The Ancient Empty Street 10
William Goodwin Off Balance Transposition three phases, single card with four-of-a-kind 1997 The Ancient Empty Street 12
William Goodwin The Delayed False Shuffle in-the-hands-spread delay 1997 The Ancient Empty Street 15
William Goodwin Delayed Triumph 1997 The Ancient Empty Street 16
Larry Jennings & William Goodwin Even Higher Math inspired by "Higher Math" (Jack Birnman, 1996) 1998 The Looking Glass (Issue 4) 144
William Goodwin Variation of "He Who Spelt it, Dealt it" sent in by Ray Kosby inspired by "He Who Spelt It, Dealt It" (David Williamson, 1989) 1998 The Looking Glass (Issue 4) 168
William Goodwin Hold the Mayo four aces appear between 2 black kings see also "Royal Mayo" (David Solomon, 2002),
"Three Card Monte Burns" (Ben Train, 2012)
2000 Card College - Volume 4 954
William Goodwin All in One ungaffed 2002 Constant Fooling 1 57
William Goodwin King Brand red kings between black fours, they transpose two times, then Daley's Last varied by "The King Is Gone, But He's Not Forgotten" (Aaron Fisher, 2002),
"One Good Winner" (Allan Ackerman & Darrin Martineau, 2002)
2002 Penumbra (Issue 1) 14
William Goodwin The Floating Add-On 2002 Penumbra (Issue 2) 12
Roy Walton & William Goodwin & Shannon Clark Pinkerton's Surprise progressive sandwich with four-of-a-kind production kicker inspired by "Pinkerton's Ladies" (Roy Walton, 2002) 2002 Penumbra (Issue 4) 15
Shahin Zarkesch & Scott Robinson & William Goodwin Slap! selection placed between aces vanishes, from pocket comes a card that turns out to be 4 aces, selection remains in hand, see credit information for the unequal transposition plot in Issue 8, p. 1, and Issue 9, p. 1, for additional credit information on this effect see Issue 10, p. 1 2004 Penumbra (Issue 7) 16
William Goodwin Unequal Transposition - Credit Information see also addition in Issue 9, p. 1 see also "Never Underestimate" (Robert (Bob) Hess*, 1970) 2004 Penumbra (Issue 8) 1
William Goodwin The Queens four queens disappear and reappear one at a time on top of deck 2004 Penumbra (Issue 8) 10
William Goodwin & Carmen D'Amico & Roy Walton Paint Brush Change as Vanish one of several cards vanishes, see also Carmen D'Amico's "Double Lift Upset" (Compleat K.M. Move, p. 11), for credit correction see Issue 11, p. 1 2004 Penumbra (Issue 8) 10
Harry Houdini & William Goodwin & Larry Jennings Houdini Color Change as Vanish 2004 Penumbra (Issue 8) 15
William Goodwin Postcards Prediction CATO, Koenig's Tapestry, prediction combo with postcards instead of playing cards 2004 Dear Mr. Fantasy 158
William Goodwin & Larry Jennings The Goodwin/Jennings Display 2004 Dear Mr. Fantasy 179
William Goodwin Bunny Ears handling for Paul Curry's "Linked" (Phoenix 123) with shoelaces on shoe inspired by "Linked" (Paul Curry, 1947) 2005 Penumbra (Section "9 Lazarus Insert") 2
William Goodwin & Gordon Bruce Block Turnover Force from spread, Two Ton Transpo 2007 Best of Friends - Volume III 81
William Goodwin & Gordon Bruce Goodwin/Bruce (GB) Switch turning over half the deck as one card with right hand spread cover 2009 Penumbra (Issue 11) 17
William Goodwin & Larry Jennings Goodwin/Jennings Display 2014 The EH Team 36
Ricky Smith & Ray Kosby & William Goodwin Two Phase Ambitious Card Routine inspired by "A Foregone Conclusion" (Ray Kosby & Bill Goodwin, Genii June 2000) 2015 Nothing as it Seems 37
William Goodwin Duplex Elevator effect using only four cards. inspired by "Surprise Follow the Leader" (Gianni Pasqua, The Linking Ring, Sept. 1987),
"Leadership Potential" (Tom Frame, 1996),
see also "Penetration" (Ed Marlo, The Sphinx, June 1948),
"Ambitious 1-2-3-4" (Roy Walton, 1975)
2015 Semi-Automatic Card Tricks - Volume 9 33