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Ryan Plunkett Introduction 2016 Some Assembly Required 8
Ryan Plunkett Patet Pondus 1. Charpentier's Dream: Deck placed in box with cellophane window. Cased deck felt to gradually lose weight, before shown to be empty
2. Invisible Deck Monte: Three deck monte with card cases, cases start out empty, but then one of the boxes felt to suddenly grow heavy - deck produced from it
2016 Some Assembly Required 11
Ryan Plunkett The Mexican-American War Three blank cards, predictions written on them, match three freely selected cards inspired by R.M. Jamison's Touch Variation, Hugard's Annual of Magic (1937),
"Touch" (Paul Curry, 2001)
2016 Some Assembly Required 20
Harapan Ong & Ryan Plunkett Stock Lines Stock Lines: Ad lib game for magicians, made into structured routine that dictates the card trick 2016 Some Assembly Required 27
Ryan Plunkett Pac-Man Sam Pacman drawn on card jumps from card to card, swallowing pellets. Ghost appears, then selection travels to card box. inspired by "Stickman Sam" (Mark Mason, released with JB Magic, 2006),
varied by "Ms. Pac-Man" (Justin Purcell, 2016)
2016 Some Assembly Required 33
Ryan Plunkett Fly By Night Three Fly routine using large, different-colored discs 2016 Some Assembly Required 47
Ryan Plunkett Notes Funny ideas 2016 Some Assembly Required 56
Ryan Plunkett & Michael Feldman Introduction 2017 A New Angle 7
Ryan Plunkett & Michael Feldman The Basics Misconceptions about tapered decks, terminology and basic handlings 2017 A New Angle 11
Ryan Plunkett & Michael Feldman How to Cut Cards How to cut/shave tapered decks, how to round corners 2017 A New Angle 18
Ryan Plunkett Collect Yourself Three cards selected and lost, four Aces magically appear on top of the deck, then three cards appear sandwiched between the Aces

(Includes Syd Segal's Collector's Edition as an alternate ending)
2017 A New Angle 24
Ryan Plunkett Dual Thought Two cards lost and found under "test conditions" inspired by "Blown Away" (Juan Tamariz, 1987) 2017 A New Angle 38
Ryan Plunkett Shuffleupagus Deck shuffled by two spectators, then shown to be almost separated into red and blacks. Deck shuffled again, now in new deck order. inspired by "The One Handed Faro Miracle" (Roger Smith, Necromancer, Vol. 1, No. 6, 1971),
varied by "Shuffleupagus Redux" (Ryan Plunkett, 2017)
2017 A New Angle 40
Ryan Plunkett Shuffleupagus Redux Deck is shuffled and shown to be mixed, shuffled again, placed in box. When taken out, deck is in new deck order (in the hands routine, no table required) inspired by "Shuffleupagus" (Ryan Plunkett, 2017) 2017 A New Angle 49
Ryan Plunkett A Satisfying Sequence Getting a card turned end for end and returned reversed in the deck, out of magician's hands 2017 A New Angle 58
Ryan Plunkett & Michael Feldman Stay Stack: An Introduction Describing the basics of Stay Stacks 2017 A New Angle 60
Ryan Plunkett Twin Peeks Know which card spectator is peeking at during riffle peek see also "The Nearly Final Countdown" (Ryan Plunkett, 2017) 2017 A New Angle 64
Ryan Plunkett The Nearly Final Countdown Spectator peeks at card, mates appear at same position in two halves see also "Twin Peeks" (Ryan Plunkett, 2017) 2017 A New Angle 76
Ryan Plunkett Ode to Rusduck Card is divined and location divined by magician 2017 A New Angle 79
Ryan Plunkett & Michael Feldman Triumph: An Introduction 2017 A New Angle 112
Ryan Plunkett The Hallucinogenic Shuffle As deck is shuffled, more and more face up cards appear. Selection made, lost, dead cut to selection, then deck is all face down 2017 A New Angle 122
Ryan Plunkett Flash Triumph Clean handling of Triumph, selection appears in deck suddenly after all cards shown to have turned face down first 2017 A New Angle 131
Ryan Plunkett & Michael Feldman Epilogue 2017 A New Angle 157