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Scotty York Ringer see also "Three Round Ringer" (Scotty York & Danny Korem & Chuck Morris & Dan Garrett, 1985) 1972 Kabbala - Volume 2 (Vol. 2 No. 2) 9
Scotty York & Richard Himber York's Stab Surprise razor blade card trick, see Surprise Stab Revisited for an updated version see also "Surprise Stab Revisited" (Scotty York & Richard Himber, 1975) 1973 Kabbala - Volume 2 (Vol. 2 No. 6) 42
Scotty York Introduction on spending a week with Charlie Miller 1975 Coins i
Scotty York The Back Clip method to bring the coin into Goshman/Tenkai pinch 1975 Coins 1
Scotty York A Triple Penetration of a Coin Through the Hand three times, two coins varied by "More Than a Penetration" (Mike Gallo, 1984) 1975 Coins 3
Scotty York Coin Sleeving similar to the one in Derek Dingle's routine see also "Two Coppers" (Derek Dingle, 1972) 1975 Coins 4
Scotty York A Transposition of Two Copper Coins With a Silver Coin based on a version of Conrad Haden, final climax transposition from spectator's breast pocket to hand 1975 Coins 5
Scotty York Coin Toss coin is tossed from back clip and not from fingertips, switch 1975 Coins 3
Scotty York Triple Change Spellbound brass to silver, copper and back to brass 1975 Coins 11
Scotty York The Ring and the Penny Test gag, penny is dropped through ring, coin grows when spectator wants to try 1975 Coins 16
Scotty York & Roger Klause & Conrad H. Haden Another Excedrin Headache for Roger based on Conrad Haden's "The Silver and Two Copper Transposition", with aspirin box that fills with pills 1975 Coins 17
Scotty York Han Ping Chien Again two phases, with three silver and three copper coins, see also Gerald Kosky's "Penetrating Coin" in "The Gen" (vol. 10 no. 11) 1975 Coins 21
Scotty York & Edward G. Brown The "Blue Phantom," Close-Up copper and silver coins, with cone and die 1975 Coins 23
Scotty York Coins To Glass four coins 1975 Coins 27
Scotty York & Frank Thompson A Nonokito - Okito Routine selected coin travels into box, coin penetrates box, card case and falls into a glass 1975 Coins 31
Scotty York & David Roth Coin Steal when coins are put into box 1975 Coins 35
Scotty York Preface anecdote of Charlie Miller 1975 Cups & Balls
Scotty York The "X-Rated" Cups and Balls Routine three cups, no loads from pockets, seated 1975 Cups & Balls 1
Scotty York The Basic Move hiding a big ball in the cup 1975 Cups & Balls 3
Scotty York Fake Wand-Spin Vanish 1975 Cups & Balls 7
Scotty York & Larry Jennings Center of the Mat Cup Load Jennings' loading sequence without the handkerchief see also "The Larry Jennings Chop Cup Routine" (Larry Jennings, 1977) 1975 Cups & Balls 12
Scotty York The "Technicolor X-Rated" Cups and Balls with different colored balls 1975 Cups & Balls 13
Scotty York Introduction 1975 Lecture 1
Scotty York Three Coins and A Ring two phases, coin assembly (to ring) and coins across 1975 Lecture 3
Scotty York Click Pass 1975 Lecture 6
Scotty York Goldfinger coins and purse turn into gold, golden thumb tip 1975 Lecture 12
Scotty York Purse Switch seated 1975 Lecture 14
Scotty York A Ring Trilogy two ring on string moments, then ring penetrates finger and is linked to safety pin 1975 Lecture 21
Scotty York Ringer reprint from Kabbala see also "Ringer" (Scotty York, 1972) 1975 Lecture 27
Scotty York & Chuck Smith The Fabulous Red Snapper bill ends up in a snapper 1975 Lecture 29
Scotty York Bill Corner Switch 1975 Lecture 30
Scotty York & Richard Himber Surprise Stab Revisited razor blade card trick see also "York's Stab Surprise" (Scotty York & Richard Himber, 1973) 1975 Lecture 36
Scotty York The Back Clip method to bring the coin into Goshman/Tenkai pinch 1975 Lecture 39
Scotty York A Production of a Coin from a Dollar Bill 1975 Lecture 41
Scotty York A Classic Copper and Silver 1975 Lecture 42
Scotty York Ditching a Coin in Shirt while throwing coin in the other hand, coin is ditched 1975 Lecture 43
Scotty York Another Perspective on Chink-A-Chink 1975 Lecture 44
Larry Jennings & Scotty York Thumb Kick thumb flick, credited to Jennings, claims to be the first using it for a chink a chink 1975 Lecture 46
Scotty York A "Bit" with Four Coins coins through table, as a climax a drill appears 1975 Lecture 47
Scotty York Coin Lapping while Picking Up Coins 1975 Lecture 48
Scotty York & Slydini Coin Lapping while Turning Hand Over similar to Slydini's Revolve Vanish 1975 Lecture 48
Scotty York & Roger Klause Coin Lapping with Sound similar as in Tri-Vanish see also "Tri-Vanish" (Al Schneider, 1975) 1975 Lecture 49
Scotty York Coin Through Table with Lapping 1975 Lecture 49
Scotty York & Samuel Berland Simplex Card in the Purse card is signed by performer and spectator then torn and vanished only to be rediscovered and restored in the purse 1975 Lecture 51
Scotty York Modernized Cap and Pence 1980 Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 3 No. 1) 289
Scotty York The Ring's the Thing inspired by "Ring Opening" (Roland Hurley, 1979) 1980 Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 3 No. 12) 424
Al Smith (reviewer) Coin in Cigarette Lighter by Scotty York 1982 Pabular (Vol. 7 No. 3) 1011
Scotty York & Danny Korem & Chuck Morris & Dan Garrett Three Round Ringer three phases see also "Ringer" (Scotty York, 1972) 1985 Korem without Limits 92
Scotty York Back Clip Variation 1986 The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings 79
Scotty York Apocalypse Variations or Additions inspired by "Royal Error" (Marvin Steiner, 1985) 1986 Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 9 No. 3) 1182
Randy Wakeman & Scotty York Mini Surprise Stab miniature deck, two methods, deck shredded, based on York's "Surprise Stab" 1987 Special Effects 18
Scotty York Two for Mullica Mullica Wallet 1991 Card to Wallet 114
Scotty York Flap Case card case with blank card as flap in it 1991 Smoke and Mirrors 75
Alexander de Cova & Scotty York 1. Scotty York's Razor Blade Card Trick as deck switch application 1991 Avantgarde Magic (Vol. 1 No. 4) 8