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Arthur Buckley Spell It spelling every card with 11 letters except for 4 exceptions, card is placed at position 11 by simply picking up a break while spreading for selection 1937 Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 46
Arthur Buckley Indetecto divining chosen number and card, impromptu punched card with finger nail 1937 Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 83
Arthur Buckley Knock 'Em Dead any card stopped at is predicted, alternating set-up and billet index 1937 Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 195
Arthur Buckley Cards and Pockets number of cut off cards is divined, deck in pocket, any named card instantly produced 1937 Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 241
Orville Wayne Meyer & Arthur Buckley Twin Prediction - The Improved Buckley Method full deck stack and billet index 1940 The Jinx 51-100 (Issue 82) 530
Arthur Buckley Side-Bottom Pass side steal to bottom 1943 / 27 Tarbell Course in Magic - Volume 3 183
Arthur Buckley Novelty Straight Count 1943 / 27 Tarbell Course in Magic - Volume 3 210
Arthur Buckley The Strip injog and strip-out see also "Cull De Stack" (John Bannon, 2004) 1946 Card Control 12
Arthur Buckley A Blind Riffle Shuffle zarrow type 1946 Card Control 12
Clayton Rawson & Arthur Buckley The Force That Couldn't Be 1946 Card Control 14
Arthur Buckley Greek Shift - Buckley's Method greek break 1946 Card Control 19
Arthur Buckley Hindu Shift transferring a card from top to bottom while hindu shuffling 1946 Card Control 19
Arthur Buckley Multiple Shift - Buckley's Method brings the cards on top of a facedown deck 1946 Card Control 22
Arthur Buckley Buckley's Slap Shift transfers a card from bottom to top of packet which spectator dealt onto magicians hand 1946 Card Control 23
Arthur Buckley Buckley's Single Card Shift to bottom after peek 1946 Card Control 25
Arthur Buckley Buckley´s Method of Secretly Placing a Bridge springing the cards two times from hand to hand 1946 Card Control 28
Arthur Buckley Buckley´s "Out of this World" False Shuffle and Cut only bottom half is disturbed, in the hands 1946 Card Control 29
Arthur Buckley separating reds from blacks 1946 Card Control 29
Arthur Buckley The Invisible Location (One Hand) 1946 Card Control 38
Arthur Buckley Buckley's Reverse from bottom to center, while riffle shuffling 1946 Card Control 39
Arthur Buckley Sighting while Cutting the Pack using buckling action 1946 Card Control 40
Arthur Buckley Buckley´s Method of Sighting while Fanning the Cards fanning a small packet 1946 Card Control 43
Arthur Buckley Buckley´s Diagonal Location 1946 Card Control 45
Arthur Buckley Buckley´s Method for Dealing Seconds 1946 Card Control 47
Arthur Buckley The Count one-handed turnover of top card 1946 Card Control 52
Arthur Buckley The False Count for More 1946 Card Control 53
Arthur Buckley The Side Steal Palm - Buckley´s Method diagonal push-in 1946 Card Control 57
Arthur Buckley Original Methods of Palming Cards from the Bottom of the Pack 1946 Card Control 58
Arthur Buckley The Perfect Card Palm left thumb swings under top card(s) 1946 Card Control 61
Arthur Buckley Buckley's Multiple Card Palm Steal 1946 Card Control 63
Arthur Buckley Buckley's Double Peek Location Shuffle and Palm 1946 Card Control 65
Arthur Buckley Buckley's Top Palm Slide Off 1946 Card Control 67
Arthur Buckley Top Palm one or Several Cards also as a replacement as mentioned at the end 1946 Card Control 71
Arthur Buckley A Novel Palm see also "Methods of controlling & palming. Four: Bent Cop" (Guy Hollingworth, 1999) 1946 Card Control 74
Arthur Buckley Hindu Shuffle and Cut Location 1946 Card Control 77
Arthur Buckley Buckley's Method of Double Cutting Cards to the Top of the Pack 1946 Card Control 78
Arthur Buckley One Hand Crimp - Your Card? featuring bottom card longitudinal crimp 1946 Card Control 90
Arthur Buckley The Count (Second Method) 1946 Card Control 91
Arthur Buckley The Palm Unsurpassed card almost bent in half 1946 Card Control 91
Arthur Buckley Bottom Palm of a Single Card 1946 Card Control 92
Arthur Buckley Bottom Stock Blind Shuffle 1946 Card Control 102
Arthur Buckley Retaining the Stock 1946 Card Control 102
Arthur Buckley Dealing from the Bottom mentioning the idea to deal bottoms to all players except oneself and performing OOTW with bottom deals 1946 Card Control 105
Arthur Buckley Restoring the Cut (My Pet Method) includes setting bridge during riffle shuffle, reads like a classic pass 1946 Card Control 110
Arthur Buckley Demonstration Build of the Four Aces using the Buckley Double Cuts cutting system to stack cards 1946 Card Control 114
Arthur Buckley A Cold Deck Warmed Up switching 48 cards (deck minus aces) and stack aces into positions 1946 Card Control 115
Arthur Buckley An Original Method of Restoring the Cut - Fourth Method halfs are swiped off the table 1946 Card Control 121
Arthur Buckley Card Manipulations which cards to use and how to prepare them for manipulations 1946 Card Control 123
Arthur Buckley Lighting 1946 Card Control 126
Arthur Buckley Music 1946 Card Control 126
Arthur Buckley A Vanish of a Card from the Top of the Pack face-up with wrist turn 1946 Card Control 127
Arthur Buckley Back Palm withthe Open Fingers deep back palm, applications for manipulations follow 1946 Card Control 127
Arthur Buckley The Bent Fingers, Back Palm and Recovery recovery from deep back palm ending in fan production 1946 Card Control 128
Arthur Buckley The Thumb Palm Move (An original piece of manipulative deception) transfer to show hands emtpy utilizing back thumb palm 1946 Card Control 131
Arthur Buckley The Slide Up Vanish fake transfer using back palm 1946 Card Control 134
Arthur Buckley A Card is Vanished and Reappears at the very Tips of the first and second Fingers basic back palming with fingertip production 1946 Card Control 136
Arthur Buckley Reverse Palming without Swinging the Arm and also without using the Thumb finessed Pivot 1946 Card Control 136
Arthur Buckley The Fan Vanish 1946 Card Control 138
Arthur Buckley A Fan of Cards Disappears fake transfer using Clip Palm 1946 Card Control 140
Arthur Buckley The Change Over - A very pretty and deceptive Piece of Card Manipulation hand washing with back and front palming 1946 Card Control 143
Arthur Buckley The Steal recover from deep back palm 1946 Card Control 146
Arthur Buckley Split Fans "Back Palming a Pack of Fifty-Two Cards and Reproducing them in a Series of Fans" 1946 Card Control 147
Arthur Buckley Transposition Experiment No. 1 - double lift, mexican turnover 1946 Card Control 150
Arthur Buckley Confusion Experiment No. 2, a bit unclear indeed 1946 Card Control 151
Arthur Buckley Do You See Red? Experiment No. 3 - one of four black cards changes to red and back 1946 Card Control 153
Arthur Buckley Matching Pairs Experiment No. 4 - spectator and magician select card from a half, same value, repeated a couple of times 1946 Card Control 154
Arthur Buckley The Lost Aces Experiment No. 5 - aces are lost and indifferent cards transform into aces 1946 Card Control 155
Arthur Buckley Charlier Location and Speller Experiment No. 7 - cutting at the same position as a spectator and spelling application 1946 Card Control 157
Arthur Buckley Charlier Pass as a Secret Sleight opinion 1946 Card Control 157
Arthur Buckley The Card Through Case Experiment No. 8 - very direct handling for Staring him in the Face 1946 Card Control 158
Arthur Buckley The Unexpected Ending Experiment No. 9 - two selections, one turns over, other is counted to 1946 Card Control 159
Arthur Buckley Birds of a Feather Experiment No. 10 1946 Card Control 160
Arthur Buckley Simplicity Experiment No. 11 - face card changes to peeked card 1946 Card Control 161
Arthur Buckley Next to Yours! Experiment No. 12 - two cards are placed above and below selection 1946 Card Control 162
Arthur Buckley Four Chances - A Novel Card Location Experiment No. 13 - position where spectator cuts to is estimated 1946 Card Control 163
Arthur Buckley Naming the Top Card Experiment No. 14 - top card glimpse while looking at bottom 1946 Card Control 164
Arthur Buckley & Carmen D'Amico A Gambler's Aid Experiment No. 15 - featuring a tabled double lift 1946 Card Control 166
Arthur Buckley A Card Gets Out of Hand Experiment No. 16 1946 Card Control 167
Arthur Buckley A Difficult Routine Experiment No. 17 - presented differently with four forced selections (aces) 1946 Card Control 168
Arthur Buckley Lost and Found Experiment No. 18 - card vanishes and is found via second deal stop trick 1946 Card Control 170
Arthur Buckley The Mysterious Marker Experiment No. 19 - locator card transforms into selection 1946 Card Control 171
Arthur Buckley Blackjacks Experiment No. 20 - jacks far appart travel around selection see also "Slap Jack" (Father Cyprian, 1971) 1946 Card Control 172
Arthur Buckley The Ladies and the Deuces Experiment No. 21 - with cards to pockets climax 1946 Card Control 174
Arthur Buckley Transition Experiment No. 22 - 4 kings with 4 aces 1946 Card Control 175
Arthur Buckley The Ambitious Card Experiment No. 23 1946 Card Control 177
Arthur Buckley The Mix-Up Experiment No. 24 1946 Card Control 179
Arthur Buckley Wishful Thinking Experiment No. 25 - peeked card comes to top in clean manner 1946 Card Control 181
Arthur Buckley Color Memory Experiment No. 26 - inferior handling done from the pack 1946 Card Control 183
Arthur Buckley Think of a Number Experiment No. 27 - spectator remembers card at thought of position 1946 Card Control 184
Arthur Buckley A Brilliant Climax (My Pet Effect) Experiment No. 28 - 4 selections are produced which change to aces and back in a kick-back-kind effect 1946 Card Control 185
Arthur Buckley An Ace Introduction Experiment No. 29 1946 Card Control 189
Arthur Buckley The Aces and the Chosen Card Experiment No. 30 - aces are lost, selection appears on top and changes to aces, repeated 3 times 1946 Card Control 190
Arthur Buckley Quintuplets Experiment No. 31 - 5 cards 1946 Card Control 193
Arthur Buckley The Slop Over Card Location Experiment No. 32 - using slop shuffle 1946 Card Control 195
Sid Lorraine & Arthur Buckley Slop Shuffle 1946 Card Control 196
Arthur Buckley Card and Pocket Mystery Experiment No. 33 - one in pocket, one under foot, duplicate 1946 Card Control 197
Arthur Buckley Your Favorite Ace Experiment No. 34 - named aces appear at named numbers, surprise transposition at end 1946 Card Control 199
Arthur Buckley The Double Surprise Experiment No. 35 - faced halves, 2 selections appear where packets meet 1946 Card Control 202
Arthur Buckley The Chivalrous Kings and The Four Ladies Experiment No. 36 - 4 duplicates 1946 Card Control 203
Arthur Buckley A Quickie Experiment No. 37 - backed instead of faced 1946 Card Control 206
Arthur Buckley Four Aces Par Excellence Experiment No. 38 - aces instead of selection 1946 Card Control 206
Arthur Buckley The Obstrusive Queens Experiment No. 39 - using 2 black queens 1946 Card Control 207
Arthur Buckley The Illusive Transfer Experiment No. 40 1946 Card Control 208
Arthur Buckley Card in Pocket Book Experiment No. 41 [An old plot with a new and simplified method] - using reel (!) 1946 Card Control 209
Arthur Buckley The Hindu Aces Experiment No. 42 - ace production followed by assembly varied by "The Fake Change" (Edward Marlo, 1959) 1946 Card Control 211
Arthur Buckley The Four Bandits Expermient No. 43 - jacks are produced, inserted in middle and come to top, deck is separated in reds and blacks 1946 Card Control 213
Arthur Buckley Apparently Placing Cards in Box 1946 Card Control 204
Arthur Buckley Covered Side-Steal top card cover 1946 Card Control 173
Arthur Buckley Milk and Silk Transposition two glasses, one with milk, one with silk transpose 1948 / 27 Tarbell Course in Magic - Volume 5 35
Arthur Buckley Four Coins to a Glass 1952 Modern Coin Magic 160
Arthur Buckley Bottom Clip Steal clip steal to bottom from "Triple Climax" ("Thirty Card Effect", written by Fitzkee), brief 1957 Side Steal 22
Edward Marlo & Arthur Buckley Shuffle Shift and Palm Off overhand shuffle multiple shift with palm off 1961 The Multiple Shift 27
Arthur Buckley Bottom Reverse - Arthur Buckley's Reverse when getting into riffle shuffle packets kiss 1969 Expert Card Mysteries 13
Arthur Buckley Reproducing the Back Palmed Coin 1981 Modern Art Of Coin Manipulation 40
Arthur Buckley The Buckley Spread 4 coin roll out 1981 Modern Art Of Coin Manipulation 51
Arthur Buckley & Harry Lorayne & T. Nelson Downs The Ultra Move 1985/87 Daryl's Ambitious Card Omnibus 78
Arthur Buckley Muscle Pass brief 1986 The New York Magic Symposium - Collection 5 137
Arthur Buckley Red-Black Riffle Shuffle 1988 The Cervon File 230
Arthur Buckley Bottom Placement 1989 The Experience of Magic 19
Arthur Buckley Burglar Load loading cards between outjogged cards 1990 Close-up Impact! 149
Jack Carpenter & Arthur Buckley Bottom Reverse Variation halfs kiss see also "Bottom Reverse - Arthur Buckley's Reverse" (Arthur Buckley, 1969) 1992 Modus Operandi 88
Arthur Buckley Bubble peek 1992 Don't Blink 21