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Max Holden A New Idea in the Vanishing of an Egg from thin paper bag 1909 The Art of Magic 296
Max Holden Shrinking Dollar Bill "Thoughts in General", from Linking Ring May 1935 1935 The Jinx 1-50 (Issue 12) 58
Max Holden A Master Card Trick selection appears at predicted number 1938 Greater Magic 232
Max Holden 41 - The "Cut Force". Basically Max Holden's Cross Cut Force 1940 "Outs" Precautions and Challenges 57
Max Holden & John J. Crimmins Jr. A Few Words... all tricks are from the Jinx 1943 Full Deck of Impromptu Card Tricks
Max Holden Mind Control Locate with key card 1950 Scarne on Card Tricks 77
Max Holden Cross Cut Force 1987 Doth 8
Max Holden The Crisscross Force 1994 Card College - Volume 1 85
Max Holden Criss-Cross Force see also "The New Knife and Selected Cards" (Max Holden, The Magical Monthly (Bagshawe), July 1925) 1997 The Card Magic of Nick Trost 311
Al Baker & Max Holden Another Subtle Mystery Si Stebbins & one-way, cards with same suit and value as selection are found face down 2003 The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Section "Notebooks") 681
Max Holden Criss Cut Force 2005 Full Metal Jacket 14
Max Holden Cross Cut Force 2007 52 Memories 125
Max Holden Criss-Cross Force 2008 Subtle Card Creations - Volume 1 259
Max Holden Criss Cross Force 2011 Full Frontal Mayhew 21
Max Holden Cross-Cut-Force 2015 F for Fiction 3