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Arthur H. Buckley Buckley´s "Out of this World" False Shuffle and Cut only bottom half is disturbed, in-the-hands Triumph Shuffle 1946 Card Control 29
Roger Barkann Follow the Leaders routine with red/black effects
- prediction of red / black relationship (Phoenix No. 1)
- Out of this World (not explained)
- Follow the Leader (not explained)
- Slop Shuffle Color Separation
see also "Follow the Leader" (Dai Vernon, 1938),
"Pay Off" (Walter B. Gibson, 1942),
"One Plus One Equals Three" (Roger Barkann, 1945),
"Out of this World" (Paul Curry, 1965)
1946 The Phoenix 101-150 (Issue 102) 409
Paul Fleming (reviewer) Out of This World by Paul Curry 1946 The Paul Fleming Book Reviews - Volume II 28
J. B. Bobo "Out of this World" Followup - Effect Number 1 spectator finds card that was selected at other end of room 1947 Watch This One! 52
J. B. Bobo "Out of this World" Followup - Effect Number 2 decks with colors separated is mixed, yet the colors stay separated 1947 Watch This One! 55
Gustave Bollag Further Out of this World with rainbow deck 1952 The Phoenix 251 - 300 (Issue 257) 1029
William P. Miesel Another Impromptu Out of this World doing Miraskill for separating red and black cards see also "Miraskill" (Stewart James, 1936),
"Pay Off" (Walter B. Gibson, 1942)
1958 The Cardiste (Issue 6) 7
U. F. Grant & Harry Lorayne Impromptu Out of this World no credit 1965 My Favorite Card Tricks 26
Paul Curry Chapter Thirteen: The Mind Reels Henry Green performing Out of this World for Winston Churchill 1965 Magician's Magic 237
Paul Curry Out of this World 1965 Magician's Magic 239
Harry Lorayne Out of this World Memory presentation for OOTW as memory stunt 1967 Deck-Sterity 55
Fred Becker Out of this World Variant really shuffled 1967 The Pallbearers Review Vol. 1-4 (Vol. 2 No. 9) 110
Ernest Heldman Out of this World Clean-up 1969 Hierophant (Issue 1) 27
Aldini & Ronald Haines Color Affinity Out of this World 1969 Roughingly Yours 13
Roy Walton Denary Deceit packet out of this world with the help of a ten 1976 Pabular (Vol. 3 No. 1) 309
Unknown Out of this World Variation small packet 1977 Card Cavalcade Four 99
Paul Curry Paul Curry Writes on Out Of This World and as a response to reference inspired by "OOTW" (Steven Kuske, 1978) 1978 Pabular (Vol. 4 No. 10) 582
John C. Wagner Prediction Out Of This World impromptu, mistakes predicted 1987 The Commercial Magic of J.C. Wagner 16
Edward Marlo Three Trips to Out Of This World three handlings, one using three decks (single color deck approach) see also "Out Of This Galaxy" (Harry Lorayne, 1990) 1988 Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 221
Robert Gardner & Walt Lees Letters on "Out of this World" 1989 Pabular (Vol. 8 No. 11) 1989
Harry Lorayne Out Of This Galaxy one color approach see also "Three Trips to Out Of This World" (Edward Marlo, 1988) 1990 Trend Setters 75
Dick Zimmerman Way out of this World two piles
- Additions and Variations
1992 Way Out of this World 1
Steve Draun Worldly Things two piles varied by "Out of this World" (James Swain, 1996) 1993 Secrets Draun from Underground 133
Edward Marlo Out There approaches for "Out of this World", stripper and ungaffed divided deck 1993 The Olram File (Issue 13) 4
Allan Ackerman Out of This World #2000 two piles 1994 Las Vegas Kardma 156
Harlan Tarbell Doc Tarbell on Out of This World on the switch 1994 Wednesday Nights 25
Lennart Green Out of this World opening phase, starting from shuffled deck and using GAS 1995 The Green Angle Separation 15
James Swain Out of this World separated into suits inspired by "Worldly Things" (Steve Draun, 1993) 1996 Miracles with Cards 12
Paul Curry & U. F. Grant Out of This World discussing the weak points 2000 Mastering the Art of Magic 150
Paul Curry Out of This World routine and a lot of remarks about the history 2001 Paul Curry's Worlds Beyond 183
Pit Hartling Colour Sense feeling colors through table, packet of thirteen cards see also "Outer This World" (John Wilson, 2016),
varied by "Reds and Blacks" (Hector Chadwick, 2008)
2003 Card Fictions 36
Michael Weber & Dean Dill Background how "A New World" came to be see also "Way out of this World" (Dick Zimmerman, 1992) 2005 A New World 13
Christoph Borer Out of this World 2007 Der Stoff aus dem die Wunder sind 29
Fred Robinson Fred on Out of This World 2009 The Magic of Fred Robinson 205
Rob Zabrecky Another World Out of this World done with photographs of Harry and Bessie Houdini 2011 An Exploration at the Intersection of Magic and Theatre 65
Christoph Borer Ads of this World out of this world with advertising brochures, one have a cross the other a check mark see also "Die Reiseprospekte" (Christoph Borer, 2016) 2012 Endlose Möglichkeiten 4
John Wilson Outer This World performer divines color of top thirteen cards of shuffled deck inspired by "Colour Sense" (Pit Hartling, 2003) 2016 You and Me and the Devil Makes Three - Volume II 19
Christoph Borer Die Reiseprospekte out of this world with travel brochures, one have a cross the other a check mark see also "Ads of this World" (Christoph Borer, 2012) 2016 21 30
Andy (The Jerx) Talisman Presentation for Out of This World, involving lucky coin/talisman 2016 The Jerx 55