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Jerry Sadowitz (8)

Hiroyuki Sakai (1)

Wild Cards Primera
With Deck Series Vol. 2

Richard Sanders (1)

When Creators Collide...
The Close-up Creations of Jay Sankey & Richard Sanders

Jay Sankey (4)

Title Subtitle Year
Sankey Panky 1986
When Creators Collide... The Close-up Creations of Jay Sankey & Richard Sanders 1987
100% Sankey 1990
Twenty Years Of Magic 2003

So Sato (1)

Giancarlo Scalia (2)

Title Subtitle Year
Semplici Immagini Una Raccolta di Effetti Originali Semplice e Visuali 2016
Punto Cero.1 Notas 2019 2019

John Scarne (2)

Title Subtitle Year
John Scarne explains Why You Can't Win! A Treatise on Three Card Monte and it's Sucker Effects 1933
Scarne on Card Tricks Details of 75 Professional Card Tricks with Full Instruct... 1950

Lorenz Schär (2)

Christian Scherer (22)

Title Subtitle Year
Eine Handvoll Kartenkunststücke 1978
Card News '82 1982
Seminarheft 1982
Das Gespiegelte Kartenspiel 1992
Falschgeld-Test 1994
Grundgriffe der Close-Up Zauberei 1995
Die Würfel sind (nicht) gefallen! 1996
Karten à la carte 1997
Abgezockt! Eine Falschspieldemonstration 1999
Sensitive Finger Eine Kartenroutine mit verbundenen Augen 1999
Der glücklose Würfelspieler Eine Dice-Stacking-Routine 2000
Kreative Magie 2002
Magische Momente Notizen zum Seminar 2006 2006
Schlaglichter 2014
Entfesselt Im Fokus Nr. 1 2018
Nie Wieder! Im Fokus Nr. 2 2018
Raucherentwöhnung Im Fokus Nr. 3 2018
Die Vierte Dimension Im Fokus Nr. 4 2018
Münzen durch Tuch 3.0 Im Fokus Nr. 5 2019
Fischerlatein Im Fokus Nr. 6 2019
Das Sicherheitsportmonnaie Im Fokus Nr. 7 2019
Stahlhartes Déjà-Vu Im Fokus Nr. 8 2019

Ryan Schlutz (4)

Title Subtitle Year
Making the Cut A Peek into the Magic of Ryan Schlutz 2011
False Anchors — Volume One 2017
False Anchors — Volume Two 2017
False Anchors — Volume Three 2018

Joseph K. Schmidt (2)

Al Schneider (6)

Title Subtitle Year
OFF 1974
Matrix (Third Edition Used from 1976) 1974
Al Schneider On Coins 1975
Al Schneider On Close-Up 1980
Al Schneider On Zombie 1981
Al Schneider Magic 2011

Sam Schwartz (3)

Title Subtitle Year
Las Vegas Straight 1982
Astrology — The Hidden Force The Book of Instructions 1983
Day For Any Date 1997

Mike Schwartz (1)

Reginald Scot (1)

The Discoverie of Witchcraft
(only the magic content from Booke XIII)

Terry Seabrooke (1)

Seabrooke's Book
Around the World With a Baking Tin

Lin Searles (3)

Title Subtitle Year
Lucky Aces 1950
Ultimate Aces A New and Unusual Card Trick 1958
Slow Motion Poker Deals 1959

Syd Segal (1)

Arthur Setterington (3)

Ben Seward (1)

Pure mind reading methods for "think of a card"

Steve "Banachek" Shaw (2)

Title Subtitle Year
Psychokinetic Time (third edition used) 1992/1999
Psychokinetic Touches 1994

Alan Shaxon (3)

Paul Siegel (1)

Robert Siepielski (1)

Rocco Silano (1)

If it fits... Sleeve it!
All That Glitters: The Magic of Rocco Silano

Bill Simon (3)

Michael Skinner (3)

Title Subtitle Year
Das Mike Skinner / Piet Forton Seminarheft 3. Magisches Happening 1979
Intimate Magic 1982
Classic Sampler 1996

Slydini (3)

H. Adrian Smith (1)

Ricky Smith (2)

Title Subtitle Year
Nothing as it Seems 2015
Threeve A Combination of Three and Five 2017

Chuck Smith (3)

Title Subtitle Year
What If? Chuck Smith Notes 1994
Tools Of The Trade "Cards Only" 2000
Why Not? Chuck Smith Notes 2000

J. Stewart Smith (1)

Kennedy Smith (1)

David Solomon (7)

Title Subtitle Year
Sessions 1982
David Solomon T.A.O.M. Convention 1990
Solomon's Mind The Card Magic of David Solomon 1997
The Wisdom of Solomon Magic With Playing Cards 2007
Solomon's Notes Midwest Magic Jubilee — August 2007 2007
Solomon's Notes European Tour — October 2009 2009
Solomon's Secrets 2018

Bob Somerfeld (2)

Title Subtitle Year
Mind Reader's Digest 1951
Pieces of Mind 1952

Michael Sondermeyer (1)

Seminar 2019
MZvD-Seminartour 2019

Dan Sperry (1)

Ellis Stanyon (1)

Jim Steinmeyer (10)

Title Subtitle Year
Device and Illusion A Book of Routines for Modern Stage Conjurers 1991
Impuzzibilities Strangely Self-Working Conjuring 2002
Artificial conclusions Nine Playing card Mysteries for stand-up or Close-up perf... 2003
Further Impuzzibilities Still More Strangely Self-Working Conjuring 2006
A Tribute to Robert Harbin Two Lectures 2009
Subsequent Impuzzibilities Another Collection of Strangely Self-Working Conjuring 2010
Ensuing Impuzzibilities Yet Another Collection of Strangely Self-Working Conjuring 2013
Treacherous Impuzzibilities The Latest Collection of Strangely Self-Working Conjuring 2014
Devilish Impuzzibilities Even More Strangely Self-Working Conjuring 2015
Unexpected Impuzzibilities Never-Ending Experiments in Strangely Self-Working Conjuring 2017

"Magic" Christian Stelzel (3)

Title Subtitle Year
Stripper / Konische Karten 1982
Lecture Magic 1983
The Top Change Monarch of Card Sleights 2017

James Steranko (1)

Steranko on Cards
Volume One

Eric Stevens (2)

Title Subtitle Year
Skybound 2015 Lecture Notes 2015
Perspective The 2018 Lecture Notes 2018

David Stone (5)

Title Subtitle Year
Mietek — Lecture Notes 1999
CocOOn Lecture Notes 2001
Made in France Lecture Notes 2001
X-Rated Lecture Notes 2001
Light My Fire Stone's improvised cigarette routine 2001

Tom Stone (5)

Title Subtitle Year
The Warpsmith Returns 1996
The One Coin Opener Thoughts about table magic 1997
...at first sight 2000
Vortex A whirlwind of routines, tricks, ideas and opinions &mdas... 2010
Maelstrom 2011

Cushing Strout (1)

On the Other Side of the Mirror
Prearrangement and Plot in Close-Up Card Magic

H. F. C. Suhr (2)

Title Subtitle Year
Der Kartenkünstler (fourth edition used) 1895
Der Amateurzauberer Eine Sammlung auserlesener, überraschender Zauberkunstst... 1900

James Swain (3)

Title Subtitle Year
Don't Blink The Magic of James Swain 1992
Miracles with Cards 1996
21st Century Card Magic 1999

Parker Swan (1)

Paul Swinford (2)

Title Subtitle Year
Faro Fantasy 1968
More Faro Fantasy 1971

Jamy Ian Swiss (2)

Title Subtitle Year
Critical Mass The Ball and Tube Trick Improved and Updated 1987
Light and Heat Selected book reviews by Jamy Ian Swiss 2017