Written by Wesley James

Work of Wesley James

54 pages (Loose-leave collection), published by Magical Tools
Illustrated with drawings by Evelyn Rosa.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Wesley James Stop Fooling Us i
Wesley James The Keys to Entertainment - Interest
- Receptiveness
- Provocation
- Substance
Wesley James Performer's Obligation vii
Wesley James Addenda for the Second Edition 1
Wesley James Acknowledgement 1
Wesley James WJ Travellers 5
Bob Veeser Veeser Bluff Shift 5
Wesley James WJ Bottom Palm "It is, however, significantly different from all others both in timing and specific mechanics."Inspired by 5
Wesley James Kannibal Kings & Koins introduction with comments about the plot 9
Wesley James Kannibal Kings 11
Wesley James, Bob Fitch Kannibal Koin phase with a coin 14
Arturo de Ascanio Ascanio Spread cards held sideways as in original version 18
Wesley James Coins Thru Table four coins, with all-at-once phase
"My approach to the Coins thru Table takes advantage of the table."
Related to 21
Slydini Revolve Vanish one of four coins lapped 22
Wesley James WJ Click Lap coins swept off the table, one secretly lapped 26
Wesley James WJ Sweep Lap (Timing Variation) coins swept off the table, one secretly lapped 27
Wesley James WJ Snap Retention Pass Fingertip Retention Pass 28
Wesley James Bill Flite folded bill travels from performer's fist to spectator's fist to another folded bill, sponge ball type effect 30
Wesley James L.S.D. Aces - The Aces Take a Trip introduction with credit information 33
Edward Marlo, Bruce Cervon Spread Cut Aces 34
Wesley James L.S.D. Aces 35
Jerry K. Hartman, Wesley James Secret Subtraction Variation 35
Wesley James Forgery fusion of card with odd-backed card 39
Dai Vernon, Wesley James Side Glide Handling 40
Wesley James Jack Off deck has hole in middle, two selections a threaded on ribbon, one of them penetrates the ribbon 45
Wesley James Wax Tip using cheese skin as wax 45
Wesley James, "Senator" Clark Crandall The Crandall/James Force forcing one of two selectionsInspired by 45
Edward Marlo Miracle Change #3 brief 47