Written by Wesley James

Work of Wesley James

98 pages (Spiralbound), published by Magical Tools
Illustrated with drawings by Various, Wesley James, Evelyn Rosa.
Language: English

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Wesley James Preface on the presentation of magic i
Wesley James Introduction v
Wesley James The WJ Front Bottom Deal about its history
- The Grip
- The Take
- The Top
- The Bottom
- Cover Action
Wesley James The MacJames Poker Deal bottom deal demonstration with sucker elementRelated to 14
Wesley James The Fulves Material how its publication came to be 16
Wesley James The WJ Tabled Bottom Deal Related to 18
Wesley James Sneaky Pete's Anytime Blackjack Saloon story presentation, using Tabled Bottom Deal 20
Wesley James WJ's Spectator's Open Prediction spectator makes predictionInspired by 24
Wesley James Coming Up in the World with credit information
- The Load Up I (Coming Up in the World)
- The Load Up II (Interlocked Set-Up)
- The Load Up III (Large Block)
Wesley James The Racherbaumer Material on credits and other fights with Jon Racherbaumer 32
Wesley James Micro-Macro Handling - Making My Micro-Macro & Switch Box Gimmicks
- Single Micro-Macro Card
- The Switch Box
Wesley James Micro-Macro & The Mat Move Plus visual growing on mat, with Hung Card gimmick 35
Wesley James The Kaufman Material how its publication came to be 39
Wesley James Twisting with Victor spellbound changeInspired byAlso published here 40
Wesley James, Howard Schwarzman The Last Drop 42
Wesley James In a Twinkling "The Original Touch Change" 44
Wesley James The Magic Touch "It is as difficult a coin move as any I know.", no illustrations 47
Wesley James Two-Way Stretch card also stretched sidewaysRelated to 49
Wesley James The Lorayne Material how its publication in Apocalypse came to be 55
Wesley James Japanese Monte Inspired by
  • "The Three Quarter Card" (Masao Atsukawa, "Creative Works in Magic")
Wesley James, Harry Lorayne Siamese Shuffle "shuffle" travels from one half to other
- Method I
- Method II (twenty-six double backers)
- Method III (thirteen double backers)
- Method IV - Cold Deck (deck switch presentation)
- The Lorayne Approach (deck switch presentation)
Related to 62
Wesley James SympathOrder half deck face-up and face-down, spectator shuffles, dealt in two piles, they have same face-up/face-down orientation 65
Tenkai Ishida Optical Reverse 70
Wesley James At You Command "The Middle Deal Control Swindle" 72
Allan Ackerman, Bill Kalush, Wesley James The Ackerman Center Deal (Modified) using Ackerman's technique for two-handed deal (idea by Kalush)Inspired by 75
Wesley James Action Palm Variant - Multi-Card Misdirection Palm Inspired by 78
Wesley James Daley Straightened with credit informationInspired byRelated to 80
Wesley James Count-Revertable Aces aces removed from deck, one travels to Himber wallet, repeat, then there are 5 aces and one is put in wallet, repeat, red aces remain, transpose with black aces in walletInspired by 83
Wesley James The Patton Material how its publication in Magicana came to be 88
Wesley James Big Coin Finish finale for Spellbound routine, three different jumbo coins appear 89
Wesley James A.E. S.S. E.M. IOU credit information
- Method I (Preferred Method)
- Retention of Vision Method
Inspired by 92
Edward Marlo, Wesley James Fake Pick-Up Related to 94
Wesley James The WJ Fake Addition rub a dub-dub vanish as fake addition 94
Wesley James Concluding Remarks 98