Written by Lewis Ganson

Work of Nate Leipzig

192 pages (Hardcover), published by The Supreme Magic Company
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

(83 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Lewis Ganson Foreword 9
Lewis Ganson Nate Leipzig 12
Lewis Ganson Leipzig's Card Sleights 22
Nate Leipzig Colour Change with description of palming bottom card in right hand 22
Nate Leipzig Side Slip as in the color change 25
Nate Leipzig Peek Control spectator opens the deck 26
Nate Leipzig The Pass brief 28
Nate Leipzig Double Lift Also published here 29
Nate Leipzig Thimble Routine a thimble vanishes and appears, travels, eight thimble production as a climax 32
Unknown Thimble Vanish on first finger 34
Nate Leipzig Colour Change Routine card on deck transforms four times 38
Nate Leipzig Slap Four Ace Routine Aces disappear and reappear on deck one by oneRelated toVariations 42
Nate Leipzig Card Locations four peeked cards are produced, by saying stop, with a knife 48
Nate Leipzig Card Stabbing two selections, with newspaper 54
Unknown Diagonal Insertion 56
Unknown Overhand Shuffle Control 57
Nate Leipzig Twenty Card Trick three cards travel, one packet wrapped in handkerchiefVariations 64
Nate Leipzig, G. W. Hunter Cigars from Purse Variations 68
Nate Leipzig A Few Grips with a Cane cane sticks to hand 70
Lewis Ganson Tricks with Knots 76
G. W. Hunter, Nate Leipzig Fadeaway Knot 76
Nate Leipzig Handkerchief Off Wrist through hand 78
Nate Leipzig Double-Trible Knot two and knots are made at the same time 79
Unknown Cigar/Cigarette Change-over Palm 88
Nate Leipzig Tear-Up with a Twist torn and restored cigarette paper 94
Lewis Ganson Coin Quickies 106
Nate Leipzig Thumb Roll 106
Unknown Coin Roll 107
Nate Leipzig Boomarang Coin coin spinned on table flourish 108
Nate Leipzig Balanced Coin on handVariations 110
Nate Leipzig "Right There" coin vanish and reproduction, both sides of the hand shownVariations 111
Nate Leipzig Slow Motion Coin Vanish 115
Nate Leipzig Coin from Hand to Hand two coins, two methods 118
Nate Leipzig False Transfer 118
Nate Leipzig False Transfer with back palm 119
Nate Leipzig The Coin on the Knee 120
Nate Leipzig Another Coin Vanish 121
Nate Leipzig Coin under Ashtray loading technique 122
Lewis Ganson Coin Tricks 124
Nate Leipzig Coin in Glass marked coin vanishes from paper and appears in a glass, which was covered by a deck of playing cards 124
Henri De Manche, Nate Leipzig De Manche Change one-handed 125
Unknown Coin Fold paperfold 127
Nate Leipzig Copper and Silver Transposition with extra coin,in hand of performer and spectator 129
Nate Leipzig Penny Out of a Glass of Beer coin in a glass of beer rises out of it 130
Nate Leipzig Leipzig's Pride 131
Lewis Ganson Off the Beaten Track 138
Nate Leipzig The First Born Child maiden name of a woman tells if first born was a boy or a girl, esoteric 138
Unknown Creation of Life cigarette paper turns into butterfly / mothAlso published here 139
Nate Leipzig Reading the Pencil result of a simple subtraction is revealed 140
Nate Leipzig Cigarette Paper Prediction thought of name appears on a cigarette paper 141
Nate Leipzig Tumbler Vanish glass covered by newspaper through a chair 143
Nate Leipzig Dice Moves spots change 145
Nate Leipzig Levitation of a Cigar or Cigarette cigar stands up on the hand 146
Nate Leipzig Ring on Stick 149
Nate Leipzig Vanish of the Matches matches vanish and appear in handkerchief 150
Nate Leipzig The Stretching Match 151
Nate Leipzig Ball Vanish drop vanish 152
Lewis Ganson Some Favourite Card Tricks 156
Nate Leipzig Leipzig's Opener card comes to the bottom of the deck several times, then penetrates performer's handVariations 156
Nate Leipzig Acrobats two halves of the deck change places, duplicateVariations 157
Unknown Packet Switch top card is slipped form one half to the other 158
Nate Leipzig Automatic Gambler royal flush 160
Nate Leipzig Ambitious Card Quickie double deal turnover, from center and top 162
Nate Leipzig Mathematics three cards are revealed with a mathematical calculation 163
Nate Leipzig Leipzig's Favourite Four Aces Trick 165
Nate Leipzig The Matching Up Trick or Comedy of Errors 167
Nate Leipzig Riffle Force timing on break, spectator puts finger in deck 167
Nate Leipzig Bottom Card Change 169
Nate Leipzig Twirl Cut Related to 170
Nate Leipzig Card Change with card, break 171
Nate Leipzig Knife Glimpse 173
Nate Leipzig Reverso 173
Lewis Ganson Tricks with Faked Cards 176
Nate Leipzig Sympathetic 13 176
Nate Leipzig Princess Card Trick 180
Nate Leipzig The Magnetised Cards 183
Lewis Ganson Peeked At 188
Nate Leipzig Palm Up card sticks to palm 188
Nate Leipzig Turnabout 188
Nate Leipzig Spring Card Location while cards are sprung from hand to hand, card jumps out 189
Nate Leipzig Card Through Handkerchief 189
Nate Leipzig Stop Trick with hindu shuffle 191
Nate Leipzig, Dai Vernon Card by Thought behind back, peeked card is reversed and placed under top card 191