Written by Al Mann

Work of Al Mann

28 pages (Spiralbound), published by Al Mann Exclusives
Illustrated with photographs and drawings.
Language: English

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Al Mann The Iron Scuttle No. 1, steel bucket on head, deck is placed on it and performer takes and divines a card 1
Al Mann The Finger Test No. 2, steel bucket on head, performer divines number of fingers spectator holds up 1
Al Mann The Dice Test No. 3, steel bucket on head, dice are thrown on bucket and sum divined 2
Al Mann The Medium's 3-Book Test No. 4, three selected cards put in three books, name of card, book and first sentence of pages are divined 2
Al Mann The Suspended Glass of Water No. 5 2
Robert Gysel The Suspended Wand, Cane or Broom No. 6, gimmick 3
Al Mann The Suspended Pencil No. 7, on fingertips 3
Unknown The Animated Pencil No. 8, pencil stands up on hand 3
Unknown Passing a Pencil Through a Loop of String Half as Long as the Pencil No. 9, pencil with string through coat button hole 3
Unknown Threading the Needle No. 10, blindfolded, threads needle many times 4
Unknown Another Method No. 11, blindfolded, threads needle many times 4
Al Mann The Shattered Chalice No. 12, glass with water and flowers suddenly shattersRelated to 5
Al Mann Mediumistic Stunts 5
Unknown Vest Turning No. 13, hands tied, vest turns inside out 5
Unknown Fireworks No. 14, orange peeling squeezed over flame 6
Al Mann Card Location No. 15, selection is found by holding it over a flame and little fireworks is seen 6
Al Mann The L and D Test No. 16, fireworks and Living/Dead test 6
Al Mann Fireballs No. 17, in dark seance room 6
Al Mann Ghost Making No. 18, appearing ghost 6
Unknown Many Ghosts! No. 19, ghosts appear near mouth of bottle 6
Unknown Fingertip Ghosts No. 20, luminous paint 6
Unknown Diabolical Eyes No. 21, light shoots from eyes of medium in dark seance room 7
Unknown Luminous Eyes No. 22, eyes on poster glow in the dark, luminous paint 7
Unknown Striking a Match Magically! No. 23, flourish 7
Al Mann Causing Beutifull Explosions in the Seance Room No. 25, glowing bubbles explode when set on fire 7
Unknown Cutting the Apple No. 26, apple on palm is hit by knife, apple splits in two but hand is unharmed 8
Al Mann Apparitions No. 27, face of ghost appears, gets bigger and smaller and eventually disappears 8
Al Mann A Magical Substitution No. 28, for stage or seance room, trunk substitution of two persons 8
Unknown The Spirit Snooperscope! No. 29, using night vision goggles in a seance room 8
Unknown 'Spirit' Noise Maker No. 30, matchbox makes noise when it's liftet from table 9
Unknown The Spirit Rapper No. 31 9
Unknown The Mystery of the Marks No. 32, Xs appear on pieces of paper 9
Unknown The Spirit Collar No. 33, steal collar escape 10
Unknown Blood Writing No. 34, blood message appears on arm 10
Unknown Real Blood Writing No. 35, blood writing appears on arm 10
Unknown Stigmata! No. 36, hands placed on cardboards, blood imprint appears 10
Unknown The Mystery of the Colors No. 37, wrapped color crayons are divined by medium 11
Unknown Time, Predicted! No. 38, with an alarm clock 11
Al Mann Cagliostro's Message! No. 39, question locked in box is answered 11
Unknown The Lappone Move (with pocket slates) No. 40, message appears on tied slates 12
Al Mann The Spirit Artist No. 41, two picture cards are placed between slates, picture appears on slate and cannot be removed 12
Unknown Escaping from a Safe! No. 42 12
Al Mann Hypnotizing Animals! Hypnotizing the following animals:
No. 43: Rabbit
No. 44: A Second Method
No. 45: Chicken and Rooster
No. 46: Another Method
No. 47: Lobster and Crayfish
No. 48: Frog
No. 49: Chameleon
No. 50: Snakes
No. 51: Crabs
No. 52: Guinea Pig
No. 53: Pig
No. 54: Pigeons
No. 55: In the Act (frogs & putting them on stage)
No. 56: With Rabbits
No. 57: The Prime Secret
No. 58: The Cobra! (see also reference)
Related to 13
Al Mann Brain over Brawn - Incredible Feats of Super Strength 16
Unknown The Strangulation Test No. 59, rope is pulled around neck of performer 16
Unknown The Brick Test No. 60, performer breaks brick with hand 16
Unknown Bending a Bar of Steel! No. 61 16
Unknown To Tear a Telephone Directory in Half No. 62 16
Unknown Ripping a Deck of Cards No. 63 17
Unknown The Nail Act: Driving a Nail into Wooden Plank with Your Bare Hand No. 64 17
Unknown Driving a Nail through the Wall No. 65 17
Unknown Bending a Large Thick Nail with Your Bare Hands! No. 66 17
Unknown Bending a Nail with Your Teeth! No. 67 17
Unknown Extracting Nails from a Wooden Board with the Fingertips! No. 68 17
Unknown Pulling a Bus with Your Teeth! No. 69 18
Al Mann Note No. 70, on the nail act and Jerry Fulton 18
Unknown The Anvil Test No. 71, performer lies on bed of nails with anvil on chest, assistant beats on anvil with a hammer 18
Unknown Breaking a Large Stone on the Chest of the Strongman with a Sledge Hammer as He Lays on a Bed of Nails No. 72 19
Unknown A Car is Driven over the Body of the Strongman without Injury! No. 73 19
Unknown Bending a Steel Bar with the Head! No. 74 19
Unknown Breaking a Heavy Welded-Link Chain with the Chest Muscles! No. 75 20
Unknown Lifting a Heavy Metal Tank Full of Water! No. 76 20
Unknown Very Strong Ladies No. 77, several strongman stunts 21
Unknown If a Young Lady Extends Her Arms and Places Her Hands Flat against the Wall, Half a Dozen Persons Cannot Push Her against the Wall! No. 78 21
Unknown The Unreachable Matchbox No. 79 chalk line, matchbox cannot be reached 22
Unknown The Mystery of the Typewriter No. 80 wordlist, selected word is written by spectator on typewriter and divined by performer 22
Unknown The Mystery of the Oranges No. 81, signed orange is mixed with other oranges in a bag, performer locates the signed one without looking 22
Unknown The Malayan Thumb Tie No. 82 23
Unknown The Mango Tree Mystery No. 83, floatable cork method 23
Unknown Eating Glass No. 84, dangerous method 23
Joseph Ovette Direct Mindreading No. 85, with assistant under table 24
Unknown The Whispering Seashell No. 86, hearing a whisper from a seashell, palpitator gimmick 24
Unknown X-Ray Vision No. 87, shuffled deck is cut in four piles, performer names the four bottom cards 24
Unknown The Cards in the Box No. 88, three unknown cards are put in box and divined by performer 24
Unknown The Test of the Words No. 89, three words from box are selected and written down on pieces of cards, shiner on book 25
Unknown The Number on the Bullet No. 90, card with numbers put in envelope and prediction marked on a bullet, spectator shoots on envelope with a riffle and hits predicted number 25
Unknown The Tongues of Hades No. 91, flames are seen in dark seance room 26
Unknown The Second Hand Miracle No. 92, performer names selected book and chosen word 26
Unknown The Bug in the Ear No. 93, hypno trick, subject feels bug in ear 26
Unknown Delicious Soap! No. 94, hypno trick, apparently subject eats a bar of soap 26
Unknown Spirit Ants No. 95, spectators feel invisible ants, itching powder 26
Unknown The Spirit Violin No. 96, violin starts to play in dark room 27
Unknown The Spirit Harmonica No. 97, harmonica plays on its own 27
Unknown The Spirit Trumpet No. 98, trumpet plays on its own 27
Unknown The East Indian Bean Trick No. 99, three beans are eaten and reproduced from mouth 27
Unknown The Grande Entrance No. 100, with Nelson changing grocery paper bag 28
Al Mann The AME Spirit Lock No. 101, lock that can be opened with key and with bare hands, construction details 28